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Top 5 Most Dangerous Certified Hackers In The World.



Welcome to another articles on our top5 series.
Many might have really wondered who are the world most dangerous black hat hackers, but worry no more as we give you the list.
Johnathan James
Just at the age of fifteen (15), this young prodigy could primarily hack into anything he ever desire to within his reach.
He intruded the Florida Miami schooling system and hacked it serva.
He also penetrated the United States Defense Threat Reduction System, this organization was supposed to keep check the United States is save from dangerous weapons of massive destruction.
This young prodigy also found his way into the NASA defense systems, while he hacked into this for exploration, he stole highly secretive documents, softwares and resource researches worth about $1.7 million US dollars.
This materials could country about 10% of the International Space System. This hugh damage forced NASA to shut down their system for about three (3) weeks, also causing them to lose a huge fortune of about $41,000 US dollars.
This was a very big issue and a threat to the national security of the nation.
Soon enough, in the year 2000, Jonathan James was arrested and immediately convicted of two (2) count charges. Starting with a six (6) month house arrest, he was under probation until he gets to eighteen (18) years of age. Also with a written letter of apology to NASA.
After these series of dangerous hacking and threat, the national security and Government had an eye on.
Though forgiven, after another series of hacks, Jonathan James home was raided again in 2008 and investigation was carried out. Though he claimed never to have participated, he committed suicide before complete investigation on the matter.
Many still wonder, If he was innocent, why commit suicide?

You Never Know Your Pen Can Do All This
Karl Koch
Journeying into the dark old days of the eighties. This dangerous hacker called Karl Koch was a member of a dread hacking gang called the Chess Computer Club.
This dangerous black hat hackers hacked in to the United States computer system, and intruded their boundaries by stealing sensitive government informations for sale.
These informations were sold to the KGB or the Solvient Security Agency.
To get these informations, they hacked into the NASA security system, the United States Chief of Staff Data Bank and the Max plank institute for Nuclear Physics.
Running into the 1989, the west German Authority got a tip about their malicious activities and swept to action.
Arresting some of these black hat hackers of the Cheese Computer Club, Karl Koch confessed his activities and promised to cooperate with the government.
So sad, after his self summation and confessions, Karl Koch was burned to death in a forest near Cella of Germany.
The court ruled it out the he committed suicide, but many behind the scene believe he was assassinated.
Either by the German Government, or KGB to avoid further cooperation.
Kelvin Mitnick
On our number three (3) is another dangerous and as well good guy. We call him “The Good Bad Guy”.
Traveling back to the nineties (90s) comes the story of this web and hack guru. Kelvin Mitnick hacked into what so ever telecommunication and server he wished to. His victims were mobile giants like Nokia, IBM, Motorola among others.
Then comes the year 1993, after hacking into a telesis company called the PACIFIC BELLS, the FBI found so loop holes and began investigation on the man behind the code screen.
For two and a half years, Kelvin Mitnick was on the run, hiding from all persons because his man hunt has being published I’m many magazines and online portals.
Unable to run forever, he was caught and arrested in 1995 and served a five (5) years jail condition, but during the first eight (8) month, he was in a solitary confinement.
 After his release, it was stilled feared that he could still hack and cause a telecom shut down.
But now, he is a good hacker, he uses he web, tech and code knowledge to secure and fight against web crimes.
He works for the IBM, FBI and others.
So you will agree he is “THE GOOD BAD GUY”  Right.!
Gary McKinnon
One of the very most dangerous hacker the world has ever had
Welcome to the hacking activities of this British citizen.
Gary McKinnon has one of the world unbeatable record when it comes to hacking.
Starting from the year 2002, Gary McKinnon in a thirteen months (13) period, he had about ninety-seven (97) United States Intelligence Security Systems under his hacking might.
He also forced about 2000 computers to be shut down, thereby deleting weapons transaction details and logs.
once a time, her was so strict after a serial hacking and posted YOUR SECURITY IS CRAP on the United States Security website.
Primarily, he said he did all this in an attempt to find secret relating to the UFO.
After hacking into the NASA, he proclaimed he had found extraordinary images of space ships.
He also claimed to uncover the names of “Non Terrestrial Officers” working in the United States Air Force, among many other secrets.
In 2002, he was detained after an American court jury called for his extradition.  But ten (10) years later, the British Government ruled out the case against him.
Thanks a lot for reading this down to this point.
Number one (1) on our list is ASTRA.
This anonymous but suspected 59 years old Greek Mathematician is known for one of the biggest illegal hacking trade.
Arrested in Athens for dangerous and damaging hacks.
He Hacked into the French Military base and spent a great amount of time, hacking, stealing and illegally intruding securities. He spent about 5 years alone on the French military base server stealing highly secretive and sensitive information.
He caused damage worth more than $360 million US dollars.
He also got gripped of military Informations about the India, Egypt and France security and auctioned to sell it for $1000.
Though sources haven’t legally help him, he is believe to be an anonymous insider.

