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Review Review – Not Scam Nor Legit Exposed



Daily, new online earning methods evolves. So unfortunate, so are scams while others stands to be legit.


The big question now is, Is Legit or Scam?

what does this Review means?

Disclaimer : Scroll To End of Article To Read Our Personal Disposition About Review.*


What is All About app is the new Nigeria referral and earn system. They assures users to work from the comfort of their home referring people and getting paid straight into their bank account.


“You can earn more than ₦300,000 monthly without stress by just inviting people to and yes we are 100% trusted and registered company you can trust, check us out RC 2737898.” – Team


Providing a RC 2737898, assures users it is not scam, and even if it is, they can be sued. makes its income and revenue from adverts and referral commissions.


How to Earn From App app is a more simplified way for users to use their service and earn as well.

This involves three primary activities.





* Signup on with a one time payment of ₦1600 only.

* Invite your friends to the app is the major earning means.
For each referral, you earn N1000.

* Withdrawal is the finishing step.
Once you have up to ₦3000 in your account, you withdraw your money straight into you bank account without delays, intantly no charges or hidden fees.


Validated and Eligible Members

Validated and eligible members are active members that have successfully registered for (i.e affiliate program) through the payment of N1,600.

otherwise called activation package . To become a member, you must purchase activation package which cost N1,600 and partake in affiliate program.


The Cons of App

Refer strictly frowns against having multiple accounts.

Using one email for more than one accounts is forbidden.

This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence, resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.

The Prons of App


* Members can make payment to register either using visa, verve mastercard or online banking system via Paystack.

* You can either withdraw to your bank account or third party account.

* No hidden fee. When you activate your account by purchasing a one time activation pack of ₦1,600, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees ever.


Requesting Payment

Requesting for payment is easy , just login to the dashboard click on withdraw money.

Then fill in your correct bank details and click submit.

But, note that you must have a minimum of ₦3000 before you can withdraw . Review Referrals 

Once you have registered and get approved, a unique referral link will automatically be generated for your account.

From your dashboard menu, click on ” refer and earn” . From there you can see your referral link, copy it out and it to refer your friends and family.

You earn N1000 for referrals.



Team Xycinews Were Not Paid For This Review.

It Entirely Based on Our Opinions Cross Examinations.

This For Education Purpose Only.


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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



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Joomta Payment Proof Review – Is Scam or Legit!



Promising to pay over 1 million and still counting Nigerians for referrals seems so impressive.

Ask yourself, how many persons has joomta paid ? Did anyone in person claim the payment? 

Well, I believe you already asked yourself before reading this. 

Welcome to the story of Joomta Payment Proof. But before hitting the nail on the head, let get an overview.

Is Joomta Legit or Scam?


This is an overview before the main payment proof. I will encourage you read this section carefully, comment if necessary, and also remember to share 👍 .

Note, the full information about joomta is on link.


  • Over the years, we have reviewed lot of programs that looks like Joomta. Some acted true to the end, while many folded out.
  • Joomta unlike other Nigerian online scheme is free, 100% free and this reduce their trusted rate.
  • A platform that is assumed to pay million of users over 40k monthly will certainly be runned by a philatrophist or big business tycoon.
  • Sites like this target at making huge traffic from referrals and manipulating when it comes to payment.
  • They claim to earn from adverts and promotions, well this isn’t a good kickoff.
  • Joomta though growing fast, is yet to have earns very little from advertisement.
  • So sad, users are automatically forced to spam their friends and family with referral link in a bid to get paid.
  • Joomta has no legal office and official working hour as an organization.
  • Joomta is not a registered and license organisation. We will update this section if they meet the above mentioned.


Joomta Payment Proof.


Currently, I have searched all social platforms and web images for a legit joomta payment proof. The proof I have seen are not authentic.

Anyone can transfer N40,000 out and claim he has paid someone, then repeat the process for a couple of person and circulate the image.

That is the strategy.

Joomta has never paid anyone from legit end observation.

Apart from me, am sure hundreds of Nigerians are also anticipating for joomta legit payment proof.

If you have being paid, comment below.


