See How Nigerian Menezy Bright Jr. Won Tell Em’ Favcode54 Developers Awards

Being the one and only  best worldwide in any competition is a very competitive and difficult thing. Read about this young Nigerian Programmer who stood the test of fate undefeated.
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This article is divided into three (3) sections:
  • Favcode54 and Tel Em’, The Requirements and Qualifications.
  • Menezy Bright Jr. Struggle to Success Among Favcode54 World Class Programmers
  • An Interview With Menezy Bright Jr. From Xycinews Media.
Some reading this for the very first time or coming across the word Favcode54 may be puzzled what it really means.
Well, take a second and read all about Favcode54 with the link below.
Among experts mentors from  FavCode54, Felix Ekwueme the founder of Tell Em’ placed a bounty of N50,000 monthly salary upon whoever won the  favcoder developer award, and the winner also had an opportunity of working with his company as an entry level web developer.
The Requirements For Entry:
Every Favcoder students whom desired to be part of this competition was to have a full knowledge on HTML and CSS.
For a winner to be selected, the website below must be edited to the programmers desire.
Other requirements involved:
  • The purpose for participation,
  • The entries were also required to link up their (GitHub, LinkedIn and website.
  • The demo data should be re-edited. Done with the students best of skills.
Menezy Bright Jr. Struggle to Success Among World Class Favcode54 Programmers.
Reports and reviews showed Tell Em’ received multiple dozens of submissions from Favcode54 users around the world after the show interest in picking someone at the entry level as a web developer. The countries included United States, Nigeria, Ghana and many more.
But Tell Em’ obviously would have a very big challenge in choosing one person alone, so the requirements and chances of succeeding had to be made stiffed.
Those requirements are already mentioned above.
But there is a good news, Tell Em’ in collaboration with Favcode54 has announced  Menezy Bright Jr.  as the Winner of the N50,000 monthly job with the San Francisco-based Software Company.
Great of note, Menezy Bright Jr. has received over tons of congratulations messages.
An Interview With Menezy Bright Jr. From Xycinews Media.
Immediately after the broadcast of Menezy Bright Jr success story, Xycinews Media showed interest in having a brief interview with him.
Team Xycinews and Menezy 
Calls were put through to Menezy Bright Jr and he accepted our invitation to Xyci-Villa were the interview was conducted.
Below is just a few of the multiple questions.

Xycinews Media: Truly, the competitors for the Tell Em’ award was quite much, but what made you persistent in continuing?
Menezy: I was excited when I saw the advert for the competition and subsequent job. I accepted the challenge with a primary goal to hone my skills. I didn’t know the level of talent of the other competitors, so i couldn’t figure out if i stood a chance to win or not. But i was ready to put in my best.
Xycinews Media: So how does this achievement make you feel?
Menezy: I feel good in my bones. I’m super excited but there is still a lot of work to do. Rome was not built in a day.
Xycinews Media: Such a wise proverbs.
Menezy: ‘Smiling’. Yeah, It quite logical.
Xycinews Media: Some persons claim programming is really really complex, what your say on that?
Menezy: If i say Programming or software development is easy, i would be a Liar. It’s hard but anyone with passion for technology can learn & master it. It may appear mysterious to the humble beginner but becomes clearer when one invests his time learning it.
Xycinews Media So, what are some of the few things you have invested?
Menezy:  “Smiling”. Well that quest is lovely. I have spent huge unregreatable amount of the Nigerian currency, as well as others in downloading and buying online study classes, books, applications and even tutorials.
Xycinews Media: That spirit is great and a rare one. So how large are these files your talking about?
Menezy: I have over 500Gb of downloaded files.
Xycinews Media: O My God. So how do you sleep?
Menezy: I believe in resting the brain, and not wasting the night sleeping lazily.

Xycinews Media: When and where did you start your programming?

Menezy: I started learning how to code in January 2017 with New Horizons computer learning centre: A world class training institute with Headquarters in New York City. I bagged an advanced diploma in web design and development at the end of the course. Shortly after being certified in web design & development, i joined Rudigo, a software talent accelerator in Port-Harcourt in August 2017. I learnt Frontend web Development during my stay at Rudigo. It was quite a military grade experience. In February 2018, I got another opportunity to advance my career with FavCode54, a Sans Francisco based software company with a mission to train the next generation of African software Developers. I decided to study backend web development at FavCode54. 

At the end of the programme, I’d hopefully metamorphose into a Full stack Developer. Less than one month into my training at FavCode54, a partner company, Tell em’ opened a job opportunity to a talented FavCoder who could fix a bug in a web application. The link to the repo on GitHub was shared and a lot of Developers accepted the challenge. I joined the contest, did my best and pushed back my codes. A week later or so, the entry was closed and the time arrived for the winner to be selected. 

Xycinews Media: So interesting

Menezy: “Laughs” Well, Hopes were high, expectations were supreme. But i never thought I had a chance at winning the contest. I was surprised to receive a call from Felix, CEO of Tell em’, all the way from Texas, USA. He complimented my work and asked some relevant questions which I honestly answered. 

Later in the day, the winner was announced. I won the competition and landed my first Developer job in a fear inspiring way. My joy knew no bounds. It was a perfect reward for my hard work served like a chilled glass of water on a hot day.
Despite the fact that i attended computer institutes where coding was taught, I also had to do a lot of self study. So I’m somewhere between a self taught and bootcamp trained Developer.
Team Xycinews really had a great time chatting with you, and also a big hearty thanks for honoring our invitation.
linkedin him with LinkedIn link. 
Also on Instagram  find out more about his activities.

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