Revelation about Bobrisky and 27 Worthy Questions.

Bobrisky, one of Nigeria’s social media celebrities that shakes the web.
Being honest, I really do appreciate his success stories roaming the web, but perhaps am not the only one who is not clear about his net-worth proclamations.
Many have possibly asked questions like how Bobrisky got rich? 
Bobrisky real age and the honesty in bobrisky biography?
Well known, Bob-risky is a bleaching cream expert, and as well cross-dressing model. But I still doubt the updates I get from my opera mini news about his lifestyle.
Some weeks ago, I read that he had pulled down his former Snapchat account for reasons which he claimed was haters disturbing him, and had created another one where he was billing followers a sum of N10,000 to subscribe to his posts. Surly, he must have posted his account number as well.
In yet another story again, bobrisky was seen uploading screenshots of the people who had actually paid up and signed up to his Premium Snapchat account so far. Next, the bleaching expert was proudly talking about how he was ‘signing his millions’ after clinching a multi-million Naira endorsement contract with a company, that company name was never stated. Then very recently, there was a story about how much of a noise he made when he flew First class for the very first time.
This was closely followed by his Sallah post about how he spent over N15 million to celebrate the Sallah with 500 poor persons, and how he gave his gate man a treat.
Before I commence my deductions, I want to ask anyone who has even seen Bobrisky much acclaimed $400 per bottle bleaching product to kindly indicate in the comment box of this post, because I live in Lagos and move around the Island a much often and NEVER have I come across this ‘golden cream’ before.
Questions about Bobrisky with Reasons worth seeked for.
  • Is Bobrisky married to a man or woman? 
  • Why do a number of Bobrisky’s claims seem to me to be hugely exaggerated?
  • Is Bobrisky a Nigerian? 
  • What is it with Nigerians and ‘quadruplicating’ unseen figures of Bobrisky? 
  • Is Bobrisky actually a boy or girl? 
  • Why has his activities and acclaimed life of living not view critically being examined ?
  • Why has his activities continued despite being against some of the country constitutional rules?
  • Why has his acclaimed cosmetic brand product not being a sight object in the national market, as well as local scale?
Though, it is one thing to be a very famous controversial cross-dresser with a pretty comfortable livelihood, and it is another thing to be an affluent recklessly-spending ‘money-bag’ who has clawed his way up into the class of the elite. Some of the stories I have read about this Bobrisky fellow seem to paint him as one that belongs to the latter, and somehow the reasons are just shattered.
Am also trying to imagine how a big bleaching cream brand that can enable its creator and founder spend about N15 million in one day will not be on every major cosmetic shop shelf in Nigeria and at least Lagos his business base.
Logically, a man who claims spending N15 million once an event, would surely have over N100 million, Right?
So if this is the case, and we all know that Bobrisky alludes his bleaching expertise as being the main source of his wealth, how come no one can seem to find this magical product he produces and sells?
  • What is Bobrisky endorsement all about? 
  • Ok, what about the company he said signed him up and gave him ‘millions’ for a deal, why have they hidden their brand in shadows?
  • I also heard someone say something about a hair or cosmetic company, really?
  • Could this company be in the Nigerian boarder? 
  • Being honest, In a country as religious, traditional and condemnatory as Nigeria, what weave-on company would want to flaunt a famous male transformed into a woman on their billboards, and cover packages knowing how the society regards thematic displays that extol a custom that is depraved and somewhat perverted.
  • Yes, he is popular and the media-people have turned him into a celebrity, but aren’t there other even more famous beautiful female celebrities whom this ‘company’ could use as Ambassador to promote their weave-ons?
  • Being so controversial, he has succeded in confusing some on his age and biography.
  •  Bobrisky is very controversial; I agree, but how the nature of this his ‘controversy’ can translate into favorably promoting a company and bringing business is what I don’t understand.
Companies always carefully examine the pros and cons before striking out into a venture.

  • This is Nigeria and Africa at large, what would the general reaction in a homophobic country be to a company using a character that almost everyone deride as being a homosexual as their brand ambassador?
  •   Do you think that company would ever be taken seriously?
Even the ladies who think they are ardent fans of Bobrisky would never pick a weave-on with Bobrisky’s painted face and fixed Barbie-doll hair over a St. Genevieve hair brand (Genevieve Nnaji’s cosmetic line).
OK, so someone says that maybe it is a body cream company that seeks Bob risky as brand ambassador, interesting.

  • I thought Bob Risky was a bleaching cream mixer or manufacturer or is it expert as well?
  • Shouldn’t this mean that he has his brand where he either models personally for or recruits well-bleached models to represent his brand?
OK, let’s even assume that he can be offered an endorsement deal with a beauty cream company.
  • Would it be a straight-up bleaching company?
ü  How many Nigerian companies even admit that their products ‘bleach’ these days?Today, all we hear are excuses like tone, lighten, highlight, fade milk etc.  Scientific knowledge and global enlightenment about the harmful effects of using bleaching products on the skin have spread and beauty brands today now know that it is bad business strategy to promote the art of bleaching to the public by fronting a certified ‘bleacher’.
So the million dollar question:
  • Which body cream company in Nigeria would offer Bobrisky millions of Naira to represent them having acknowledged that what this acclaimed ‘male Barbie’ is doing to his own skin is suicidal in the long run; and encouraging Nigerians to subject their own skins to such excessive eradication of their pigmentation must have fearful after-consequences?
  • Also, why would any company trust their product lead under Bobrisky barbie when he has being in multiple clashes other celebrities? 

This clashes included :

  • bobrisky and Wizkid
  • Bobrisky and Davido
  • Bobrisky and Denrele
  • Bobrisky and Mc Galaxy
  • Bobrisky and Daddy Freeze
  • Bobrisky and Jacob Saga
  • Bobrisky and Jacob Salary Story
  • Bobrisky and Turned Ednut
  • Bobrisky and the Nigerian Police force. 

Consequently, I have gone round in a neat circle, and am back to where I started from.

  • So is Bobrisky being entirely truthful, or he is just blowing his achievements out of proportion?
  • Has or can anyone actually verify the mansion and luxury he claims belongs to him? .
  • Maybe I am wrong, but I guess I smell oily lies from this fellow.
  •  It is possible he is accomplishing some, but he is exaggerating a lot of them by 100.
  • And why is he so desperate for social media validation and recognition? Posting every one of his acclaimed ‘achievements’ and blowing his own trumpet.
  • Then, why isn’t anyone telling Bobrisky that once he approaches 40 and his skin begins to sag, he will need more than bleaching creams, female dresses, make-up and green contact lens to retain and maintain this elegance’ and glamour that cut his niche for him.
All in all, I suspect that Bobrisky’s lies are more Risky than what he is doing to his Skin.

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