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Well all prepare for exams and thereafter write  exams, but the main point is how do we prepare. Many my prepare hard by reading and studying all day and night, some may prepare by arranging microchips commonly called
“ embo”, which the copy from while in the exam hall, some also wait patiently to see the outcome of the result and work it out either with money or kind. The aim of all this is to attain success and excellence academically.

Why is Cheating Viewed Wrong?

In a survey conducted in the United State, 20% claimed the never participated in exam cheating, while the other 80% claimed to have once cheated, and only 25% said they have never being caught.
Another survey in conducted in Nigeria showed that only about 10% claimed that they have never cheated, and from the rest 90% claimed to have maybe once cheated. Surprisingly, only 40% said they have never being caught.

This is just instances from two big country from two different continents. Well all things are said to have happen for a reason, rendering the purpose for cheating to have being for a cause.

With this trending trait in schools worldwide, it impose lot of effects which has never being put into consideration.

Effect of Cheating

The joy of a good result stirs excitement between Parents and students, and ignorance to how such scores were attained. Well cheating can be “profiting to some” but it effect stills prevails.

Cheating in some institution result in immediate termination and expulsion, so if your such an institution and still take this risk, it really dangerous.
For cheating in some schools and special examination, the penalty in years in jail. Having some imaginations about this shows it really nice to abstain and have a diligent preparation before the exams.
Loss of trust which sometimes come from your fellow colic and tutors.
Proves dishonesty, and reduce self charisma.
Kills self confidence.

The above are but a few effect of cheating in exams on the cheater.

Possible Reason for Cheating

There have being many reason associated with cheating, but few would be outlined in this article.
Pressure: Some cheaters can possible be confident in producing good results, but the pressure from friends makes them join the trend. One possible way of countering this is self confidence.

Parent Expectancy: Parents place a very high expectancy on students expecting nothing but just the best of the best. The desire to please the parents by all means has urge most of these cheater to be undeterred but determinant. So if encouragement are show to these students instead of much expectancy and pressure, they would surly do their best too.

Fear: Many persons don’t ever believe in themselves, but rather the depend and aim to be the best through the possible shortcut. The fear of reading and forgetting is as a result of late preparation for exam, so trying reading months before the exams would prove a lot better.

Ignorance: So students ignore the fact that the can be caught and continues cheating in exam. Sadly, you mat soon be caught, because cheating is such a risk to be engage into.

Laziness: Clubbing and sometimes merry making with reckless time waste consumes a much lot time ought for study, dropping only the time for “microchiping” cheats and the moments of writing thee  exams. Well for some, their time consuming reason may vary, but an important note is that all students must have a good study time.

The Crafty Addition

Some drinks are said to contain contents that cause addiction. Smoking as we also know is an addict to some persons as well. Habitual practice of
an activity automatically turns it a habit. Once a habit, it takes a long time to be broken free from.

Likewise, our continuous cheating in examination is a habit that can cause addition too. An addition to cheating can be so deadening beyond our imagination. It has most times made so speechless in failed attempts to defend their result, and also weaken the zeal in to encourage their children.
Critically, cheating takes over the mindset, and learning finds it exist route out, turning your brain in to an incomplete ancient African home.

An old quote says “practice makes perfect”. Come to think of it, if you are really perfect in painting, you can be a painter, if you are perfect in cooking, you can be a chef, and if you are perfect in dancing, that’s possible a dancer, but if your perfect in malpractice, what that called please? You can comment if you any occupation associated with it.

In a simply conclusion, Xycinews will not decide the choice of objecting you from cheating, but it outlines in dangers, effect and reasons associated with it.

“Happy examination, happy writing, no cheating and all the best” : Xycinews.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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Speaking to a passerby, she revealed that they could have at least flogged her rather than send her away. “No Be Say I No Pay…They Go Flog Flog Flog Them Go Tire” Sounding funny, she also said “they go flog me until the cane will tire”.


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Who is Burna Boy Real Father and Mother || The Relationship between Burna Boy and Fela



Who is Burna Boy Real Father and Mother ?

What is the he Relationship between Burna Boy and Fela ?


A lot about Burna Boy has being on the know by fans after his multiple encounters against rules.

Truly, he is a king and he is loved. But the information about his parents and siblings has being kept low for long.

Out of suspence, many persons wants to know who is Burna Boy Real Father and Mother.


Who is Burna Boy Mother


His mother name is Bose Ogulu. She was once his business manager, not until he fired her. And since then for long, further information about burna Boy mother is shunned off.

Who is Burna Boy Real Father and Mother || The Relationship between Burna Boy and Fela

Who is Burna Boy Father

Burna Boy father’s name is Samuel Ogulu.

Few years ago, after an attack on Nigerian artists 2kay, the name of burna boy’s father came to the public.

The Lagos State Command, on that day quizzed the father of popular musician, Burna Boy

Mr Samuel Ogulu was quizzed because his son alleged refusal to honour police invitation.


The Relationship between Burna Boy and Fela

On June 19 2016, social media experts, business icons and friends assembled to honour singer Burna Boy’s grandfather Benson Idonije.

