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Nairatime Income Review : Scam or Legit




In the past nine months, hundreds of online referrals and earning site has bloomed. Many has taken away smiles while some kept to their promise.

Will NairaTime income keep it promise of paying users?

This article is a deep insight and an overview analytics.

Read About Paying System

What is NairaTime Income Review

With solid roots in direct marketing, NairaTime is a Digital marketing agency.

NairaTime claims to maximize social media effectively and also promote advertisers content. In addition, the revenue is then shared among users or members.

NairaTime income hopes to help Nigerians deal with financial problems.


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NairaTime Income Aim

This platform particular focus is on youths, students, middle class, working class and whoever.


This is because they maybe interested and grab this earning opportunity to earn passively weekly and monthly.


How to Earn on NairaTime Income Platform


Earning on this platform is primarily from two sources. This includes sharing sponsored posts to your social media account.

Also, by guiding potential members or inviting others to join the platform. Read details below.

I consider a primary earning method. For every sponsored which are adverts from NairaTime clients you share on your Facebook timeline, you earn N100.

In a day, NairaTime can publish a minimum of 2 sponsored post and a maximum of 5 sponsored posts.


It all depends on how many posts you can share on your Facebook timeline.

Example; If you you share 5 different sponsored post on Facebook in a day, you earn up to N500 for that day.

Guider Bonus

This is also referral, but this platform calls it guide.

When you guide anybody to register with NairaTime, ask the person to input your username as their Guider, you will receive  N500 instantly.

NairaTime assures it users that Guide or referrals has nothing to do with payment as it is not compulsory Exposed Here


Tips on Sharing Sponsored Posts

Click on the SPONSORED POST, at the top navigation menu. That is pretty simple.

Now, if you think that you can just share the post and delete it as soon as possible, that is not how it works.

NairaTime income claims during payment, your profile is thoroughly examined and if you do not share sponsored post, your declined for payment.


How NairaTime Income Generate Revenue


Primarily, revenue is generated from paid adverts.

They also advertise products and services like every other advertising company.

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Before Registration

Do not wake up and decide to join. Consider some factors, and that the purpose of this NairaTime online review.

First, a working Facebook account is very important. Next, get ready to pay your one time N1500. At this point, your all set and ready to go.

Payments Terms


We were not able to ascertain the exactly activities for earning. But sharing sponsored posts and guiding like earlier mentioned means a lot.

You can cash out your earnings from the platform to your bank account every week when it accumulates up to N2,000 and above.

Paying for Registration

There are two ways of getting in. There is no short cut if you decide to ignore this two payment method.

ATM Card

Firstly, you can make your payment online using your ATM CARD.

Coupon Code

Secondly, you can purchase coupon code from authorized coupon sellers. You transfer your money to their account, send screenshots and wait for entry code.

Steps to Register on NairaTime Income

NairaTime Registration is easy as ABC. The site is so easy to navigate.

First, Visit

Next, click on register among the navigation menu.

Lastly, The rest is self explanatory.

NairaTime income Review


Xycinews Final Words on NairaTime Income Review


We would never judge or procrastinate this platform with any concrete evidence. But this article is subject to update once we noticed it has adjusted it terms.

Team Xycinews did not invest in this platform, but this is just a guide for those who want to join.

Any activities between You and NairaTime has nothing to do with Xycinews as we are not Third Parties nor Affiliated.



Before Publishing this NairaTime Income Review, We did not Contact them. So we are not Paid for this Review.


It is just an Extension of our ‘World Leaks and Reviews’ Research Series Media Series.


For Complaint and Questions, Please Comment I will Respond.


Sharing is Love 💕 💕 💕.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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1 Comment

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Review Review – Is Kidsgetpaid Legit or Scam


on Review – Is Kidsgetpaid Legit or Scam


The searched keyword, scan or legit, Kidsgetpaid review, what is Kidsgetpaid all about among others has grown publicly.

You reading this also imply you desire to get an answer to that question too.

Well this article is a full guide and overview of

Making Money on Kidsgetpaid

You can make money by referring friends or completing tasks. You use your special referral link to share with your friends and you will earn money every time your friend signs up.


