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Multiple Reasons Davido Marries Chioma 2020-2021



The reality of Nigerian biggest celebrity marrying Chioma could be a shock. This article was published January 2020 and from trending news, it’s obvious this marriage didn’t happen now.


So, how does Davido marries chioma look feasible now?

How did Davido meet Chioma?

Why Will Davido marry Chioma?

Has Davido married chioma?

Davido Beef Chioma – Love Crisis


The above questions will be looked into now.

Anyways, this blog article is a prediction of 2020-2021. I as a top Web Leak and Review Blogger with strong experience believes Davido Will Marry Chioma. Assuming this shit get real and Davido marries Chioma, don’t forget this prediction. It could be 2020 or 2021.

Davido Marries Chioma

How Did Davido Meet Chioma


Chioma and Davido met at Babcock University as Davido was a then student from Babcock University in the Department of Music. News claimed that they both know each other for over five years.
Subsequently, She became famous after being spotted with the popular musician on several occasions including family events.

Progressivly, Davido made his relationship with Chioma official after he surprised her with an expensive car on her 23rd birthday with the plate number tagged Assurance the title of one his song which he dedicated to her.


Has Davido Married Chioma  ?

Yes, Davido has married Chioma because am sure this predictions of my will be real in few months time will. Currently, there is no news about Davido marrying Chioma but I Davido has married Chioma.


Why Will Davido Marry Chioma

Throwback months ago, Davido called out his supporters to get their traditional outfits ready ahead of is wedding set to take place in 2020. Davido is so responsible and asking why will Davido marry Chioma will be an option worth ignoring.

That is the first reason why Davido will marry Chioma 2020.

Additionally, During an interview at Beat 99.9 FM, OBO more insight into why he decided to will marry Chioma. Presenter Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi while discussing his introduction ceremony asked the singer about the whereabouts of his woman, and also if she is truly expecting a baby.

Responding to the question, Davido simply said: “This one is special”. This response affirms there is love like yoke in the air.


Davido Beef Chioma

Truly, lover birds must have issues, and that’s why this sub themes of Davido beef Chioma is in the picture. This is consider as bad belle work sha.

Suddenly, Patrick Anyaene, aka King Patrick, the CEO of Goldenboy Entertainment, alleged that he signed DMW artiste, Peruzzi, to his label.

He went on to say that Davido gave Peruzzi a deal while the latter still had a contract with Goldenboy Entertainment & didn’t enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Lastly, he acclaimed that chioma was Peruzzi pimp, bringing huge uproar in the internet and mixed feelings in the relationship. This is where Davido beef chioma and unfollows her for a few hours on Instagram. Following her back means there is love.

Davido Marries Chioma

Why Davido Marries Chioma 2020

Davido marries Chioma 2020 because team Xycinews, AfriCa Number One Leak Blog has crossed examined every statement, action, beef and reef. Despite the crisis, the both is still growing stronger.

Sharing a photo from the family introduction via his verified Twitter handle, Davido wrote,

“First of all Introduction ”
On his Insta stories, he also shared a slide, telling his fans to get their traditional outfits ready for a wedding in 2020.
He wrote, “Get your trads ready”.




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  • Davido Marries Chioma

  • Davido Marries Chioma

Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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Leaks Review – Vultr Scam or Legit, Product and Address



Hitting the web with tons of ads banners, successfully pushed it brand to millions of web users globally.

Ranking now, Vultr stands among the top rated platforms and as well, the clients has also shared mixed feelings based on their satisfaction.

Subsequently, team Xycinews considered it important to drop a descriptive review, if Vultr is scam or legit, the positive and negative reactions of Vultr official users or members. Review : Deep Mulabox Scam or Legit Secret Exposed Review

Firstly, Vultr is designed with an interface prototype with easy-to-use control panel and API. Usually, this let you spend more time coding and less time managing your infrastructure.

Exploring the API, your exposed to infinite possibilities with an opportunity to choose from a number of preinstalled Systems and applications to start your website in seconds, or upload your own ISO to unlock infinite possibilities.

Generally, the review might seem like a hype, but the info provided is sourced from Vultr web platform. The site is said to be secure and reliable with good customer service system.


Is Vultr Scam or Legit

Firstly, using the dictionary meaning of scam to define if Vultr is scam, the answer is no because there is no record of them collecting funds without delivering.

Anyways, Vultr can be accused of being scam based on some customers satisfaction and Vultr is also legit based on other customers satisfaction.



From this article focusing on review, Team Xycinews is never declaring nor discouraging anyone from using the Vultr platform.

We are no third party and have no right to declear Vultr scam or legit as no first hand case has being reported.


Positive Vultr Rating From Clients

The below quotes were copied from a source referenced below.


Vultr is fairly inexpensive and begins at a price point half the same as similar facilities like Digital Ocean. This is useful for someone in search of a healthy performance value versus cost. Vultr has several facilities, including cloud computing and block storage.


I love how I deposit a balance and this balance is then used to pay for the VPS, it means that I can have multiple VPS without having to pay for the entirity of the month, especially If i don’t need them after a while. I’m not wasting money and also the ability to quickly deploy a new server or destory an already existing server is quick and easy at just the press of a button. Snapshots are free allowing me to have multiple versions of the VPS for testing purposes or to increase their performance If I’m using them for a task.


