The World Most Silent Weapons


The world population is estimated to be about 7.5
billion with over 18% from it entire population being lost from silent
dangerous weapons. World War I and War II took off lot of lives and properties
with a long lasting damaging effect in some region until now. A tactical, smart
and dangerous means of killing mass number without source trace was the use of silent
dangerous weapons, the spread of deadly virus and disease.
The Missiles lunching drew lot of attention and a
resolution to trace it source point, causing greater havoc. So deliberate
spread of disease became an alternative option. Once a time, the British were
accused of deliberately spreading small pox to the Indians, tactically forcing
them to surrender.
True to fact, the United States have enormously tried
to abolish the triggering of missiles, to reduce epidemic and mass murder
cases, but some other world nations in an aim to resurface as being dominant
still produce these weapons in secret. The Russians, Israel, Koreans, Indians,
Japanese, Chinese, and a few tech advance nations are suspected to possess and
produce these weapons in secrecy, at a very secured and protected place,
possibly underground.
But the fears from the world wars and its effect still
makes some to research and develop more dangerous arms, so they do not be
victims also, but rather stand the strength to retaliate.
Well known that pest attack on crops terminate it
yield product, progress, and profits is likewise man. A victim of malicious
disease might not be noticed on sight, but a quick spread can swipe an entire
environment, and cause trauma about how it spread and what might caused it.
Some of the mostly used silent malicious weapons are disease and infections
like the following below:
Ÿ  Anthrax
Ÿ  Plague
Ÿ  Small pox
Ÿ  Leishmanisis
Ÿ  Coronary Artery disease
Ÿ  Yellow fever
Ÿ  Tuberculosis.
Ÿ  Influenza
Ÿ  Pertussis
Ÿ  Ebola Virus
Ÿ  Tetanus
Ÿ  Meningitis
Ÿ  Syphilis
Ÿ  Leprosy
Ÿ  Measles
Among a few others.
Some of the above mentioned disease and virus name
might be strange to some and as well familiar to some still. Each of the above
mentioned virus and disease has it various causative and spread means. Some of
these means of transfer includes; body contact with victims, sharing of sharp
objects together, wind, sand and dust, insects, bites, bad water source among
other means. Effects and fear of silent weapons has being on the increase since
some of the can be created and spread without notice.
They are really silent because a body contact spread
virus source might not be easily traced if many are victims are already
infected, unlike the loud, visible, and noticeable lunched missiles or gun
Biotechnology and microbiological studies has helped
scientist greatly in combating these disease with new inventions and medical
researches. Some of these disease cure have not yet being found, but antibiotic
to fight and reduce its effect has being put in place to help potential
victims. With hope and advancement, we hope and depends on our science elites
for more prevention tips, though we know some of these virus and disease
eradication might be hard as impossible.
Much thanks still to Non Governmental Organizations
and governmental organization with an aim of reducing poor health from some
under developed nations such as the World Health organization (WHO).

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