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The first step in investing into a legit business is knowing who is behind it. Traced from WHOIS, we could ascertain some helpful information and we believe this is a boost for


The sites 9jaupdate is believed to be owned by a Nigerian entrepreneur called Odesola Oluwasegun. He is from or located in Abeokuta state, Nigeria.


We would not release any private information like house address, email and contact unless on special request. Feel free to comment if need be. review, legit or scam

Is 9jaupdate Scam or Legit

Coming here to read this review is the best choice you choosed.

Team Xycinews will never hesitate to expose any scam site they find on the internet.

We don’t hide the truth ad is included.

9jaupdate is really acting straight forward with no scam record.

It is pure legit and paying and members are already in love with this platform, checkout payment proofs and what members are saying here.


Earning on


There are several ways you can earn on 9jaupdate which includes:

Welcome bonus

Once you signup as a member, you will receive a welcome reward of N50.

Daily login

When you login to your account daily on 9jaUpdate, browsing and reading news, you earn N50

Sharing of Sponsored Post

9jaupdate will assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their facebook timeline & twitter handles daily, you earn N100 daily on assigned posts you share as instructed.

Reading and Commenting on Posts:

When you browse and read latest posts daily and contribute your view with a comment, you earn N2.


And take note that 9jaUpdate will not pay you for comments like; hmmm,lol,ok,nice etc. instead it is recorded as spam, rather make a reasonable comment and earn.

Reply to News

If you reply any comment you earn N2.


As an affiliate, you earn 50% commission which N800 per each referral. Then the most interesting part is that you earn N200 from each person your referral refers.

This means if you have 10 referrals and your 10 referrals refer 10 people each, you will be awarded 200×100= 20,000+ your referral bonus of 8,000= 28,000

Earn click on your referral link earns you N2.

Creating a well Structured Post

For every approved post/news you submit, you earn N50.

Promoting Your Links on 9jaupdate

In every income program you come across, referring others to join has been the highest and easiest ways to earn huge amount of money, affiliate marketers do understand what i mean.

At times i always pertake in some of this income programs because of the huge amount of money they offer per referrals you make.

If your the type that doesn’t have much time to read, share and comment on news, i will advice you focus more on referring friends to join that particular income program. Bounty Earnings

Yes 9jaupdate income does not only pay you for referring friends but also when the person you referred refers another person! You will earn N200.

Yeah, am sure that this income program will be suitable for you as a student.

9jaupdate guarantees 10 – 30k but with my methods up there, you could be making more even without reading and sharing sponsored posts.

Am not convincing you not to partake in 9ars, but to avoid being stressed especially for those still studying.

The most awesome part is that you don’t need any referral to be able to cash out your earnings and you will earn #2 for anyone that clicks your referral link, yes just by clicking!



9jaupdate Payment Methods

Minimum pay is N5000 and All earning will be paid to your Nigerian bank account upon request once you meet the minimum of N5000 total earning ( even or without referrals ).


Is scam or legit?

This platform was lunched early 2019 by a Nigerian Entrepreneur.

Team Xycinews cannot determine how legit this plan is but we can give you insight. Anyway, from our overview it is legit.

Just like NNU, Busybee, YouthPower, among many others, the program is an invest and earn one.

You can ascertain if it would last or not. We cannot declare them Scammers or Legit yet until we have concrete evidence to do so.

Xycinews Disclaimer

We are neither paid nor hired for this review, it an extension of our ‘World Leaks and Reviews’ program.

This is an educational article to guide you before joining. We are not discriminating nor supporting the platform.

Also, we are not members of the platform, this is just a review desk.

Drop comments for questions.

And, Always Share 💕 💕 💕.

Reference :

This article was copied from the below sites, feel free to click the links below for full update.


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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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1 Comment

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    February 4, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks for the tips Natalie! Enjoy the Superbowl.

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Review Review – How to Make Money with Linksop 2019


on unarguable would sound new to some persons, well this linksop review is the guide you need. 

I have  written a well detailed step for you to make money for linksop this 2019.

