The Ultimate Effect of the World Weather Disasters.

over a million years now, the earth has homed millions of mankind all over its
spherical surface. The earth ahs also stood against many external space
effects, safeguarding and protecting man from its external space dangers.
lot of drastic changes keep occurring as the earth gets older. One of these
great problems which this article discusses is WEATHER. Catastrophic
floods, storms, volcanoes, lightening, thunder storms, among others has taken
over the greatest part of earth comfortability and treasures. Increase in
concentration of green house effect has prevented thermal radiation and intense
heat from escaping earth into space. Other curves of around the earth globe
have had it own varying disturbing factor, such as drought, deforestation,
desertification, aridity and the water supply in some place is so disturbing,
like the outburst water banks causing floods and forcing many from their homes.
weather including volcanoes, powerful hurricane, earth quakes, aridity, and
pollution has wreaked havoc across the planet resulting in the loss of
inhabitable coastal lands and extinction f precious animal species.
Climatologist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggest
that 60% of the earth devastation is as a result of man effect, while the rest
40% are natural caused.
 Yearly, the earth global surface has being on
the increase, rising between 0.4 and 0.8 ͦC. Time over time, Global leaders
has held World Summit on Sustainable Development. In the year 2002, about
30,000 delegates and 100 national leaders all assembled in South Africa,
Johannesburg. But this global weather effect problem has had no absolute global
solution yet.
few cases of weather effects across the world:
·    Mexico: The year 2002,
three {3} hurricane struck Venezuela with 190km per/hour heavy rainfall. The
winds associated were so strong and pulled off some roofs. This displaced
almost half a million persons and destroyed about 95,000 homes.
·    Korea: The late month
of August and the early week of September 2002 brought down 900millimeter of
raindrops. That powerful raindrops swept to shatter so 25,000 buildings and
destroyed the nations large hectares of farmland. Displacing 40,000 persons and
many ships with persons recorded dead or missing.
·    Nigeria: Across four
{4} communities, 18,000 homes and farmlands with produced were wash and
destroyed, forcing evacuation on the habitants and intensifying food scarcity
in the region.
·    Russia: Around the
shores of the Russian black sea, about 50 cars and busses all sank in the sea
bed, with injuries recording to about 60.
·    Australia: A wild fire
spread in Sydney around 1997 destroyed 300,000 hectares of its forest land and
terrestrial habitat, extincting some very rare animal and plant species.
are just but a very few of the word disaster that has struck millions of
properties and life’s. These has boldly define the earth might of being 70%
filled with treasures all in the sea bed. Although divers, scientist and
geographers have uncovered some precious treasures in water and hopefully many
still untouched.
big question to mind now is, how can the earth be better? Pollution from gas
flares, plastic waste, oil spillage and other has destroyed aquatic life and
oxygen cycle. An attempt to plant a tree yearly by all persons would improve
health and reservation with preservation laws by Government agencies should be
put in place as well. Hopefully, our world would never be 100% healthy, but we
can all live healthy and fit.

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