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Physiology, well known as the Queen of Medicine in Basic Medical College has continuously broaden knowledge about the functions of the human system day after day.

Physiologist all over Nigeria gathered at Benue State Nigeria on the 9th day of December, through 12th to share ideas, love and insights in making Physiology a viable career and many more.

The program themed : Physiology and it’s Panorama attained massive success, building anticipation for another experience like this one.

Under the frame of “Student Physiological Association Of Nigerian” know as SPAN. Spanite got exposed to a new culture, atmosphere, and the need for workmanship and one love was strengthened.


Names of 2019 Span Led’ Excos

  • Hussaini Haruna

Span National President


  • Umeojiaku Susan Ngozi

Span National Vise President


  • Aminu Abubakar

Span National Secretary General


  • Hassana M. Ohunene

Span National Assistant Secretary General


  • Victor Odiai

Span National Director Of Welfare


  • Adeke Abraham

Span National Director Of Socials


  • Ubaidullah Abubakar Zango

Span National Public Relation Officer


  • Abba Yusuf

Span National Financial Secretary


Schools Present At The 2019 Conference

  • Alex Ekwueme Federal Univesity, Ndufu-Alike Ikwo


  • Federal University of Technology Akure


  • Bayero University Kano


  • North West University – Kano


  • Ahmadu Bello University


  • Abia State University


  • Anambra State University


  • University of Port Harcourt


  • Benue State University


  • Ambrose Alli University


  • University Of  Uyo


  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University


Spanites Insights

The insight below is randomly shared by Honorable Excos and students of the Student Physiological Association of Nigeria who attended the Markudi 19′ Conference.

Span national conference physiology students nigeria

Bayero State University Span                           President

The conference was special as it forms a good network of people from different background, cultures and life style coming together to live as one share their knowledge and experience. This makes it a great way of uniting people to aim for a common goal worldwide.

✍ Hon Muhammad Nuhu Nagaske


Student physiology association of Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt   (Span Blogger)

My fear was traveling for hours 😂. The warn welcome I received on arrival, variety of food I ate, the feeling of seeing persons studying the same course with me got me so excited. Departing with tears, I wonder how 4 days of just 96 hours finish in a blink of an eye.

✍ Naabiae Nenu-B . M



Favour Emma-Nwala

University of Port Harcourt                        Miss SPAN

Meeting Cool Smart and Awesome Personalities from different schools was an amazing feeling. 

✍Favour Emma Nwala 



Bauchi State University

Feeling comfortable, learning so well and acquiring knowledge. I Thank Allah for that. 

✍Zulkeflu Adamu



Student physiology association of Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt               Span President

It was special because it was an amazing experience meeting a lot of persons from different parts of the country. It was challenging for University of Port Harcourt to come for the conference but despite everything I was happy we came and were indeed blessed by the conference. I’m also happy with the fact that my school came out to be the best in the debate competition. Of course, i won’t forget this. The conference did worth the stress. God bless SPAN National.

✍Ayoola Peter Olayinka


Gloria okoh Human Physiology

Ambrose Alli University

It was an avenue to get to know other Spanites, foster the unity amongst us and I got to know that the physiologist are fighting hard to be recognized in the medical world….. Can’t wait for another conference💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

✍Gloria Okoh 


Abubakar Alasan Muhd Bayero university kano

Bayero University Kano

SPAN National Conference was special to me because I have never experienced a long journey of 13hrs and I meet with friends nationwide, even saw my namesake. That made me happy. The conference is a good one. 

✍Abubakar Alasan Muhd


Yahaya Abdullahi Sulaiman human physiology

Bauchi State University

The most strong among species is the one who is adaptable to change, we shares different cultures, religions without discrimination, regard with sex, race, creed, tribe and socio-economic status, functioning together, do it together, move together as a physiologist, I really missed all and the memories I share with all will remain functioning in my Brain.

✍Yahaya Abdullahi Sulaiman Sumaila


Nancy chiamaka students physiological association of Nigeria

Abia State University
        Miss Span Ambassador

  Adaptation is a key factor that humans exhibit and such was exhibited at the SPAN National Conference. What I loved most is that  people from different states and tribes came together to become one family for a period of time without conflict. I Really Miss Everyone 💕.

✍️ Anyanwu Nancy Chiamaka



Student physiology association of Nigeria Sharon

FUNAI Capacity Representing

Basically….the Journey was the most Interesting part, the Night Waka and the rest.

Having to Mingle with Special persons from different religions and tribes was amazing.
I enjoyed the Good times I had,The bad times too. The Knowledge acquired,The new places I got to see, The New dishes I got to try😂😂😂
Wow…..Markurdi 2019 Is An Experience I Won’t Forget In A Hurry 💝💝💝

✍️ Agu Shalom Amarachukwu


Aluchi Osinachi students physiological association of Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt CPC Chairman 2019

Firstly, I will start by saying thank you to BSU for your coordination and BUK for the help which you rendered to my school.
To other schools am happy to have met you guys especially ABSU it was a shocker, never expected to see you guys.

The conference has given me the opportunity to become a better me both in profession and personal life.

My experience will always serve as a tool towards creating a world of my dream.

✍️ Aluchi Osinachi


Danbata students physiological association of Nigeria


✍️ Umar Balarabe Dambatta






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What is Msport, is Msport scam or legit, where can one read a legit review?

Anyways, I have taken it up on myself to be the very first blogger publishing a review about Msport.

In this article, I exposed so much you have to know about Msport online betting site. I will be publishing the part two of this article timely. Just check my blog page for it.

Use the table of content to navigate smoothly to your desired sub topic.


