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The Secret Mechanism to Healthy Living: Your Sleep Aid



Xycinews Media organize a survey to know the masses view on sleep. This survey was carried out on social media platforms. It Covered four countries, namely Nigeria, and The US. The simple asked question was What Makes You Sleep When it is Dawn?
Surly, you would agree with me that good night rest is a core necessity in maintaining
a good health. Well many has their own  view of good night rest.
So viewed it as a very important requirement for life.
So thinks it does not matter as one can sleep any time in the day.

But ignoring all the view of others, What is your view on sleep at dawn?
Our survey on 12 persons proved successful, but their were different reasons. 9 whom we encounter said they never missed sleeping for anything, while the rest 3 viewed sleep as not a compulsory necessity, but an excuse with the name night. Sounds funny.

The Real Fact of Sleeping

We all shut down our mindset and allow the brain to rest at least an hour daily to help reduce heat risk problem, to relieve ourselves from stress and fatigue, to regain lost energies, to settle the brain and lot more to mention. The science elites informs that sleeps helps in the restorations of brain function.
During the day, our activities, thought, actions and decisions are being properly assimilated in the brain when we have good nice sleep. Only when have good and proper sleep, can we be free from our emotional depression. The Sleep has surly proven itself to be a primary medication for the mind, body and soul.

How Much Sleep is Enough

A complete sleep duration has be said to last for about 8 hours, but many spends over half of this time being awake at late night. Their reasons varies as the circumstance varies too. But despite this as well, you would agree with me that sometimes wall exceed this duration of 8 hours sleeping, that is because of the possible stress load we might have gone through during the day hours.
So what now is the required sleeping duration for all? The answer to that question cant be answered for you. But research shows that sleeping for about six to eight hours daily (6-8 hours) is quite enough time to help he brain relax and assimilate all its information’s for later restoration. So it only your private circumstance that can predict you sleeping duration for you. But a key not of fact is that, its always important have a good night rest and sleep.

How to Benefit From Your Sleep

We got some research assimilation that can give you the maximum from your lovely night sleep. Examine the below and see how tremendous it can really be.
Have a warm bath before going to bed.

  • Avoid overly strenuous activities before bed time.
  • Try playing some soft music, possible your favorite or blues, and this can help reduce you the brain level of depression and give you an uplifting mode before going to bed.
  • Always sleep in a warm and quite environment, avoiding noisy environment when it time to rest or sleep can help the brain concentrate and relax firmly. Because your brain needs rest, so it should be given that ultimate rest.
  • Avoid sleeping below bright shanty light, the disturb the orderliness of your brain. Sleeping in a warm, partly dark room with mild rest, keeps the brain at peace. Of cause we all want to give our brain the best so we can get the best as well.
  • Avoid watching movies down into the late night hours. This generation kids and adult falls victim into this, with the excuse that there is no time during the day. But its better we find time during the day, since restricting the brain from its rest can be disturbing.
  • Sleep in comfort ability. Some environs are known to be mosquito filled the due to ignorance in sanitation. We should all endeavor that our environment is clean and mosquito. Not just this, but sleeping under mosquito completes it all.
  • Avoid heavy meals at night, taking them by 05:00 p:m could be accepted, but once it is dawn from 07:00 p:m, we should avoid these heavy meals and substitute them for light meal, or milk of snacks.

Advice About Sleep

Don’t ever skip sleep or waste your sleeping hour, for sleep is a good emotional, mental and physiological therapy. It can relieves the mind from burden and emotional trauma. For it keeps the brain active.
It is also a compulsory growth requirement that should not be ignored for any reason. Because the hormones responsible for growth, takes its full effect on when we are at rest in sleep.
For students, if you read all night without having a little sleep, you pose your brain to suffer in assimilating its information’s when  is due to. It is necessary to prepare for exam long before it as at hand, then the night to this exam, you have a lovely warm rest.
For little kids, if you watch movies late into the night without sleeping, it means you do not want to be smart and active in school the next day. Because you would sleep during lectures and miss out of the most important things.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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The Story Of Edward – A Young Gifted Nigerian Football Star Worth Recognizing




After a vigorous research and observation of some field sport men, a young football star with amazing football skills struck our notice.

So agile with legs like flash, dribbles tactical and shoots so accurate, Edward Emmanuel Odinaka was called for interview.


