Tell Em’ Social – Incredible Social Experience in Your Camera.

It already dawn and the day being so fun filled, grabbing your phone the camera 📷 flash captures the moment and the experience get stored. Welcome to the Tell Em’ social world.

Tell Em’ – Your camera enabled experience sharing platform.

In a new modern age where the web social handles becomes the gallery, market, office and besties to some of us, this article highlights why the Tell Em’ social media should join your list too. 

Having fun gets rewarding 

What actually makes an event memorable and fun filled is when is creates a long lasting rewarding impacts on us. Tell Em’ becomes the first and currently, the only social media that rewards you for sharing your experience with like minds worldwide.

An Auto Thriller 

So hilarious right? Let laugh this in. 
Every weekend is one with a sure prospect of party and Fun at every corners. With the Tell Em’ app, do not bother asking your friends of the closest party or event home, just explore your app and find it at your fingertips. Just set your Geo location and time and GO 🎊. 

Chatting with lovelies, posting photos of your happy moments, visiting amazing places and viewing viewing videos and surely emotional and mental natural dose we all need. 
Tell Em’ comes with geo locational features that takes your mind to another city and your explore the world at large. 
More, you showcase your business for the world and get a global audience.

How to use Tell Em’ for Social Engagement

  1. view friends video, swipe up to purchase tickets to the events you are watching and earn rewards.
  2. login or register on your Tell Em’ app, arrive at events location and share your videos, then earn rewards.
  3. That’s it, no third step needed. Enjoy your time at events while sharing and earning! Don’t forget to chat with your friends and let them know you made it!
    Download Tell Em’ from App Store and log in to your profile.

How to use Tell Em’ for Event Management

Step 1

User creates event, and event is automatically promoted to friends at no cost.

Step 2

Log in or register User creates event, pays to promote event, Tell Em’ promotes event based on chosen demographic.

Step 3

That’s it, Ticket is sold. Watch us do the magic!
Download Tell Em’ from App Store and log in to your profile.

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