Life Science: How to Generate Electricity from Lemon Fruit.

Daily research, deep thoughts, with contineous practice, i discovered a lime light i could never imagine, the science of fruits electricity supply. This is how i generated electricity from a lemon fruit.

Having a brief explanation what the lemon fruit is we clarify our thoughts, its a yellow citrus fruit with a sour tasting juice, it slices are used for medical and health purposes. And electricity on the other hand,  is a form of energy coming in positive and negative form through a conductor.

Now we have a clear idea of the two terms, let head on to how i generated electricity from lemon fruit.

From an ever green juicy tree, i had some of the best fruit plucked out, since i only wanted the juice, i sliced the fruit in two(2) equal pieces, that will help me squeeze it finely. Next, i added very very little water to sublime acidity of the lemon 🍋 fruit and prepared my copper plate ready.

Then again, i got ready two drinks  tin cans and put the lemon juice into it, then I inserted the copper plate into it, and tied a wire to the tin cap, they served as my cathode and anode. With the simple trick above, i inserted the metallic area of my lamb charger and it worked.The acidic lemon obviously was my electrolyte and reservoir for transfer of electrons.
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Naabiae Prize is a Social Media Analyst at Piki Web and also the Co-Founder of Xycinews Media. He is an Engineer and spend most of his time of Electrical Resource Energy Research. 

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