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Opera Desktop Browser – R2020 Review – Safe or Risky Web Browser



Opera’s research team after a field survey found that 65% of people want to keep their browser more organized to choice and 60% wanted to be able to group tabs to spec.

This article reveals the features of Opera Desktop Browser R2020, R2020 review and if it’s safe or risky.

Unfortunately, major browser on the web world aren’t effective to address these issues , instead leaving users to design their own productivity solutions or to turn to third-party browser add-ons for help with organization.


Features of R2020 – Opera Desktop Browser

The browser extension called OneTab lets you quickly close and save all your open tabs for later access. However, because extensions like this aren’t part of the core browser experience, many users don’t know they exist.

And even if you do use an extension to aid with organization, it’s easy to forget you’ve saved your tabs somewhere — often, users just search up the same pages again instead of restoring them. That is also an essence of the features of Opera Desktop Browser R2020

Additionally, a new feature called “Workspaces” allows you to organize your tabs based on different contexts.

Examples are for work, free time activities, personal projects, research, travel planning and more.

Opera desktop browser R2020 presents the concept of the workspace as a means of taming numerous open tabs.

Creating up to five workspaces in the new browser, name them and designate their icons.

The icons are accessible from the top of the sidebar, with the currently active workspace highlighted in blue.

Subsequently, another feature of the Opera Desktop Browser R2020 is that users can also right-click any link to open it in a different workspace and move tabs between workspaces easily.

After a brief review, we will summarize if i R2020 is safe or risky.


R2020 Review

A new web browser from Opera launched late February 2020, though this is the R2020 review, little information is what we accurately have for now.

The R2020 aims to help users get their chaotic mess of open tabs back under control.

Anyways, the Opera’s R2020 updates optimize the way you browse with new features, tools, and tweaks.

For example, users may take a few minutes to check on personal messages and social networks in between typing into online spreadsheets and responding to work emails.

Opera Desktop Browser

“Opera invented browser tabs, and today we know that people need more support from their browser interface to handle them,”

Joanna Czajka

Product Director, Opera for PC, in a statement about the launch.

“Everybody wants their environment to be more tidy, ideally without having to clean. Workspaces let you get organized from the first moment you use them, without you having to learn how to use a new tool.”

Nevertheless, Opera claims its browser user base is growing. Its PC browser user base grew 17% from Q3 2018 to Q3 2019, the company says, reaching now more than 68 million monthly users.


Is Opera Desktop Browser R2020 Safe or Risky

Nonetheless, we lack the right plugins and scripts for determining this, but from some features let determine if Opera Desktop Browser is Safe or Risky.

Extensions in Sidebar

Extensions are integrated into the main sidebar itself. This gives users easy access to their favorite extensions and streamlines your browser.

Tab highlighting

When hovering over a tab, any tab in the same window and workspace with the same address is highlighted, allowing you to delete duplicate tabs and speed things up.

History in sidebar

All of these browser features are part of the R2020 update cycle in Opera. Throughout the year team Opera will be adding more features and quality-of-life improvements designed to streamline and speed up your browsing – from larger organizational features, like Workspaces and the Sidebar panel, to smaller tools for efficiency and speed, like the Tab-cycler and putting History in the sidebar.

With the above mentioned, you can decide if Opera Desktop Browser is Safe or Risky.

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