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Nairatime Income Review : Scam or Legit




In the past nine months, hundreds of online referrals and earning site has bloomed. Many has taken away smiles while some kept to their promise.

Will NairaTime income keep it promise of paying users?

This article is a deep insight and an overview analytics.

Read About Paying System

What is NairaTime Income Review

With solid roots in direct marketing, NairaTime is a Digital marketing agency.

NairaTime claims to maximize social media effectively and also promote advertisers content. In addition, the revenue is then shared among users or members.

NairaTime income hopes to help Nigerians deal with financial problems.


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NairaTime Income Aim

This platform particular focus is on youths, students, middle class, working class and whoever.


This is because they maybe interested and grab this earning opportunity to earn passively weekly and monthly.


How to Earn on NairaTime Income Platform


Earning on this platform is primarily from two sources. This includes sharing sponsored posts to your social media account.

Also, by guiding potential members or inviting others to join the platform. Read details below.

I consider a primary earning method. For every sponsored which are adverts from NairaTime clients you share on your Facebook timeline, you earn N100.

In a day, NairaTime can publish a minimum of 2 sponsored post and a maximum of 5 sponsored posts.


It all depends on how many posts you can share on your Facebook timeline.

Example; If you you share 5 different sponsored post on Facebook in a day, you earn up to N500 for that day.

Guider Bonus

This is also referral, but this platform calls it guide.

When you guide anybody to register with NairaTime, ask the person to input your username as their Guider, you will receive  N500 instantly.

NairaTime assures it users that Guide or referrals has nothing to do with payment as it is not compulsory Exposed Here


Tips on Sharing Sponsored Posts

Click on the SPONSORED POST, at the top navigation menu. That is pretty simple.

Now, if you think that you can just share the post and delete it as soon as possible, that is not how it works.

NairaTime income claims during payment, your profile is thoroughly examined and if you do not share sponsored post, your declined for payment.


How NairaTime Income Generate Revenue


Primarily, revenue is generated from paid adverts.

They also advertise products and services like every other advertising company.

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Before Registration

Do not wake up and decide to join. Consider some factors, and that the purpose of this NairaTime online review.

First, a working Facebook account is very important. Next, get ready to pay your one time N1500. At this point, your all set and ready to go.

Payments Terms


We were not able to ascertain the exactly activities for earning. But sharing sponsored posts and guiding like earlier mentioned means a lot.

You can cash out your earnings from the platform to your bank account every week when it accumulates up to N2,000 and above.

Paying for Registration

There are two ways of getting in. There is no short cut if you decide to ignore this two payment method.

ATM Card

Firstly, you can make your payment online using your ATM CARD.

Coupon Code

Secondly, you can purchase coupon code from authorized coupon sellers. You transfer your money to their account, send screenshots and wait for entry code.

Steps to Register on NairaTime Income

NairaTime Registration is easy as ABC. The site is so easy to navigate.

First, Visit

Next, click on register among the navigation menu.

Lastly, The rest is self explanatory.

NairaTime income Review


Xycinews Final Words on NairaTime Income Review


We would never judge or procrastinate this platform with any concrete evidence. But this article is subject to update once we noticed it has adjusted it terms.

Team Xycinews did not invest in this platform, but this is just a guide for those who want to join.

Any activities between You and NairaTime has nothing to do with Xycinews as we are not Third Parties nor Affiliated.



Before Publishing this NairaTime Income Review, We did not Contact them. So we are not Paid for this Review.


It is just an Extension of our ‘World Leaks and Reviews’ Research Series Media Series.


For Complaint and Questions, Please Comment I will Respond.


Sharing is Love 💕 💕 💕.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



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Review Review – Blog24 Login, Registration, Scam or Legit, Withdrawal And Secrets 



Every online income news reader well knows Xycinews founder, Nigeria No1 “Blogger Scientist” Nenu-B exposes every single information, including what other blogs hide.

This article is about review, is blog24 scam or legit, what is the login, registration or withdrawal process like ? This and many more is already answered in this article.

Use the Table of Content and scroll to your favorite subject. Importantly, please share this article.


The Blogger Scientist Disclaimer


Note, team Xycinews isn’t in straight words declaring blog24 as scam or legit, but an important line highlights it dark news that will help you decide if it’s legit or scam.

Team Xycinews isn’t a Third Party to Blog 24, so we won’t be held responsible for any activities as this article about is just a review for educational purposes. Share Post ✉.


What is Blog24 About

Clearly, this is a social platform acclaimed to empower, inspire youth, community development, educate and train the youths through sponsored programs and schemes. Anyways, team Xycinews don’t clearly agree.

Although, we seem to agree it is a platform for users aiming to earn online with little or less stress, they are here to help you make money and be financial free with the help of our System called Share to Social Media and Earn. Review

Undeniably, BLOG24 is a online earning platform lunched this year 2020. It’s is owned by BloggersTv, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registration Number – RC 2895858.

Without a business name, this blog24 review wouldn’t have being completed. Anyways, as a subsidiary of BloggersTv, team Xycinews thinks it’s here to stay for a while.


How To Make Money On Blog24

A system have being designed to allows users to make funds with packages like Premuim, Premuim Gold, Master Gold and VIP members.

