Step-by-Step Guide for first time plane users.

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From ages long back different means of transporting was being initiated. This range from the camel use to the horses to the donkeys through the bikes, cars, ships, rail and air means. This article outline the fears for first time plane users and guide for first time plane users.

Some subtopics

  • the important notes about air travel,
  • the risk of air traveling,
  • incidents observed,
  • Assurance
  • Fears.
FLIGHT FACT: From survey in Africa, air flying is desired by every 8 in 10 persons, and when in air, the fear is shared between every 2 of 10 persons. But not all persons really think all flying is really risky but the fear of air travel has gone beyond the plane crashes, read along to see the fears.

NOTE ABOUT AIR TRAVEL: For the first flight on a plane, flying over 11.000 meters above the earth can really be a scary feeling for some persons. Those boring the Plane at first time have usually being victims of Air height. But despite this fear and still to be discuss, man from far way stone time has always desire to fly. In the scripture, a king name David on his song in Psalm 55:6 “O that I had wings as a dove has, I would fly away”. Today, that old desire of that king has now being quenched, though he never boarded a plane.
Great scientist with great mind has work daily for the accomplishment of these. A travel is a fun and quick means of transporting, but the risks in associations with it should never be ignoring as it sometimes seen on travelers from over excitement. Note worthy still, guide for first time plane users air travel can never be avoided because the upper class engage in vacations, the business have often travel within countries, the poor are often flown in times of emergency and even in time of deporting.
guide for first time plane user
THE DEATH RISK: Being the fastest means of transportation with new modern comfortable facilities, the risk of flight death is another factor hard to skip. Lots of person have left the comfort of their homes for many reasons and ended up being causalities to this death strike especially during first flight on a plane. Below are few in a million instances.

  • A Western Air Express flight 7 crash into a mountain near Newhill in USA injuring all 10                    persons on board.
  • The Nigeria Dana air flight 992 crash in Lagos killing all 153 on board and 10 on ground.
  • A Boeing 707 crash while attempting landing in Kano, Nigeria killing about 176 persons on                  board.
  • A Douglas DC-3 crash into the Mississippi and killed all crew on board.
  • A Douglas DC-4 disappear without any information, it had 58 persons on board.
  • A Fokker F-27 Jetliner smash through the American Twin Tower and stole it set of lives.
  • Around 1926, an F-60 crash due to wing failure and 6 on boarded were dead.
  • A flight 8979 slammed and crash killing 35 of all 48 on board due to Pilot ignorance.

The above listed are all real experience of persons who left home with a desired to fly. These are just a very few of the thousand multiple crashes globally. These incidents have installed fear in some, making them to resolve using the long rail or road means.
HOPES: But there lies a good news, the engineers, aerodynamics and other cooperated bodies involving in safety has ensured measured which has reduced air flight crashes by 45%. Thereby giving you back you assurance of less mortality rate in your flight.
From an issue of the Awake, “Airplane crashes chances in a year are 1 in 390,000 and in a lifetime is 1 in 5100”. With this estimate, you have a higher ground of insurance of safety.
This does not all end here, QUICKLY KNOW THIS AIR BOURN RISK BEFORE FLYING is a new topic based on guide for first time plane users, and those who would experience first time on plane. also more findings from research that has bordered man a long time way back.
Is going to outline the seven top fears of air traveling:
ü Heights
ü Craft Hijacking
ü Crashes
ü Pilot suicidal attempts
ü Crowded Spaces
ü Fear
ü Pilot Focus
Not only the above listed, QUICKLY KNOW THIS AIR BOURN RISK BEFORE FLYING brings you more real instances based on facts from history line.
Kindly read and share with your loved ones and friend.

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