Meet The Real Favcode54 Programmers and their Organizational Positions

From the brim of Favcode54 start up, over three thousand (3000) persons globally have shown great interest in changing the world with tech. But many may have being puzzled about who truly are the founding Software designers, Programmers, CEO, Software Engineers etc behind Favcode54 (CodeWithFavour). And that’s the aim of this article.

In this article, Xycinews Media is going to reveal to you all the persons working behind the success of Favcode54 (CodeWithFavour).
But asides it’s team members, below is a brief summary of Favcode54 mission and it’s aim. 
Favcode54 have a mission to develop the African continent by making technology accessible to everyone Taught, Mentored, and Developed.
Also, it aim to Provide Free Software Licenses from partnership with top software companies operated with. Thereby, also owning the right to use and teach the various software licensed under it. 
Favcode54 also provide authentic mentor ship. This is very possible because it Team members have worked for big software companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. So having these resources, and direct learning from these experts, learning is on the go.
Lastly, the chances of getting hired after learning from these software’s experts is at the maximum.
Now let have the list of Favcode54 Programmers and their organizational positions.
1= Favor Ori
He is the Founder And CEO of Favcode54, a revolution to change Africa with Technology and Programming.
2= Hauwa Daniel 
This young industrious lady is the current Chief Operating Officer.

3= Oluebube Princess
This smart lady with great tech skills is in Business management & CTO

4= Serita Byrd
Sarita Byrd is obviously a smart guru, She is in charge of Business Development.

5= Chen Emmanuel
This Unique Chinese looking programmer controls Human Relations & PR at Favcode54.
6= Emmanuel Popoola
It you want the definition for Sharp Brainee, meet this Software Engineer.
7= Okanlawon Emmanuel
One of the guys with a lovely and hearty smiles. Okanlanwo is a Software Engineer at Favcode54.
8= Tobey Daniels
Tobey seems to be a great  music lover, he is also a Software Engineer.
9= Hezekiah Gideon
His picture justifies he is truly a Creative Designer — Ui/UX developer.
10= Gossy Ukanwoke
Higher Education Investor & Founder at BAU R&D
12= Felix Ekwueme
Founder at Tell Em’, Experienced Product Manager, and x-IBMer
13= Titus S. Njoku
This smart looking witty guy can be found at Mays Business School.
14= Uche Anyanwagu
Public Health Physician and Database Researcher.
15= Ayo
He is a Software Engineer at Snap chat
16= Isaiah 
MIT-CEO at Releaf
17= Yahir
Software Engineer at Next Door 
18= Jide
Software Engineer at Twitter 
19=  Emmanuel 
Princeton University. B.A. at Releaf
20= Andrew 
Summer Analyst at JPMorgan Chase and Co.
21= Abdulrraham
Co-founder at
22= Taslim 
Co-founder at
23= Edwin
Software Engineer 
Software Engineer 
25= Mayowa
Software Engineer 
Software Engineer 
27 = Eunice 
Founder of She is a Data Scientist at Apple Inc. 

Why Donate to Favcode54 

FavCode54 is a non-profit initiative aiming to teach, mentor, and build the next generation of African Software Developers. Enhancing youths for self employment and possibility of reducing criminal activities and joblessness.
Targeting to train about 30,000 youths in 5years time and also help them link up with technology firms that will utilize their newly acquired skills and innovate Africa.
All donations are used for providing free internet access to students, maintaining constant electricity, utilization of equipped facilities and provision of course work. 
Your donations can go a long way to get someone off the streets, into the classrooms, and on their way to a dignified job with a local company. Favcode54 believes in giving generously. Be part of this revolution for no amount is too little. 
Thank You in Advance.

Sign up for Favcode54 here.

BEWARE : Favcode54 is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN is :82 – 4706246

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