Blog24 Premium Plan

Login Bonus= 100Naira.
Google Advert Share=200Naira
Referrals =30% Cashout any time
Registration fees= 1000naira.Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

Blog24 Gold Premium Plan

Login Bonus= 200Naira.
Google Advert Share=400Naira
Referrals =30% Cashout any time
Registration fees= 2000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

Blog24 Master Premium Plan

Login Bonus= 300Naira.
Google Advert Share=400Naira
Referrals =30% Cashout any time
Registration fees= 3000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.


Login Bonus= 400Naira.
Google Advert Share=450Naira
Referrals =30% Cashout any time
Registration fees= 4000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout. Referral Program has an affiliate program where you earn 30% for each referral. This is the person that joins the program through you by signing up with your referral link. Members earn 30% from their referrals.

However, you must register successfully, then have a unique referral link generated for you.


Is Referral on Blog24 Compulsory

Happily for persons who don’t like stress, referral on Blog24 is not compulsory.


Withdrawal On Blog24

To withdraw on Blog24 income program, users must have N3,000 in their wallet.

Blog24 Login And Registration

More information can be found on Practical steps for blog24 login and registration.


Is Blog24 Scam or Legit

Conclusively, bearing in mind the way I view “6” might also be your “9” among other cases. Team Blog24 haven’t held anyone payment when this article was published, additionally it has kept it promise.

Although, recalling income sites like Busybee, NNU, among others, we can’t tell if the future with Blog24 isn’t secure, this is just a blog24 review update.


3rd Party Referral & Support Link


Blog24 WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group Link 

Personal Dm Support



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NNU Twitam Android App Apk Download




Founder Twitam and Co-Founder too of NNU, a fused program turn offed major activities earning to move users to Twitam. Compulsoryly, the main activity included compulsory user account on the new social platform

Anyways, before the Twitam Apk Download, a brief summary and features of the app will be examined.

The pre-launch was on February 2020 restricting NNU users from sharing posts to Facebook, commenting, and creating post.

Reasonably, the reason was because the NNU link was overly spamming Facebook system.


Features of Twitam Android App


Download Option

Relevant and quality content files that you will find useful and exciting as part of a means of adding value to the NNU Forum is now made available for download.


Twitam Free Mood

Team Twitam is seriously working to have a free mode like facebook too. It’s acclaimed that they partnering with different networks to make this possible as soon as possible.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for this new platform is only ₦3,100, which can earn instant returns from ₦5,000 and above without doing anything or referring anyone. Don’t forget the early birds benefit more.

Team Xycinews consideres this not so true for some personal reasons.


Incentives and Rewards

Coming up with incentive and reward plans for the best performance both in activities engagement and referrals is in motion. Different star levels with different reward including millions cash award, trip and car award is promised.

Somehow, this can’t be ascertained yet.


Twitam Android Apk Download

The Valid Link For The App Download Is Still On Test.

Twitam apk download

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Review Review – Scam or Legit, Login, Registration



Well known, social platform development is on the low compared to the revolving development of online earning schemes.

Anyways, this article is a detailed insight on everything about the Twitam Android App and social platform.

Gradually, scroll along with us and use the table of content for easy navigation too.


What is Twitam

Twitam is an online social media platform initiated by Paul Samson the Oracle as an alternative for NNU members to freely share sponsored posts with Facebook bans or restrictions.

Who is the founder of Twitam

Absolutely, this has being briefly highlighted above, Paul Samson also called Oracle PSO is the founder of Twitam.


Twitam Android App

The name Twitam as an Android App was coined from the Nigerian indigenous pidgin language. Just like share-am, talk-am, that’s how we have twit-am.

The Twitam Android App is yet to be released when this article was published, but we promise to unload the Twitam Android App on Xycinews for easy download and features highlight. Review

A happy new month to all NNU Forum members!

Generally, it was announced that regarding a plans to improve and adding more value to NNU Forum subscribers, team NNU came up with a diplomatic means to make sure all members earn more money and cash out in due time.

Therefore, some activities earning were disabled to be replaced by other valuable means, including compulsory user account on the new social platform called No better Twitam review is on the web and I believe this overview can help.

Though or the Twitam Android App have amazing features like facebook to convince users to stick with, it can’t beat the reach.


Twitam Login

Lately, the web version is currently available, so to login it important to go through Twitam Android App registration. The Twitam Android App registration info is shared below.

Twitam login requires information that must tally with your NNU account information too. Registration

Unlike it compititor and similar to NNU, registration is not free at all. The membership fee for registration is ₦3,100. This is pretty unfair as so many members and downlines haven’t been paid for long.

Those who have or never receive payment, after registration, your promised to receive payment.


Is Scam or Legit

Team NNU claimed to have major setbacks on social media sharing, especially Facebook suspending it link.

Saddening, to some anyways, Twitam social media account is 100% compulsory for all members, including referral and non-referral earners. Otherwise, no payment at all. Incredibly, just like the free Facebook Free mode, a bid for Twitam free mood is seeked for.


We are partnering with different networks to make this possible as soon as possible for Twitam Free Mood.

-Team Twitam

Honestly, having members pay N3100 for the Twitam registration isn’t so much a good move for many. But understandable, the platform is colourful and amazing to check out, team Xycinews can’t define nor force opinion so we reserve the right to declear Twitam scam or legit.

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