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With the desperation of owning a Benz, lot of ritual practice with the used of condemned undies has being executed.

After series of death cases around the University campus, another shocking news has evolved.

In the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), the female hostel precisely, a bucket with condemned and used undies was found.

It is acclaimed that an anonymous female students whose identity remains unknown has being carrying out this terrible mischievous conduct.


Yes, You Can Use Pant To Buy Benz in Nigeria – Nigerian Ritual Practice Secret Leaked 

It is assumed that this anonymous evil person goes to the bin to pick up condemn and already used pants and underwears.

A 20L paint bucket with dirty and messed female pads and pants was hidden in a secret place in the hostel.

During the weekend cleanup, the bucket with soiled female sanitaries was discovered.

With pannick, it was prayed upon and burnt.


Real Secret Exposed – Why Uniport Student Died 18 Days After Matriculation.


More Info Coming Through.

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Step By Step Guide On Checking Matric Number On Uniport Aris Portal.


Pants and pads found in Uniport female hostel Pants and pads found in Uniport female hostel

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  • Pants and pads found in Uniport female hostel

  • Pants and pads found in Uniport female hostel

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Multiple Reasons Davido Marries Chioma 2020-2021



The reality of Nigerian biggest celebrity marrying Chioma could be a shock. This article was published January 2020 and from trending news, it’s obvious this marriage didn’t happen now.


So, how does Davido marries chioma look feasible now?

How did Davido meet Chioma?

Why Will Davido marry Chioma?

Has Davido married chioma?

Davido Beef Chioma – Love Crisis


The above questions will be looked into now.

Anyways, this blog article is a prediction of 2020-2021. I as a top Web Leak and Review Blogger with strong experience believes Davido Will Marry Chioma. Assuming this shit get real and Davido marries Chioma, don’t forget this prediction. It could be 2020 or 2021.

Davido Marries Chioma

How Did Davido Meet Chioma


Chioma and Davido met at Babcock University as Davido was a then student from Babcock University in the Department of Music. News claimed that they both know each other for over five years.
Subsequently, She became famous after being spotted with the popular musician on several occasions including family events.

Progressivly, Davido made his relationship with Chioma official after he surprised her with an expensive car on her 23rd birthday with the plate number tagged Assurance the title of one his song which he dedicated to her.


Has Davido Married Chioma  ?

Yes, Davido has married Chioma because am sure this predictions of my will be real in few months time will. Currently, there is no news about Davido marrying Chioma but I Davido has married Chioma.


Why Will Davido Marry Chioma

Throwback months ago, Davido called out his supporters to get their traditional outfits ready ahead of is wedding set to take place in 2020. Davido is so responsible and asking why will Davido marry Chioma will be an option worth ignoring.

That is the first reason why Davido will marry Chioma 2020.

Additionally, During an interview at Beat 99.9 FM, OBO more insight into why he decided to will marry Chioma. Presenter Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi while discussing his introduction ceremony asked the singer about the whereabouts of his woman, and also if she is truly expecting a baby.

Responding to the question, Davido simply said: “This one is special”. This response affirms there is love like yoke in the air.


Davido Beef Chioma

Truly, lover birds must have issues, and that’s why this sub themes of Davido beef Chioma is in the picture. This is consider as bad belle work sha.

Suddenly, Patrick Anyaene, aka King Patrick, the CEO of Goldenboy Entertainment, alleged that he signed DMW artiste, Peruzzi, to his label.

He went on to say that Davido gave Peruzzi a deal while the latter still had a contract with Goldenboy Entertainment & didn’t enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Lastly, he acclaimed that chioma was Peruzzi pimp, bringing huge uproar in the internet and mixed feelings in the relationship. This is where Davido beef chioma and unfollows her for a few hours on Instagram. Following her back means there is love.

Davido Marries Chioma

Why Davido Marries Chioma 2020

Davido marries Chioma 2020 because team Xycinews, AfriCa Number One Leak Blog has crossed examined every statement, action, beef and reef. Despite the crisis, the both is still growing stronger.

Sharing a photo from the family introduction via his verified Twitter handle, Davido wrote,

“First of all Introduction ”
On his Insta stories, he also shared a slide, telling his fans to get their traditional outfits ready for a wedding in 2020.
He wrote, “Get your trads ready”.




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Leaks Registration, Login And Much More



After the first article exposing everything about Msport, if Msport is legit or scam, review and much more. I consider it fine to continually explain and publish in details more information about Msport.

