Onyx Kolaboy Biography, Lifestyle, Education and Music Career Story

After the Onyx music hit that got over 170,000 views and downloads, the name Kolaboy became an icon worth recognition in the Nigerian Music Industry.

This is the very first web article on the internet that discloses Kolaboy’s biography, lifestyle, education and music career story, so be rest assure of seeing duplicate of this article on other site soon.

Kolaboy Biography

His real and personal name is Nwodo Chinonso, but his popularly known stage name is kolaboy. He is from a very industrious state in Nigeria, Enugu State, Nigeria. All his life, he has being a Christain.

Also watch this video that clearly discusses about kolaboy biography and some personal information as well.

Discussing about his biography without his age makes this incomplete, but while we age yet to confirm his accurate age, he was born on the second of May (May 2nd).

He is just a funny guy and very interactive.

Kolaboy Lifestyle and Education

While many would say, “A person’s lifestyle is personal”, it worth knowing the public one as well. He is an indigenous Igbo rapper, possibly like the likes of Phyno and Zero. His unique music style got massive attention and his Instagram handle had a massive followers boost after the love of his indigenous tune, onyx.

Without education, every scale is unbalanced, an extract shows he attended and graduated from St. Charles Lwanga Collage, Enugu. And was once a student of IMT Enugu, Nigeria.

Kolaboy Music Career Story

The journey in music has being a long one since his old school days, his massive recognition was a shock to him and team Xycinews believes he would still go higher.

Produced by “Korrect Sound”, his hit track “onyx” was in collaboration with Markangelcomedy featuring Emmanualla. Though this added to his fame, the music video was a well constructed one. Search YouTube for “Xycinews” and watch behind the scene clip in his biography.

Showing he got lot of good sound in him, he used the Olamide Badoo instrumental “motigbana” to release another single “they didn’t catch me”. This was an extract from an accused and arrested Nigerian. Good gracious, his released.

Featuring AlterPlate CEO, Harrysong for the remix was also a good idea.

Labelled with MAF Music, this 2:22 second International Genre Music is worth $0.99 on Amazon.

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