Vultr has an intuitive and modern UI, stable VPS servers, and very fast network connections. I really like how affordable it is to host Windows Servers in Vultr. They provide instructions on how to upload custom Windows ISO’s to their servers and how to install it. By going this route, you get Windows cloud hosting for the price of linux hosting!


The only reason i choose vultr because it has Japan datacenter with fixed VPS price, and the interface is better than linode. But I would like to use AWS lightsail for now and future, because AWS infrastructure are more stable.


Blazing fast and reliable network. We have used them for 4+ years and have maintained 4+ 9s the entire time. Only a few downtimes that were not planned. The prices are great and they have an easy to manage firewall system to help protect your systems.


Negative Vultr Rating From Clients

If you have a strong knowledge of a linux setting like Ubuntu or Cent OS, Vultr is ideal. Otherwise the user may experience a steep learning curve. Their documents do not contain the same number of subjects when compared to the bigger FAQ / Tutorial portion of Digital Ocean. But it’s much better for the cost and resources you get than the VPS suppliers ‘ contest.


I wish Vultr had more availability of block storage, as it stands, it is only available for VPS’s in New Jersey/New York. Also block storage is a bit expensive, though in line with competitors like Digital Ocean. There’s need for good review.


The pricing is not the best out there, there are many other VPS providers that provide servers with similar specs at a cheaper rate.


The web console to access servers is not good enough and crashed multiple times when I tried. the billing system is troublesome and i didn’t got any warnings before my trial went out.


The customer support is pretty bad, I had an issue with web console being crashed when trying to log in and they couldn’t solve the issue and I lost a lot of time and data on this, tho they find and solve the issue after hours. the billing system is not really good and i had multiple failed transactions while trying the gateway. Online Betting Review – Is Msport Legit Or Scam


Vultr Products

Among Vultr multiple services, it has a few list of products as well. Vultr Products includes –

Block Exchange

Dedicated Cloud

Load Balancers

Bare Metal

Object Storage

Cloud Compute


Vultr Locations Worldwide

New Jersey
Los Angeles
Silicon Valley

Vultr Contact Address

To reach out to Vultr Contact Office, use the address below.

14 Cliffwood Avenue
Suite 300, Metropark South
Matawan, NJ 07747



G2 Website

Vultr Website


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Leaked : Wikifx Scam or Legit – Wikifx Review and Ratings



With lot of cash spent on Google Ads, Wikifx has pushed it brand before millions of users who are now potential clients and collaborators.

Anyways, lot of sad, good and unpredictable news about Wikifx spreads on the internet. This article reveals if Wikifx is scam or legit, Wikifx review, Wikifx ratings and much more.


What is Wikifx ?

WikiFX is a foreign exchange enterprise inquiry platform that helps user conveniently carry out some activities like compliance, regulation and license search, risk exposure, credibility evaluation, verification and supervision, complaint and safeguard, credit report download and related brokers search.

Wikifx Review

Obviously, to many, this review section might be a convincing reason to affirm Wikifx as legit, or even scam. But we strictly advice users not to conclude without having an indepth wikifx overview and going through 1st hand users ratings.

With a saddening crash on Wikifx broker system and huge cash loss, Wikifx team initiated the plan EPC.

WikiFX plan EPC means Eye Protection Centre Program aiming to compensate for investors’ loss.

The EPC team consisted of experts of the forex circle, many of which are former employees of brokers who have accumulated rich experience and expertise during decades of forex trading.

Wikifx review showed they have made major moves to meet other brokers across the globe.


Is Wikifx Scam

Decorating Wikifx as scam who mean more than how it sounds. A scam program is one which defrauds users or fraudulent extort.

Currently, no record to our desk so we can’t proclaim Wikifx is scam.


Is Wikifx legit

This is another complicated one in a way. When documenting this article, we stumbled upon a site crediting the safety of Wikifx.

Still on that platform, a few users complained about Wikifx not legit and how unsafe it is.

Unfortunately, team Xycinews can’t tell if Wikifx is legit as well.


Wikifx Ratings

Drop your opinion in the comment box below.

No reviews found for the selected templates.

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NNU Version 3 – Scam or Legit Rumor Review



NNU version 3 review is undeniably important now there is rumor of it introduction. It was a surprise when NNU failed with out of downlines not paid.

Then NNU v2 also called the NNU forum was developed too. Subsequently, hiwap failed.

With lot of up and down affecting passionate followers and dear investors of the Nigeria News Update Platform, the brain behind it Mr Paul Samson has created another news platforms called Twitam and NNU TV Studio.

Intelligence Overview : Who is the Founder of NNU NG ? Paul Samson

Oracle PSO or Paul Samson as well known is the founder of NNU TV and the brain behind NNU.

Clearly, he is known as a Nigerian Online Entrepreneur, a web marketter, and one with a couple of failed online schemes.

Nonetheless, his business has being of the disadvantages of millions whom he has defrauded of their payment on his platform varying platforms. So NNU version 3 will be a scam if ever developed

What Is NNU TV Studio About – An NNU TV Review

NNU v3 or Twitam

Anyways, NNU version 3 is still a rumor while Twitam has being actualized.

Stating that NNU V3 will be scam or legit shouldn’t have being in the picture, but building trust is undeniably important.

Since it is a rumor, team Xycinews believes social platform has replaced it.

Top5 Reason Jamb NIN Registration 2021 Will Stand

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