air bourn risk, quickly know this air bourn risk, fear risk, air bourn flying risks

After examining some key point of flight in Part-1 of this journal which included:
-Flight Facts
-Air Travel Note
-Death Risk and Instances
You will be updated on air bourn risks common today.

This part got you covered with more in relation to the air world worth knowing, which include:

  • Heights
  • Craft Hijacking

  • Crashes
  • Pilot suicidal attempts
  • Crowded Spaces
  • Fear

  • Pilot Focus

The above listed are fears encounter by most air user which might include you without your knowledge. So just Seat up, Sip your Tea and flow along.

¥ HEIGHTS: Have you ever stood on a high bridge watching down on the below water, suddenly become scared of falling? You are not alone; this has being a phobia in most persons today. This fear is once again triggered ones these victims are on boarded and they feel so scared and aggravate, these could cause increase in blood pumping level, result to heart failure. This fear is known as Acrophobia. Acrophobia the fear of height always put the flyer in an uncomfortable state. Are you a victim? Seating in between can be your best remedy.
air bourn risk, quickly know this air bourn risk, fear risk, air bourn flying risks

¥ CRAFT HIJACKING: This is another air bourn risk fear. Terrorist kidnapping all passengers on board by hijacking the craft is a major threat to plane user as it mostly result to wrong ends. So experience shows it a possibility. This has being carried out by well map out plan. But thanks to the video and audio system in modern air craft, this is a very common issue to tackle. So relax and enjoy your flight with your comfortability.

CRASHES: The moment once this is totally eradicated, we are all assured of 90% flight safety. Due to unspotted error in log or bad weather and cloud, this is an unpredictable factor to be concluded upon. But weather check before booking a flight could be a little helpful though as so airport usually shut down runway in times like this. For Examples of craft crashes, look up part one of this post. But be sure your hope will save you and all in your craft.

PILOT SUICIDAL ATTEMPT: Someone would say “why is this here?” how possible is this? Well Xycinews is here to give you information n even the weirdest imagination. We all as humans sometimes have problems that over whelm us and even weigh us to make stupid plans like suicide attempts. Fortunately, you reading this are wise and not included. Well Xycinews is not predicting what because suicide attempts, but the point is that we pray our pilot has no such worries to confuse him, and lead to his death with all on board.

On September-11-2001, the American Airlines flight 11 was used for a deliberate suicidal attempt by a hijacker, killing 92 persons on boarded and 1600 on ground when they struck North Tower of the World Trade Center.
CROWED SPACES: Shocking surprising? Please don’t be. Some person might never prefer a setting where thing or people are mostly clustered and so they might easily get irritated ones in such a situation. Some might have testified that they were picked pocket, some might say it makes them stole while others would have reasons and excuses for exclusions. Nonetheless, in some persons, this is a natural occurring thing.  The fear of closed spaces such as in the plane cabin is called Claustrophobia. So learn to accommodate some rear persons with these traits.

air bourn risk, quickly know this air bourn risk, fear risk, air bourn flying risks

FEAR: Fear is a thing that can never die. Even some very bold still fear a thing, and that why we also have it among air bourn risk. If you doubt, show me the boldest man to fight a cheetah. None I guess, so there is a reason to agree with me. The main reason why we all pray and hope for safe flight is because we are afraid to die. Many has always fear falling which is known as Basophobia and on their behave, we pray and hope no more plane falling. So enjoy your ride in comfort of safety. While some just naturally fear being in airplane, which is called Aviophobia. I don’t know why, but that is the fact.
PILOT FOCUS: How would you feel having a dizzy pilot flying you? Really uncomfortable for sure. This is a no worry point because all pilots are scrutinized critically before stepping on the cockpit to drive. So if you had ever pondered about the, feel free to relax and hope for a smooth ride.
Next time you step into the plane, remember to observe all the happening if you can spot some claustrophobic persons or a dizzy Pilot or a scared looking passenger, or even a suspected hijacker.
Xycinews wishes you save journey in all your plane rides.

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