The 12 Weakness of all Underdeveloped African Nations

African the continent of the great black giants, the continent which has struggle and finally survived from the hands of its colonial masters, to an independent phase of its development is our discussion on this article. 
A review on Africa shows it strength stands solid with the combination of 52 countries
or nations in it shores. Doing business
in some of nations has proven to be very productive due to many reasons, and has also proven to be fruitless in some of its nations as well. Some countries in Africa has finally stood independently, due to the economic statue, while some, still crawls to stability.

This article review the weakness of these still underdeveloped nations, and some important things they have, that renders them underdeveloped.
  • Huge Foreign Debt: A very huge amount of foreign and local debt has limited the productive force of these underdeveloped economy. This result in the countries revenue to be used in settling dept, having very little to develop it own structure. This would usually cause poverty and low means of improvement and survival to its citizens.
  • Reliance on only Exports: Some African countries are known for investing in just a major commercial product. Such products include cocoa, crude, gold, coal, tin, and lot more to be called. These dependence on only one commercial product has killed and slowed the progress of some African nations. These products are mostly exported for foreign exchange. A typical example is the crude oil production in Nigeria. Due to their abundance in this natural resource, they have wholly depended on it for foreign exchange, and ignoring other sectors such as agriculture. All nations involve in practices such as this, hardly finds it to the top score of improvement, and remains underdeveloped.
  • Agriculture Ignorance: One major sector which some African nations has failed to invest into is the improvement and development  of their agricultural sector. This has resulted to famine in some lands and poverty with starvation in other areas. Such nations are left to depends on other national bodies. Those whom has engage in the agricultural sector, such as the citizens in the rural areas, have not being provided with support and encourage. They use old farming method and implements, which includes cutlass, hoe, shovel, whereas, the developed nations uses tractor, farm harvester and lot others to increase its productions. And those whom engage in fishing are left with their old hand made canoe and fishing nets. This is really not so nice, because it retards the economic progression. No country could be called developed with masses of its citizen dieing of hunger and starvation.

  • Excessive Population Increase: The daily population increase in underdeveloped African countries is so alarming. It is approximated to produce about 50 kids in every minutes on the average. The uncontrolled increase in this birth has drain the economic of its resources beyond its budgeted funds and production capacity. Population growth is a factor that must be reviewed critically, Africa tops among the world most populated continents, with a city in it called Lagos, being the largest in the world. An effect of over population is that it affect the country financial stability in maintaining resources, which include land, infrastructure, food and lot others. Population growth reduce the economic savings, results in poor investments, cause low output, and worst still, cause poor economic development.
  • Corrupt Practices: It is unfortunate, but Africa can not be mentioned, without having something to do with corruption, possibly in the past or at present. These corrupt practices have no know point of origin, but they are sometimes manifest during elections. During electoral practices, the ballot boxes are being hijacked, sometimes by unemployed youth in the society, and wrong electoral vote are being imprinted, producing the wrong leaders for the innocent masses. Also, governments funds are being illegally stolen by greedy political icons, for greedy self gains, causing more shortage in funds, for the development and enhancing of some sectors. This criminal act has slowed the government progression and worsen the nations improvements.
  • Political Instability: The governments structure and political scale has never being balanced. This is as a result of huge national problems, which includes civil wars, coup d’etats, communal crises, assassinations with others unknown to the masses. All these has resulted in loss of properties, disruption of rules and order, and others. All these crises usually cause the government great loss of properties, which usually takes time and funds to restructure again.

  • Mortality Rate: Someone might be wondering what the essence of mortality rate here. But think of this, the poor  economic system has reduce the life expectancy in some areas. If the economy in such areas were stable, life expectancy would be toped. Having a nation out of poverty is really not an easy task done alone. Nations with this affecting factor depends on other International bodies for help. Such body is the World Health Organization (WHO). 
  • Illiteracy: It is assumed that most Africans in the rural underdeveloped settlings are mostly illiterate. The lack access to modern facilities and technologies and they depend on old primitive means of survival. This has also gotten an effect on the economy, is has reduce it progression to national development. Anyway, it is really easy to handle this sector, but that is what the government in some nation have ignored to concentrate on. If  they would be a central school for training these illiterate ones, it would reduce the country illiteracy number and increase more productivity by empowering them. Sector such as agriculture would enhance their productive skills, and training in skills and craft would enhance their skills as well.

  • Infrastructural Dormancy: Foreign investors will naturally not invest in a country with dormant infrastructural growth, and poor product yield. An emerging economy should have good roads for easy accessibility, a working transport system, a clean water source, a proper educative system, an electricity supply and lot other sector to uplift its economy. A lack of these by many African nations has left them behind the modern world of development. Discouraging foreign investors, and reducing their national value.

  • Industrialization: Some of the companies in these underdeveloped African nation are way so old and has even lost value, due to it low yield production. If these companies are fully supported and developed by the government, it would reduce unemployment rate, increase product yield, and reduce crime carried out by jobless youth. Poor industrialization has affected these company greatly. Their product has not being able to stand in the global market due to its poor quality. So, an improvement in industrialization sector is going to backbone the country in time of economic instability. 
  • Unemployment: This is one of the biggest ache to the under developing economies. Yearly, millions of youth graduate from colleges and University flock the street with files looking for an office space to seat. This huge number of graduates usually end up being jobless. But there is a thing the government has ignored. The government has ignored these youth to their fate, causing the downfall in the economy labour field. If the government setup empowering scheme, to motivate these ones to be self relied entrepreneurs, or farmers , it would improve the nations agricultural output, having more to export, creating an additional revenue to the nation. These empowering scheme would help these youth to be self relied and busy, rather than joining secret societies and causing bloody havoc.
  • Poor Technology Adaptation: This factor has affected underdeveloped nations greatly. Primitive and old farming means which are being practice has slowed down the agriculture yield produce. The continuous of hoe, cutlass, shovels instead of tractor, harvesters and other farm machine has slowed and result in slow poor farm produce. Technology has help the world to be a global community where information and ideas are spread with a click, where banking is down from anywhere, but when a society lacks this, they continue with old way of life, resulting in no advancement. This has cause some produce to stand down low in the foreign and international market. Many in rural areas needs to be trained on different modern technologies and how to use and benefits from them.

There have being other national problems affecting different economies, and countries, but these twelve factors has usually being ignored, causing a poor increase in their developing struggle. If the above mentioned, were enacted into an economic system, the struggle to being developed will be a light race.

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