Top Airport Offense You Must Avoid

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Some Or most persons have always have fascination to be outside the shores of our environment, maybe for business, or for greener pasture. Some of these travel in possible through the airplanes for faster movement. Fortunately enough
some have these private aircraft like jet,
while for others is a dream never come true. This article today expose top airport offense to avoid. 

Well this does not really matter, what matters is the safety of this movement without falling victim to arrest. And more still the dangers or flying, your manners in the airport, your use of words, your composure, your respect to rules and regulations, and lastly, your luggage content.
The above listed have being ignored by most air users and have resulted in their dark doom. The big deal is to be on the save side, and Xycinews brings that to you, and the range of persons that usually fall into some traps.
v TODDLERS: They might fall victim due to their behavior
v TEEN: They might be victims sometimes because of  their spoken words
v YOUTH: They might be victims of arrest, mostly due to their luggage content.
v ADULT: They might be victims, but it depends on their obedience to simple rules and regulatory orders.
The few listed above comprises of varying ranges of person and the type of offense they ignorantly commit. This has landed some and may still put some in jail, probably kicked off from their booked flight, to be delayed and even fined.

  • Joking about hijacking: This is fought so hard to terminate, so you talking about its fun renders you as a suspect.
  • Spotted with any form of weapon: This action confirms you as a murderer, it so dangerous and as well an offense you must avoid.
  • Alcoholic content in blood or body system: It shows you potentially can cause havoc once the flight is set due to abnormality.
  • X-ray notification of strange object in your body: A swollen drug content or metallic surgical bone infused could pull this on.
  • Lateness for flight: Lateness is due to laziness and none is to be blamed for your flight missed except you.
  • Refusal to obey security personals: This means you are a tout and you must be penalize.
  • Constantly avoiding your face from cameras and video system: Your expected to be relax and settled, but the moment you keep looking around suspiciously and being unsteady can draw an attention to you.
  • Talking about bombs and bombing: Talking about vacation can better rather than bombing. So watching your lips would be nice.
  • Discussing your hatred for the airport rues and order: If you hated the airline, why book with them ?
  • Creating scene like fighting: This action immediately throws you behind bars.
  • Attempting hacking into any system: Hackers are potential terrorist who steal vital information, this attempt put you in chains once noticed.
  • Found with pirated or illegal books or food content: Piracy is a punishable crime by law, examine you document before traveling with them.
  • Possession of hard drugs: The illegal exportation or importation of hard drugs is a death warrant to you name. Avoid drugs possession in and beware of those who might want to put it in your luggage and victimize you.
  • Toiling and joking with the airport emergency service: Emergency units are required for risk and crime combating not for jokes.
top airport offense you must avoid, worst airport offense, airport offense, avoid this airport offense,
  • In possession of any sharp tool or implement: A little sharp too can cause death and even plane crash if not tackled properly.
  • Refusal to put off your phone or turn on flight mood: Making calls and texting is not nice, you’re expected to be on flight mode, other wise that is also an airport offense but ignorance to that renders you against the simple rule.
  • Having criminal trace in your profile: This is a high profile top airport offense you must avoid. Wanted criminals are always on the run, one quick way of picking them is at airport terminals, so stay crime free.
  • Suspected of having two identities: Terrorist usually own two identities as a quick means to escape boarders. But once caught, its over.
The few above listed are the most commonly observed arrest case warrants to airplane boarders.
Listed above are enough guides and help to protect you from being jailed, kicked off flight, delayed and fined.
Many whom mostly fall victims of airport offenses get arrested, are those whom are

  • Ignorant
  • Terrorist.
  • Wanted by the law.
  • Desiring to get rich quick, thereby having illegal drugs for sale abroad.
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