Who is Burna Boy Real Father and Mother || The Relationship between Burna Boy and Fela

He was Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s first manager as he turned 80. That is the connection between Burna Boy and Fela.

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Benson Idons is Burna Boy’s Grand Father, he was  Fela‘s manager. This mutualism gave the artiste motivational love for the Afro Beat Legend.


Burna Boy once appeared on stage in panties, a lifestyle the Fela lived when he was alive.

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Demmie Vee Biography, Age, Songs, Education, Lifestyle, Net worth and History




Demmie Vee personality is no longer new in the entertainment industry again. Demmie Vee biography, age, Songs, education, lifestyle, net worth and history have being searched so many times. And that is why we are publishing this article alone with a video.


With a gradual process and media recognition, his making a name. Rear along as we unveils the tittle of this article ‘Demmie Vee Biography, Age, Songs, Education, Lifestyle, Net Worth and History’.

The entertainment industry has change MD drastically and fans are always desiring the best from their stars.

With a melodies mix of intonations, and street tune, Demmie Vee is unbeatable working hard and we appreciate it.


Demmie Vee Biography and Age


Born Awotungase Ademola Sodiq, Demmie Vee is Nigerian sensational music artist and songwriter.

The young star was born on the 12 of April 1992. He was born into the family of Mr & Mrs. Awotungase. Notable, his the second son of his mother.

dammie vee biography age music and networth
Demmie Vee is one artist that stands out from others and is eager to achieve great things in the industry. Since making his official entry into the industry, he has grown tremendously. We take a look at his educational and music journey.


Demmie Vee Education

Awontungase Ademola Sodiq aka Dammie Vee had his education in Model College lgbokuta Lagos / Comprehensive High School Ketu Lagos. The young rising star never had it easy as a teen. Education for him was a little struggle.



Demmie Vee Nickname and Meaning

It is rumored he had another nickname “Kalaputa pikin” meaning a strong child. It was from a close friend who witnessed his struggles and how he overcame them in dread times.


Demmie Vee Lifestyle and History

Subsequently, it’s well known diamonds have to be polished to achieve it shiny beauty. Demmie vee has gone through a lot as expected of a young man growing up in a country where as high as 70% of the population live below the poverty line.

He has kept his head above the river waves even when he was almost drowning and now he is set to swim and lord over the waters of the Nigerian music industry like a shark in the ocean.

According to the talented youngster, he claims to gotten his inspiration from his own experiences which are very diverse due to the structures of his struggles while growing up.

His music is clear and filled with hope for all lovers of music all over the world who can relate to his songs and style of music. He is drawn to the music of the legendary Asa and inspired by 2face.

Demmie Vee’s talent is undoubted and his songwriting skills too. He is also known to record his tones which gives him the rights in controlling all the efforts of his craft setting him apart from the rest of his peers all over the world.

Demmie Vee’s desire as an artist is not just about making a name in the entertainment industry, but also using the opportunity to put a warm smile on the face of the average Nigerian who goes through a lot in his struggle for daily bread.

He prays for a nation where basic amenities such as good water and electricity will be accessible to all the people living in the country regardless of class, status or ethnicity.

Since breaking out in the Nigerian entertainment industry, the talented young artist has worked with the likes of 2face Idibia, 9ice, Falz and lot more.

He has also featured on a track with the legendary Gongo A So crooner, 9ice Alapomeji on his song Love Me Tender.

dammie vee biography age music songs

Demmie Vee Record Label


Demmie was previously signed to Hope Never Dies (HND) record label. With this record, he has released several hit singles like Awesome God with 2Bbaba and Love me tender remix featuring 9ice.

Demmie Vee was risen by OWOMABO. He is the President of HND Records and found Dammie vee at a local car wash called Somys Place in Oregun Road Ikeja area of Lagos.

The record label executive saw the talent in the yet raw musician and decided to help polish him.

Demmie Vee was recently unveiled as new signing along with ace producer Philkeyz by Kizz Daniel into his new imprint “FLYBOY INC”.

In an announcement made on his social media pages, the Yeba crooner announced that he had signed versatile producer, Philkeyz and fast-rising music act, Demmie Vee to his new label.

Feelers from comments made by Nigerians on Kizz Daniel‘s Instagram page post shows that Nigerians are happy with the signings.

Demmie Vee songs List


In some of the song below, he was featured.


Love Me Tender

Awesome God

Yala Yolo

Figure 8

Acoustic A3 Sessions

Forgive Me




Demmie Vee Social Handle

Though we don’t have much information on this, but we are sure of his Instagram handle.



Follow us too @Xycinews


Xycinews Overview on Demmie Vee Biography and Net worth

Great things are to be expected from this young, talented and dynamic entertainer. He is set to thrill music lovers in Nigeria, Africa and even globally for many years to come.

At age 26 , he still has enough  time to blend his sound and gain audience heart. 

Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.

Clearly, Demmie Vie is tough haven survived through a prolonged period of hardship in his life.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for him now as he is set to build on his newfound fame through his love, music.

Lastly, his dammie vee net worth can not be ascertained at the moment.


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