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Alvaro Morte Biography

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Álvaro Morte Awards

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Álvaro Morte Family Life

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This we are yet to verify.


When Was Álvaro Morte Born

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Álvaro Morte Movie Career

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Additionally, in Álvaro Morte movie career, in the year 2012, he and his wife set up a theatre company they named 300 pistolas.

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Alvaro Morte Net Worth

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On this very article, irrespective of what the title might tell about it, this article is about Jay Boogie Anthony biography, Jay Boogie lifestyles, education, age, Wikipedia, net worth, parents and much more.

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Jay Boogie Anthony Wikipedia

On the last week of January, Bobrisky mentioned another upcoming cross dresser whom might want to come for his crown as the most popular Nigerian crossdresser. 

Interestingly, Jay Boogie Anthony Biography will not be complete without bobrisky revolution.

Shockingly, he expressed the impossibility of Jay Boogie taking his crown and the hard struggle he will face. This is because the crown belongs to Bob Risky Alone as he acclaimed.

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Jay Boogie Wikipedia entails he first shot to the media world as he is yet to hit the lime light. Jay Boogie Wikipedia also got exposure after Linda Ikeji blog took to an article seeming to promote Jay Boogie Anthony Biography to Nigerians.

Well, after reigning supreme for so long, it appears Bobriky may have to reconsider his position as the first and only male ‘Barbie’ in the country.



What Is Jay Boogie Real Name

Jay Boogie Real Name is Daniel Anthony. The month January was a milestone as millions of persons heard about him.

Anyways, Jay Boogie who’s born as Daniel Anthony has chosen the part of a cross dresser and so saddening, he looks almost good on it.


Jay Boogie Anthony Biography

Starting Jay Boogie Anthony Biography with the story of a man who attained fake from hate. After months of cross dressing, Bobrisky threw some shades which users of the social media believed to be of jealousy.

Subsequently, this lead to Nigerian big blogs publishing about it and he became a topic of discussion in the internet community. Additionally, things left control after his photos emerged online and he appeared to look like a pretty lady, with hard difference.


Jay Boogie Anthony Education

Moreover, more info about Jay Boogie Anthony education yet to be published. But we assumed his Primary and Secondary school education was in Port Harcourt City. He is Possible and undergraduate or one who’s heart might have left tertiary institutions.


How Old Is Anthony Jay Boogie Age

Unavoidably, from profile reviews and identity observations, it can be almost guess he is between 21 years old to 26 years old.

Truly, he will never have left that margine at all of adulthood and adolescent yet, his images honestly tells it all.

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Where Is Jay Boogie Anthony From

Jay Boogie Is from River State, Port Harcourt City, Nigeria.


Who Is Jay Boogie Anthony Parents

Noteworthy, Jay Boogie Anthony obviously didn’t fall from heaven, he grew up as a child with his Parents somewhere in his indigenous home community in Southern Nigerian.

But there’s a lot of speculators around his parents.

Was Nigerian cross dresser Jay Boogie a long time feminine acting guy?

Is his Parents aware of his new course of life?


Jay Boogie Instagram Handle

Undeniably true that Bobrisky has taken advantage of Instagram for massage fame and recognition, Daniel Anthony alias Jay Boogie Is a rival as the they are in the same niche. Jay Boogie Instagram handle is his name, it’s assumed he is not on Facebook.


What Is Jay Boogie Net Worth

Jay Boogie net worth is not yet verified. This cross dresser is still finding a place to settle down, he obviously needs for to push his new identity and team Xycinews is very sure Jay boogie net worth is so slim as he is not financially stable yet.


Is Jay Boogie Anthony A Gay

Publicly, no information verifying this cross dresser as a gay. It’s well said he loves looking like a lady, because of how he dresses, but we can never tell if Jay Boogie is a gay as that is a private lifestyle.

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