What Is Msport Online Betting

MSport is committed to Responsible Gaming. We are dedicated to make gaming as an enjoyable leisure activity and provide an enjoyable betting experience to all involved parties. The majority of players enjoy the entertainment and gaming services we provided but for some people gaming may stop being a harmless leisure activity and become a problem



Our disclaimer usually come last, but it’s different for this platform. Team Xycinews is not in support of users engaging in online betting as it disadvantages includes getting in huge debt, among many others.

We don’t have an account with Msport nor are we third party. Notwithstanding, this article is for educational purposes and a guide on everything about Review.


Msport Promotions

Through variety of MSport promotions, Msport rewards it users.

Varying Msport promotions offer different rewards too. Kindly read through their T&C of the promotion carefully before you opt in a promotion.

Usually, they will display the result on the specific promotion page and inform you by MSport Message or SMS Message if you got the reward. If the reward is a voucher, you can also check it in your account voucher center.

In situations of doubt, kindly contact customer service agents. Don’t use our comment as this is just a review article. Review : Deep Mulabox Scam or Legit Secret Exposed

Msport Jackpot Compition Fact

Weekly, Msport release 11 games, the right predictions for them all is the big fish.

Importantly, before joining and have a chance to win the jackpot, users must register and have at least NGN 100.00 in their account.

Msport jackpot entails you select among Home Win, Draw, Away Win. Stake amount of each combination is NGN 100.00. You can make more than 1 prediction for one match. Increasing the stake amount by NGN 100.00 for every additional combination formed by your selections.

On Monday 7:00 a.m. of Nigeria Time, all the match results and prizes get published on Msport Jackpot page.

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MSport got ah series of measures regulating responsible betting, allowing customers to limit their spending. We already said much about Msport review in the “is Msport scam or legit” section.


How To Bet On

Since you have opted to gamble, never use your savings but an extra tip.
Never aim at making it in life successfully with the anticipation of hitting a mega jackpot from online betting. Never say “I will make that money I lost”, you may end losing more.

Have a daily budget of how much you want to spend.

Balance gambling with other activities. Think about if you are still having fun from betting if gaming is your only entertainment. Never spend your time, money or emotions on it.

Conclusively, never play this game when high or under alcohol influence.

This is safety tips about how to bet on platform.

Is Msport Scam or Legit

Without any record of fraudulent activity or illegal scam, team Xycinews has no right to declear Msport scam.

Additionally, we are no third party and reserve the right to declear if Msport is legit.

As promised, this is an indepth article to guide users if Msport is legit or scam and decide properly. Review – Buy Instagram Likes Cheap In Nigeria


What is Msport Contact

Telephone – 01-8888331
Email –

On social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, their social platform name is MsportOfficial.


Blog Reference

We didn’t originate the entire article, information was primarily derived from Msport site.


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Okash Review – Scam or Legit



Okash review is very important as this is a loan app aimed at helping business owners.

Everyday, users globally take loans. Most times, from mobile providers, bank, loan apps and lot more. Okash is a platform introduced by Opera, making users and business starters have a good loan.

Review Free Online Marketplace – Scam or Legit OList Review


You may ask how much can I borrow using OKash loan app? Who is eligible? Is okash scam or legit? and so on. Anyways, this article is a guide you will love to read.


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What Is Okash

The platform OKash is a micro branched product of Opay, and the maker of the popular Opera Mini browser. This platform was launched in March 2018 and has since had millions of downloads.


Okash Review

Users can download the OKash from the Google Play Store and set their account in few seconds, select their bank account, and so on. All this can be done in minutes.

Once you borrow and repay duly, your limits and repay frame grow longer.

Okash review is understandably important as this is the killer tip. This app targetting Kenya users has a clean reputation so far. Review : Deep Mulabox Scam or Legit Secret Exposed


Once at age 18 to 60, you can take a loan. But huge penalties lies if you refuse to pay duly. Late payment warrant 2% interest rate per day as a penalty for delaying to repay your loan.

Is Okash Scam or legit

Declaring an app that no one has accused of scam is absolutely not proper. This app is not scam as it has lot of testimonies from users.

Leaked PayPal Nigeria 2019 Updates and PayPal Limitations in Nigeria

Okash Contact

Do you have any questions regarding Okash?

Call on 020 7659988.

Email them on with your registered Mpesa number as the subject.

WhatsApp us through +254758705699.


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Review Review – Is SKukPay Scam Or Legit



Online income sites in never a new one to many of us out there, names like NNU, Zinoly etc is a common one. Lately, income sites has increased vastly in Nigeria. This article focus on Skulpay Income program – is Skulpay review being  scam or legit, the review.


What Is Skulpay About

The site SkulPay is aimed at updating students with latest educational posts across the country. Thereby, striving to generate income for student as they get updated. All that is needed for every student and youth is to sign up and start benefiting from SkulPay. Review

There are lot of Skulpay review on the internet, but this article entails a brief summary. SkulPay was created to serve as an online income sites that post quality, credible and trusted news about Nigeria’s education system. The platform earns from advertising products, and Google Ads.


Making Money on Skulpay

Making money is not complicated at all as it follows other income sites pattern.

N300 – Welcome bonus
N100 – Sharing sponsored post daily
N50 – Daily login
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N5 – For Reading Post
N600 – Referral
N500 – Every month for being an active member of SkulPay Forum Income Program.
Following the above pattern
“You can be making more than N50,000 monthly if you make good use of this opportunity”.

Skulpay Referral Program

Currently, we are short of information and can’t talk much on this. Visit the link below for more information and screenshot.

Ptech Indepth Review


Is Skulpay Scam or Legit

Skulpay has a clean reputation as no scam case has being reported. Anyways, visit the above link for more information on Skulpay scam or legit review.


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