Reason for Bed Wetting and How To Stop Bed Wetting

Reason For Bed Wetting and How To Stop Bed Wetting. 

Bed wetting is a trait among young ones in the

society today. It is a habit that has lived for decades. But today, the view of bed wetting has only being observed and criticized from the negative aspect. This habit among those who practice it has stirred up mixed emotion in them.

Bed wetting which is also known as
nocturnal enuresis
is a common traits among the young growing children, but this does not apply to all the kids. This is a behavioral character that is not deliberate, but that aspect has being ignored by some parents today. The common thought is that these kids deliberately wet themselves while sleeping. While for some of this kids, they think it just mysterious how the wet their bed without noticing it. But the truth about all this, is that there are reasons why these kids bed wet. Take a careful understanding of some below.
Reasons for Kids Bed Wetting
In-depth Sleeping: When in deep sleep, our brain response to the nerve response is so low, and causing inability for the feel the need urge that the bladder needs a peeing. In some in-depth sleeping cases, some persons could be carried from one place to another without even noticing it at all, because of this poor nerve response. So, some of the bed wetting cases applies to this condition.

Immature bladder: As a full grown adult, our bladder is assumed to hold about 400ml of urine. But unlike these little kids, their bladder is so immature that the could hardly hold their pee for that long. So once the are press while in sleep, before they realize it, they are have already bed wet themselves.
Time and Fear circumstances: During the day hours, they all look jovial and normal, but close to dawn when the time drops to, they develop a nocturnal behavior of being timid. This is notice in some rare cases among kids. This fear of darkness restrain the child from getting up at night to have a pee, because they are naturally in fear of darkness. This fear of darkness keeps holding them in bed, and when then sleep with it, they wake up with a guest, that is a socked bed.

Laziness: Some persons are so lazy to wake up from sleep, some are lazy to prepare a meals, some are even lazy to have their environments kept clean. Laziness also being referred to as laxity, is a very common behavior among kids and children today, some of them refuse running errands. When such kids with high level of laziness goes to bed, they deliberately finds it hard to get up, stroll to the toilet, let their pants down and have a pee. Only on this condition are such kids due to be blamed for bed wetting.

Late dinner: This has a very great effect on the child body system. While the adults might decide eating anytime and still comfortable control them selves, the body system which finds it hard breaking down and digesting the food materials at late night hours, just go to rest. When these kids go to bed, all they then do is dream of pleasure and wakes up with saddened emotions. Late supper is really not helpful to kids at night, especially those whom some times bed wet.
Their have being many reasons  provided to why children pee in bed, but this are some top main fully research and observed reasons why children wet themselves in bed. 
So parents come to the conclusion that these children deliberately bed wet and don’t care about anything else. But the truth of the issue is that, all these kids who bed wet, feels so bad beyond imagination and they just can explain it to any one since every one is against them.
Examine some of the effect of bed wetting on these kids which is often ignored and never noticed below.
Effect of Bed Wetting On kids
Isolation: Isolation has be a major resolution by victims of bed wetting since the are being ignored by family members. So parents who usually ignore these kids for bed wetting, do not understand the much trauma these kids go through because of neglection. Isolation has being observed to have many negative effects on growing teens, which included depression and abandonment.

Embarrassment: Bed wetting is not a deliberate action being carried out by this kids as earlier mention, but when their guardians or parents ignore this point and abuse them with words, they have no other option other than to be absorbed in shame and seclude themselves from all because on the shame and embarrassment.

Disappointment: Disappointment is one great pain that runs through their veins at this point. All persons needs trust, but when there is no one to listen to their feelings, they are left with an emotional trauma, they find all to betray their feelings, and they become very secretive.
This does not end all about bed wetting, there are possibilities that this habit can be cut off. Some have being bed wetting from their maybe three years of age until about sixteen years now. But there is a hope, why not read below some possible ignored factor in summary below to see if you are affected.

Possible Preventions

Liquid Consumption: A reason for bed wetting is eating late at night, and much intake of liquid at dawn hours. They are require to be excreted at due time, this times might be when they are possible sleeping. So, trying to limit our liquid intake reduce bed wetting by 20%. 
Alarm System: An alarm system specially designed for victims is be created. This machine quickly rings when is get in contact with wet droplets. At this ringing point, the kid quickly awakes and pays the toilet a visit. This could help reduce bed wetting by 70%.
Stress: Daily stress causes tiredness, when sleeping, the brain need complete time to rest, and at this time, the nerves respond slowly to reaction around it. It at this time the bed wetting is done. So optimizing our daily stress can be a helpful means in reducing fatigue.
Well, there are other medical means of reducing bed wetting. Such as medicinal intake to expand bladder size. Also, a visit to a doctor for medical advice is recommended.

An important note to all parents and guardian is to beware that bed wetting is not a deliberate habit, so giving out cruel punishment to these kids for bed wetting is a very wrong decision. Rather, applying preventive measures to counter or reduce this habit would serve a whole lot better.
Also remembering that these kids feel so emotional down when they bed wet, it is of great importance that parents and guardians should use motivating and encouraging words on them, to relieve them of this depression and isolation. 

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