Does Kidsgetpaid Really Pay

Team Kidsgetpaid acclaims once you earn your first $150, you can request your first payment. It so interesting to know you can beat that threshold in just a couple of days.


But do you really get paid? Impossible sounding, but you will never be paid.


Over Kidsgetpaid claims to have 378k plus members. Well, why isn’t any testimony on the world wide web?


That is just an iceberg, they have paid out over $20 million, well no prove from a handful on participating members.


How Does Kidsgetpaid Work



  • Sign Up


Signing up to receive your exclusive membership package and your share link is a primary step.


  • Share

Indirectly, sharing and making referrals is the order of the day. Invite your friends to our site by sharing your link. You will earn $10 for every friend you invite that joins our site.



  • Cashing Out


Cash out your hard earnings. We pay our members through PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, mailed checks, and more!


So, with this three step I can make millions ?

It is not impossible, but the sad part of it is, it isn’t happening that way.

They have succeeded in appearing legit but misleading members by storing users information in their database.


Sites like Kidsgetpaid isn’t new, there are other scam sites like KidsEarnMoney etc.


Kidsgetpaid Is Scam Not Legit is registered by concealing the owner details and address in the WHOIS and it has provided the fake company’s address on its website.


We can say that address is fake because there is not any company with the name “Kids Get Paid” in that address. In the online industry, if some websites do so, then it is very clear that those websites belong to a scammer.

If you search around the internet then you can find plenty of complaints and dissatisfactions from various users .

Actually, there are multiple scam sites like and none of them have paid to anyone when members requested to cash-out their earnings after reaching the cash-out limit.

Once you request to cash-out your earnings, these kinds of sites will ask you to complete the paid surveys or pay some fees or download some apps in order to get the payment for which you have to pay money first.


However, even if you pay them money, they will never pay you anything.




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Review Review – Is Legit or Scam




What is all about, Where can I read honest review, is legit or scam… among many other questions have being asked by many.


Obviously, it undeniable that lot of ponzi sites, MLM sites, and make money online sites grew massively.


However, the important factor is knowing the legit ones and avoid scam or spam site.

So, they are a fake site about how you can earn tons of cash quickly for sharing your links, doing captchas and watching ads. None of that is true.


YbMoney. Site Review of Yet Another Copy Of The ‘Paid Viewing Advertising System’ Russian Scandal.

These sites have been haunting the online world since 2014 and have never paid out one cent/penny/dime in all of that time. The payment payment proofs are all false.


Reviews that are positive are either fake or by the scammers themselves.

YbMoney. Site, or any other site that looks like theirs, is all wrong and should be avoided permanently.


How Works


This particularly happens in a simple circle.

You sign up, you work for your money, and then you try to cash out.
At this point, they will ask money from you.

1st time is to sell you 100 referrals for $9 and then they want another $19 or more as a processing fee.


This is purely fallacies, it’s not do real. don’t pay anyone.

The site does indeed earn money from your work, and or from any offers/surveys you may complete, but they never share the revenue as promised to their members.

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Review Review – Is Scam or Legit?




Welcome to another review article about If you have previously asked if is scam or legit, that is the primary focus of this article.


Looking so real and easy to cash out, some sincere heart has taken time to know of is scam or legit and this review is the lasting answer to that question.

Is Scam or Legit


Almoney. icu is proposed to have being in existence since 2014. They come from Russia originally but they come in English, French and German translations.


They waste peoples time by getting them to fill out robot test after watching ads and making tons of referrals. So sad, they will always have an excuse never to pay you for your service.

Registration for this recent copy was in early February 2019 and lasts for only 1 year. Sites that are serious about offering work from home jobs will normally register for much longer. So 1 year is a scam sign and that is something to watch out for.

The true founders identity has being secretly hidden for so long and is just a bad sign for a legit business. It important to know CEO before proceeding, and this isn’t so possible.


The sirens is filled with fake reviewers and testimonies. Be on guard

Looking to their website we can see they have left no founder name and no address of their business. That is not good enough and usually I would just say not recommended.


They are obviously scam.

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