Never do this in Shower Again: A Contract with Death

One of the most important things done in the world by 95% of people on a daily basis is showering. A great deal of our well being and health depends on looking clean without body smell that radiate from
unwashed skin. After our shower, it is nice to critically observed all our body  organ, to properly clean any part with smells. When even we discuss about proper bathing, it can not be complete, unless when we are completely drench in the water. Though it is not immersion, but it is a sign your really bathing.

The Benefit of Showering

Remove Toxins: We all know deodorant smells so nice, and keeps us fresh scenting. Now imagine waking up without having a shower, just washing the face apply deodorant and dressed up. You might have just deceived yourself that you are clean and ready to go out, but fact has it that you are filled with thousands of unclean micro organisms. So we have clearly derived that bathing remove toxic smell from the skin, and keeps it nourish. This toxic smell as a result of accumulation of dirty unwashed skin, and deodorants mixing with this smell is really so stinky, the only means of survival is to locate the nearest shower.

Hasten Rest: After a stressful day in school, at our workplace, or from distant journey, to rest is the only thing that fills our mouth and feeling. But having an immediate rest in such a situation is not really the best thing. First of all, a quick shower, and then a nice rest or sleep. This is emphasize because bathing before bed allows our brain to relax calmly, reduce fatigue, enhance our mind thought and assures us a warm rest.

Refreshes: After a morning wake, wearing our night wears , moving out without showing can make use distinct in the crowd. But the distinctness is not for a good reason, it is because we look dirty and surly unkept.  So, having a cold or warm bath in the morning helps us to look smart and fresh. After this morning shower, our true beauty radiate, bringing that look of adoration and accomplishment on us.

Reduce Tension: A warm water bath can help reduce the tension running through our nerves. During this tense times, we tends to be unsteady, our muscles then to vibrate, we are completely bold less and even grip with fear. Having a cold water bath can help relax these nerves and gives us calmness in heart.

Medical Purpose: Water is also know to be used medically. In some African places, the hot water in a towel is used to message over the affected area, it could be a boil. Another medical used of water is in the mixture of powdering syrups warm water are added and shaken. It is also use to wash injured and affected areas. This is just but a few of the many benefit of ways water is used medically.

Those are just but a very few ways the general water we take on daily bases can be beneficial. Considering the benefit of bathing, there are many dangers associated with the wrong use of these water resources. Many death toils has risen due to accident or ignorance, we all have the places like swimming pool, stream, bath tub, river and home used shower, all this as an alternative to maintain a clean hygiene in the right manner. While in the wrong manner, is also an alternative to death.
Examine some critical event that often leads to shower accident without our knowledge.

One mostly ignore shower accident is a result of dancing while showering. When we dance in shower, we lose control of ourselves, feel free, follow the melody and sometimes miss a dancing step and slip. When we miss a dancing step and slips down unintentionally, we are sure of critical injuries.

Some times, its only our bathing time we remember to have the place washed. The spray of detergent on the bathroom floor or it tiles could be so dangerous. These detergent makes the floor composing of tiles so slippery, and if we ignore it and keep showering, we sometime might accidentally stumble over it, and another critical case is recorded.

Drowning is another major cause of instant death if not intervened. Many in very rural areas are mostly prow to this, since some of these villages contains river, these ones would want to go on adventures without a mature leader in their in case of danger. For the once who can not swim, once the get in the river, they realize their mistake and its too late.

One most critical form of shower accident is being drunk. When we are possible drunk ,we loss control of our thought and action, we also lose control of ourselves, and begin stumbling. Being drunk and being in a swimming pool is a sure means to drown since they would only panic but find it hard to struggle better. And if they are in the bathroom, they could just slip on tiles and fall. That fall would really be fatal.

Many persons of cause loves swimming, but the death toil from swimming increase daily. Some as a result of ignorance, muscle cramp, common accident, or suicidal plan. Let take ignorance as a case study. We all know our potentials, we know our swimming skills. Imagine a person who know he can not swim jumps into a 9 feet deep swimming pool, What would the result be ? Sure there would be a drowning case again. A protective measure against this is to know our ability, and if it requires, we get ourselves the required swimming suits and all its associates.

After all considered, it is due to remind ourselves that most home accident, relating to bathing falls under slipping or falling. And the outcome of the mentioned two mostly result in death or slump. This is a major issue which has affected teen, adults and every one in general. So while we enjoy our bath, and shower, maybe for recreational purpose or for personal hygiene or even for medical reasons, it is important we remember the danger associating with it.

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