Anyways, I have taken it up on myself to be the very first blogger publishing a review about Msport.

Don’t forget to use the table of content to navigate smoothly to your desired sub topic.


Team Xycinews is not in support of users engaging in online betting as it disadvantages includes getting in huge debt, among many others.

We don’t have an account with Msport nor are we third party. Notwithstanding, this article is for educational purposes and a guide on everything about Review.


What Is Msport

MSport is an online betting community aiming to promote responsible gaming. They acclaim to be dedicated to make gaming an enjoyable leisure activity and provide an enjoyable betting experience to all involved parties.

How To Bet Succusfully On Msport

Msport Registration

To register for a MSport account, on the top right of the page click on the msport registration button.

Fill in the given form with your phone number and password to create an account, or log in with Facebook.

Grab a verification code sent via SMS. “Complete Registration”.

You are ready to start playing. Please enter your username and password to log into your account.


Cashing Out On Msport

With the partial cash out options, you can cashout partially and remain part of stake. Partial cashout is allowed when the unsettled bet is single or multiple with one combination. You can have 10 times of partial cashout for single bet and 5 times for multiple bet.

Leaked PayPal Nigeria 2019 Updates and PayPal Limitations in Nigeria


How To Cash Out On Msport

Firstly, log in to your account and select the corresponding bets for “Cashout” on the “My Bets” page.

Your Cashout amount depends on the likely outcome of your bet. The more likely it is to come through, the greater the amount you can Cashout.

How Do I Check My Msport Account Balance

Simply log into your account, see Balance amount on the top right corner of the homepage. You can choose to hide or show balance information.


How Do I Withdraw On Msport

How to withdraw on is simply by going to “Me” tab and select “Withdraw” optiona.

Primarily, priority is given to the account that have deposited previously.

The amount withdrawn to the bank card will not be credited to your bank card and will be credited to the bank account to which your bank card is linked. In order to protect the security of user account information, third parties will not directly provide the number of the specific bank account that your bank card is linked to.


What is Msport Contact


On social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, their social platform name is MsportOfficial



We didn’t originate the entire article, information was primarily derived from Msport site.



Simple Secret How To Convert Gift Cards To Naira Cash 2019



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What Is The Origin Of Marlian – What Are Marlians Known For



Have you ever wondered what is the origin of Marlians? Or possibly what are Marlians known for?

Anyways, I just decided to throw more light on it for those desiring to know. Below is a long tale about Marlians origin.

NOTE – We couldn’t get complete permission to use the images below, so their identity is covered.

Mohbad Biography, Age, Networth, Songs and Pictures

What is the Origin of Marlians 

Undeniably, Naira Marley was arrested mid last year for seeming to pass a false message that he was a yahoo boy is his single track. At a time when EFCC was arresting on a rampage due to high level of national fraud, he was arrested for questioning.

He got so much web search and all his previous songs began trending online. This was already an exposure for him to grab smartly. His songs made top listing on radio and YouTube.

what is the origin of Marlians

His next single was so good for the street as an anthem. The street obviously is the heart of music success. Just like powerful mantras and slogans like “OBO” “Olamide Badoo” and so on, he established the root of Marlians origin.

He continued promoting the term Marlians in his lyrics with what they are known for.
E.g Multiple trousers no belt, No manners and much more below.

Naira Marley Record Label – Marlian Record

Trust Nigerians, they picked it up and everything slight wrong act makes you all Marlian. Some persons are Marlians without actually acting like one too.


Who Is A Marlian ?

This is actually a huge one with multiple personalized meaning.

According to Xycinews

“Marlians are Naira Marley Core Followers who stand out in the society for acting slightly awkward or weird against socialtal norms”.

Having multiple trousers with no belt 😂.

what is the origin of Marlians

What Are Marlians Known For ?

Disclaimer: Not All Is Applicable 


  • Are not only a follower of Naira Marley but as share his philosophies.
  • Don’t care about what people think or say so long it makes you happy.
  • Believe that cybercrimes or ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ aren’t ‘all that bad’.
  • Don’t have an issue with being controversial.
  • Love being controversial or love controversial lifestyles.
  • Obviously, they don’t wear a belt. (Marlians are also known as ‘No Belt Gangs’ (NBG))
  • Believe you shouldn’t graduate from the university; you have to drop out (for undergraduates).
  • Add Yours In Comment

Lastly, Now you all know who is a Marlian, Origin of Marlians and so on.

Fireboy DML Biography, Age, Music, Pictures, Song and Jealous Single.


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