Joomta Review – Fake Address And Contact Information


Until an accurate address and contact information is provided, there is no prove of them being a legal organisation.

Joomta is a Nigerian based site, bought under Namecheap Inc. They claim their address is at Panama. P.O. Box 0823-03411. This is just a big lie.

As a Nigerian based site, the contact number is supposed to start with (+234), but that is not their domain purchase contact.

Their purchase contact is

Phone = +507.8365503
Fax = +51.17057182


Read Detailed Review About Joomta Legit or Scam Here.



Team Xycinews will update this article if need be.


Sharing is Appreciation 👍

Commenting is Love 💕


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Review Review – Is Kidsgetpaid Legit or Scam


on Review – Is Kidsgetpaid Legit or Scam


The searched keyword, scan or legit, Kidsgetpaid review, what is Kidsgetpaid all about among others has grown publicly.

You reading this also imply you desire to get an answer to that question too.

Well this article is a full guide and overview of

Making Money on Kidsgetpaid

You can make money by referring friends or completing tasks. You use your special referral link to share with your friends and you will earn money every time your friend signs up.


Does Kidsgetpaid Really Pay

Team Kidsgetpaid acclaims once you earn your first $150, you can request your first payment. It so interesting to know you can beat that threshold in just a couple of days.


But do you really get paid? Impossible sounding, but you will never be paid.


Over Kidsgetpaid claims to have 378k plus members. Well, why isn’t any testimony on the world wide web?


That is just an iceberg, they have paid out over $20 million, well no prove from a handful on participating members.


How Does Kidsgetpaid Work



  • Sign Up


Signing up to receive your exclusive membership package and your share link is a primary step.


  • Share

Indirectly, sharing and making referrals is the order of the day. Invite your friends to our site by sharing your link. You will earn $10 for every friend you invite that joins our site.



  • Cashing Out


Cash out your hard earnings. We pay our members through PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, mailed checks, and more!


So, with this three step I can make millions ?

It is not impossible, but the sad part of it is, it isn’t happening that way.

They have succeeded in appearing legit but misleading members by storing users information in their database.


Sites like Kidsgetpaid isn’t new, there are other scam sites like KidsEarnMoney etc.


Kidsgetpaid Is Scam Not Legit is registered by concealing the owner details and address in the WHOIS and it has provided the fake company’s address on its website.


We can say that address is fake because there is not any company with the name “Kids Get Paid” in that address. In the online industry, if some websites do so, then it is very clear that those websites belong to a scammer.

If you search around the internet then you can find plenty of complaints and dissatisfactions from various users .

Actually, there are multiple scam sites like and none of them have paid to anyone when members requested to cash-out their earnings after reaching the cash-out limit.

Once you request to cash-out your earnings, these kinds of sites will ask you to complete the paid surveys or pay some fees or download some apps in order to get the payment for which you have to pay money first.


However, even if you pay them money, they will never pay you anything.




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Review Review – Is Legit or Scam




What is all about, Where can I read honest review, is legit or scam… among many other questions have being asked by many.


Obviously, it undeniable that lot of ponzi sites, MLM sites, and make money online sites grew massively.


However, the important factor is knowing the legit ones and avoid scam or spam site.

So, they are a fake site about how you can earn tons of cash quickly for sharing your links, doing captchas and watching ads. None of that is true.


YbMoney. Site Review of Yet Another Copy Of The ‘Paid Viewing Advertising System’ Russian Scandal.

These sites have been haunting the online world since 2014 and have never paid out one cent/penny/dime in all of that time. The payment payment proofs are all false.


Reviews that are positive are either fake or by the scammers themselves.

YbMoney. Site, or any other site that looks like theirs, is all wrong and should be avoided permanently.


How Works


This particularly happens in a simple circle.

You sign up, you work for your money, and then you try to cash out.
At this point, they will ask money from you.

1st time is to sell you 100 referrals for $9 and then they want another $19 or more as a processing fee.


This is purely fallacies, it’s not do real. don’t pay anyone.

The site does indeed earn money from your work, and or from any offers/surveys you may complete, but they never share the revenue as promised to their members.

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