The Only Legit Review About DayFlash App

With lot of false reviews about the DayFlash App, this article intends to clear audience thought and reveals the most accurate DayFlash App Review.
The team behind the idea of dayflash is based in San Francisco, California. Before the development of this app, the founders of dayflash have being in collaboration with hundreds of creative photographers including xycinews, to get the best of experience for their mobile app.
Apart from a unique photo sharing experience, the dayflash app makes a provision for video sharing experience like Instagram as well, and the design is based on input from hundreds of creatives from top colleges including Columbia University, NYU and Stanford.
Trying this app out and bring a featured creator or reflasher during their lunch is just simple and note worthy. Certainly, if you love instagram, you would love this app platform so much likewise.
The platform puts creativity first, and brings a unique take on photo sharing that’s more about authenticity, community, nice full screen images and aesthetic. Users can discover and connect with creatives who share their taste of unique photo cycle, (or reflash the photos they love) in the platform’s unique and beautiful style.
From the founders of this app, it is acclaimed that the name of the app “DayFlash” is gotten from the inspiration of Life Magazine.
Also, the app Dayflash also has a has a new experience called “reflashing.” Reflashing a photo is like reposting it to your friends and followers, but what’s new and special about this is that all views and likes that get added to a reflashed post are also added to the original post.
The DayFlash App review covering discussion about the  Reflash feature helps you and others quickly share or repost a photo to all of your friends and followers while automatically giving photo credit and more views to the original poster.
So, if you are a user that does not share photos often, but you are oftentimes visually inspired and love to connect with the community, now you can be a featured reflasher and reflash the photos you love to your friends and followers on Dayflash while connecting with fellow reflashers and awesome creators.
And as a creator, now your photos can reach and inspire more people from around the world, thanks to a growing community of reflashers.
Millions of Instagrammers, including hobbyist and non-hobbyist photographers, illustrators, artists, fashion models, video creators and content creators have already signed up to be featured on our platform and are currently active users. Team DayFlash via mails are still inviting Instagrammers and content creators, such as yourself, to join the community as a featured user. And it free to be a featured user.
Based on the quality of the content and reflashes you share on Dayflash, your photos and reflashes will be frequently featured on Dayflash Explore so that lots of new users can discover you and connect with you now and throughout the launch. This is an early-member privilege that’s by invite only.
Would you like to try out the free iPhone photo sharing app? If yes, freely feel free to download the app from the App Store. If you’d like to be a featured user on the platform and have your photos and reflashes regularly featured on the DayFlash Explore tab, then feel free to sign up on Dayflash, start sharing and reflashing photos and be sure to add keywords to your account when you edit your profile.
You will get notified on the app when your account has been featured on Dayflash. And upon receiving the notification, your account will automatically be frequently featured on Explore, Search and Suggested Users based on the quality of photos/reflashes you share and more people will be able to connect with you based on the keywords you add to your account.
Also, if you would like to potentially collaborate with us to get the word out, then please submit your Dayflash username to this list on DayFlash App site below.
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