Most Hilarious “Na Dem They Rush Us” Tags 😀😀😀

Nigeria a country with multiple political and terrorist trouble can never be completely described if it

social media effect is not also mentioned. Twitter is no joke media Nigerians use for spreading trends.

From different slang trends such as Japa etc to dance series trends which included the Shake Shaku etc, we bring you the summary recap of the latest Nigerian Slang Phrase #NaDemThemRushUs.

This article is going to highlight some of the most national hilarious use of that slang and image. Then lastly Xycinews Media is gonna use the hashtage phrase. Let Roll Over This For Fun. 
Na Dem They Rush Us.
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After Playing The Video for Mom*
Me: Fine Boys Like Us, Na dem dey rush us 
Mom: Don’t allow them Rush you o, They will Just finish your money 

Fine boys like us, we, we nor dey too look for women like that
na dem they rush us, nah them dey rush us”🏃🏃🏃
Fine girls like us, na dem they rush us…yen yen yen… Oh stfu.. Who said you’re fine?!.

January: Sex doll 
February: Snake and 36m 
March: Monkey and 40m 
April: Lazy Nigerian youth / Davido and Chioma 
May: Transmission, Transfusion of Criminal June: Sho mo age mi ni July: Japaa And Now August: Na dem they rushus 9ja I hail thee
When Exam is Tomorrow, Final Year Students that have not read.
Failure will say : Na them they rush us 
Xycinews: We no dey find traffic 🚥
Na dem they rush us 😀😀😀

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