Edward Emmanuel Brief Biography


Edward Emmanuel Odinaka by name is aged 17 from Etche LGA, Rivers state, Nigeria. He is a very good left footed player and a young Nigerian football star in the making.

He is the captain of Solid Boys Football Club located at Igbo Etche where he take his training. I This place is in Port Harcourt.


Edward Emmanuel Awards And Recognition


First, credit to his coach Sampson Courage, a hard working and spirit filled Coach.

Edward Emmanuel has won the tittle of “Tournament Best Player” twice. This was in the year 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Subsequently, the 2016 “Male Best Player Award Winner” was hit with another auspicious award been the “Highest Goal Scorer”.


The Young Football Star Golden Desire.


The time spent with him was worth spending, a guy so funny and energetic.


During the course of conversation, we asked:

Team Xycinews : So, if asked to make one golden request, what would that be?

Young Star : (smiles), this is the question I want a golden solution to ooo.

Team Xycinews : So what is the request our friend ?

Young Star : (mood drops), my family is not so stable financially, I just want someone, company, agent, anything, anyone that will give me a chance to show myself to the world.

Edward Emmanuel Contact


With lot of readers on Xycinews media, we can’t who exactly views all our post. But if in position, maybe an agent or organization.

Team Xycinews recommends Edward Emmanuel Odinaka as a talented young star and great left footer. Surprisingly, he uses both legs so well.

You can directly contact him via his phone line or whatsapp him (+234)9060-507-158.

Twitter @EDWARDE86875062

Instagram @edward_emmanuel



Catch Them Young.

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Rema Mavins Biography, Age, Songs, Net worth, Pictures and Wikipedia.




From singing with small bands, rapping in churches and school, the name Rema has being brought to the world’s light.


This article reveals the Supreme Mavin Dynasty Act, Rema Biography, age, educational background, songs, net worth and Wikipedia update.


Rema Biography and Profile

Divine Ikubor known on stage as Rema is a Nigerian Hip Hop artist, Afro beat art, song writer, model and recording act.

Rema Real Name is Divine Ikubor


His early life was spent in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. There he also finished his primary and secondary school education.


Rema Age


Divine Ikubor was born in the year 2000. This implies Rema is 18 years old currently. It clearly obvious fortune shown on him at an early stage in life.


Rema is 18 Years Old



Rema Supreme Mavin Dynasty Record


On the 22nd day of March 2019, Rema life had another amazing chapter.

Don Jazzy, the CEO of Nigerian top music record label called the Supreme Mavin Dynasty unveiled a new artist, Rema.

Young star Rema is the first artist the Mavins Record is unveiling after their multimillion-dollar investment with the Kubanda holdings.


Rema Net Worth and Wikipedia


Rema was just signed into the record label, and not much is known about his net worth yet. However, has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Rema Songs

New to the industry, he hasn’t dropped so much singles. Under Mavins Dynasty, he only has two singles to his credit. ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Dumebi’.


Rema Pictures


Thanks for reading this far, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


For some who aren’t familiar with the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and their Artist. I consider it fine to upload some of Rema pictures after reading his biography, age, wiki and songs.

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Fireboy DML Biography, Age, Music, Pictures, Song and Jealous Single.




Fireboy DML Biography


Adedamola Adefolahan known on stage as Fireboy DML is an Afro-pop Nigerian artiste. He hails from Abeokuta, Ogun.

He speaks Yoruba and English language fluently.

Fireboy Dml taste of music is simply Afro with a blend of country sound. Deep in, some genres sounds like blues and it’s unique.



Fireboy DML Age


Adedamola Adefolahan also called Fireboy DML was born on the 5th of February 1996.

He is currently signed to Olamide’s YBNL records as a replacement of Adekunle Gold.

He studied English Language at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife where he was known for his love for music.


FireBoy DML Music and Songs.


2019 was a major change to his music singles and tracks. Among other famous singles, Jealous got ah wider publicity and appreciation from fans.

The single jeleous has ranked first on so bill listing. Below is some of his song singles,

– King

– Don’t Say No

– Ajoke

– Give Me Love

– G-strings

– Star

– You

– I’II Be Fine

– Jealous 


Fireboy DML Pictures


Below is some of Fireboy DML epic photos.


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