Leaked: Uniport Sheriff Deputies Clashed with Students Over Malpracticing

This article is an Intel coverage, all photos are cautiously captured. 
Article Duration: 3 minutes.
The Nigerian University of Port Harcourt abbreviated for Uniport has lately being know for it strict rules implemented by the new Vice Chancellor Professor Ndowa E.S. Lale ( B.Sc Maiduguri, Ph.D Newcastle upon Tyne) , along with his committee of Sanate.
Some of these rules includes meeting the deadlines for paying of school fees, expulsion of cultist and defaulters of the school rules, and lot more. 
Uniport which was know for it multiple riots by angry and rough students in time past has not recorded up-to five school wars since his regime.
Briefly being aware of Uniport Vice Chancellor and what is like to be under his constitution, let head straight to the purpose of this article.
Today, one of the school building called Uniport New Lecture Hall, consisting of about seven (7) class rooms was used in conducting multiple department and courses exam.

It was suspected that many persons in the exam hall were either writing examination for someone else, using digital gadgets to cheat and other related offense.
Immediately, the Professors and lecturers conducting and supervising  the exams called upon the school Security Service called The Uniport Sheriff Deputies.
These security personnel join in the screening of all the exam candidates and had some defenders striped top, handcuffed, arrested and bonded away.
The defaulters included both males and females.

The picture below shows a student who ran swiftly from the first floor outside the building after being apprehended for wrong exam practice, the securities around were so much and he was gripped, slapped, cuffed and lead away by the Uniport Sheriff Deputies.
Emotions swinged in the air, moods were changed, the environment was solo. Well, many onlookers sympathize with them, while others rained their wish. 
Inability to move into the crime scene, team Xycinews has decided to remain mute over the offenses of other defaulters.
Still under-cover and deep research, Team Xycinews will be exposing the full death tale of a Uniport LCS Student.
Stay Updated With Us. 
Team Xycinews still hope for the best for those writing their exams and also advice all to stay away from exam malpractice.

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