We are farmiliar with other link shorteners like adsfl, bitly, tinyurl and others.


What Is Linksop All About is a free online tool where you users can create short links and get paid at the same time.

It is one of the highest paying url shortners you can use and make money online currently.

LinkOp link shortener also has a referral program where you can refer someone and make money from referral.


Registering on Link Shortener Program


Like other online platforms, there are steps and protocols to follow. Below is an outline.


Create a username
Enter a valid email address
Create a strong password
Re-enter your strong password
Click Not Robot
Click on Register

After carrying out the above self explanatory steps, your in.


How Does Linksop Payout – Linksop Minimum Cash out


The minimum cash out threshold is $5. We are certain making this $5 is never gonna be so so cheap.

You get paid via your preferred method.

Wire transfer
UPI payment

You can earn as much $15 – $25 for 1000 views and you can also use the referral program to earn.

When you invite new user to register using your referral link, you will get 20% of their earnings.


Linksop Review Conclusion


The platform could be so amazing, giving a try and getting paid is worth the effort.

Don’t click on your link to earn, it’s against their policy.

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Review Review – Scam or Legit




The site is so new in the web world.

The Creator of this platform is still unknown to the public. But the representative spokesperson is called Jermaine.

As claimed by the platform, its sales video has nothing to do with what’s inside the membership area.


Jermaine , a spokesperson from the sales video claims that he joined the ClubShanghai few months ago. He also claimed the platform changed his life . The Club Shanghai  earned “him” $128,538,50.

Membership Area: For the basic price you get 5 PDF eBooks. is a low quality rehashed Clickbank product. Exactly the same as another low quality Clickbank products.

Who is founder ?

The spokesperson says he is Jermaine, and that’s it. On the sales page, there is no additional contact information at all.

Also, the site has no about page. Making it worst, it also has no Contact Page.

Obviously, the real creator is anonymous. Nothing surprising considering that it is a low quality Clickbank product.

The Club Shanghai  earned “him” $128,538,50, and Mr Jermaine does not show up.

Does it make sense to invest your time and money in the project you don’t know who the true creator is? Scam or Legit


On the site is a Shanghai Messenger System tab – 2 PDF eBooks – Club Shanghai Guide 2  & Club ShangahiGuide 2.

Additionally, it also has a Cryptocurrency tab. Find AirDrop Secrets, Free Cryptocurrencies cheats and PDF e-book about cryptocurrencies.

Millionaires Calendar. Calendar which they use to keep track for free Crypto opportunities.

ClubShanghai Fake email is

They claim that their support is available 24/7 is a lie. is a fake email.

Mails sent are never attended to.

Always test contact information to see how responsive sites seems. are.

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Review and Scam not Legit Review



Truly, the and the platforms have SSL protections. Most websites are not secured, because SSL cost extra money.

But, this doesn’t mean and are legit. They just took hosting with SSL protection.


Who is and Owner

We always say knowing a site owner is very important before investing. Why?

The risk of being scammed online keep increasing on ah daily. So knowing the owners of these sites is really important.

Just like the most scam products, the real founder is hiding.


How does and Works


They claim it necessary for users to watch commercial advertising, and they will credit them up to 10 cents to their account for an ad unit display.


Attract referrals and get 50% from their earnings transferred to your account. It seems to be the most profitable offer on the market of paid advertising at the time!

Furthermore, they alledged your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the time you spend in front of your PC.

Working on the average 3-5 hours a day, you can get paid from 50$ to 300$ or even more to your account.


To cash out your money you need to have a certain amount of money but also you need to have minimum 14 referrals. So smart to attract dedication.

You need to have 14 referrals to withdraw the money. You will be offered to pay referrals if you do not have enough referrals.

They want to trick you to pay for fake refferrals or to verify your account.
They want more personal information from you, and they can sell it.

Don’t  give them your money or  more personal information.
The information you give to them, they sell it.


Is and Scam or Legit and are 100% scams.

Everything is fake on their web site:

Fake Testimonials
Fake Support
They do not provide any form of contact.

Before joining, you have to think safety.


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