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7 Proof Jumblebox Is Real & Proof Jumblebox Is Scam



This Article Was UPDATED MAY 21 – 03AM. Scroll to the end to read my verdict.

NOTE : Jumblebox was formally called AND it lasted for 3 months.

The founders scammed people, crashed it and opened

And they will do it again. 😡


I am Nenu-B “The Blogger Scientist 🕴 💼… With 3 years experience in online income schemes investigations, my predictions are always 90%.

I reviewed Jumblebox as 100% legit week back, but am updating this publication to proof it’s not 100% genuine but fishy.

I am not biased so I will mention both the good and the bad.


Hi guys, welcome to the second article am writing about Jumblebox Review. This time it’s aimed at proving Jumblebox Is legit.

If you missed the first article I wrote about Jumblebox Review, please read that as this is just a recap compare to that.

Jumblebox UK Review – How I Made Free 5$ Worth Of Bitcoin Daily For Life / $300 Monthly

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Is Jumblebox Real – Legit

Yes, Jumblebox UK is very real and legit Bitcoin Earning Platform.
Jumblebox referral is one of the best referral program I must say because for every 10 people who reads the site info, 8 signs up.

Joining Jumblebox is awesome and having referral is more awesome because you can earn as huge as $4 for an extra 90daya. And that is the least plan meaning you can earn more.

Use the link below below and have a bounty once you sign up.

⏩ Jumblebox Sign-up Link For Bounty⏪

If your having issues, I can also guide you through. Just Tap the below link and message me on WhatsApp.

⏭️My WhatsApp Support Inbox ⏮️,%20Enlighten%20Me%20About%20Jumblebox%20Earnings

JumbleBox Review For Members

JumbleBox shows you advertisements you want to watch and pays you for them.

JumbleBox advertisements are not annoying because they are extremely short (just 5-10 seconds) and tailored to your preferences.

JumbleBox Review for Businesses

The cosh of putting up adverts on JumbleBox range from $200 – $100,000. That is why you’re sure of $1 worth of bitcoin daily.

JumbleBox makes sure your advertisements have high impact and saves you money. The era of customers being blind to your advertisements are gone.

In 134 out of 150 businesses we tested the product on, JumbleBox provided brand benefit increase of up to 46% and saved up to 28% in net advertisement costs.

Use the link below below and have a bounty once you sign up.

⏩ Jumblebox Sign-up Link For Bounty⏪

If your having issues, I can also guide you through. Just Tap the below link and message me on WhatsApp.

⏭️My WhatsApp Support Inbox ⏮️,%20Enlighten%20Me%20About%20Jumblebox%20Earnings

7 Reasons Jumblebox Is Real & Legit

Office Location

This is the first and important factor. Jumblebox has an office location and checking from Google Satellite, it’s there. Anyways am not sure they are honest here.

  1. 75 Keppochhill Drive, Glasgow, G21 1HX, UK.
  2. &

  3. 983 Drummond Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA,

Support Platform

Customer satisfaction is a key everyone look at for. Jumblebox has a support platform to respond to entries. But it’s scam. They never reply to a single complaint at all.



US: +1-279-222-0040,
Europe: +44-772-741-5380,

Domain Name Duration

While determining how long an income program will last, check the Domain Name Duration is important.

Jumblebox domain name is for 5 years, this implies it’s not crashing in 3 months.

No Bank Card

Importantly, no credit card transactions on the platform.
Rather you transfer coin to them.

This is so amazing because your free from fearing If your card details will be stolen. But they implemented another plan.

Direct Daily Earnings

This is the best. You don’t have to reach any threshold. Everyday your paid to your Bitcoin Wallet.

And in 10 days you have made back your money account to the pack.

There are seven plans on JumbleBox and here are the subscription fees and daily earnings currently available on JumbleBox:

$10 Subscription -> $1 daily earning
$20 Subscription -> $2 daily earning
$50 Subscription -> $5 daily earning
$100 Subscription -> $10 daily earning
$200 Subscription -> $20 daily earning
$500 Subscription -> $50 daily earning
$1,000 Subscription -> $100 daily earning

But if your joining now, your loosing all your $100.

Note: You can upgrade to a higher subscription plan by paying the subscription fee for the higher plan.

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It’s not an individual owned business.

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The name JumbleBox and it’s associated logo and trademarks including the question ‘How much have you earned today?’ are trademarks of Angus Adonis Media LLC.

Jumblebox UK Review – How I Made Free 5$ Worth Of Bitcoin Daily For Life / $300 Monthly

Jumblebox Payment Proof

Dm Me On WhatsApp


Team Xycinews isn’t a Third Party To Jumblebox, this article is just a guideline and team Xycinews stands to help users seeking help income programs.

I won’t be held liable for any activity that transpire between you and Jumblebox as its clearly stated now.





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Is Jumblebox Scam? YES – Jumblebox Is Scam

On Xycinews, I try my best to be 100% honest and unbiased. This article is UPDATED.

To prove this, I was not just a blogger who projected Jumblebox for being legit, for the first time I recommended a site.

This article entails new discoveries I made with a remote African Reviewer in Nigeria “Adewale” and a UK friend “Name Withdrawn”.

  • Jumblebox Support isn’t working : I stand to be corrected.

    I cannot recall the number of fustracted individuals whom have Dm’ed me on WhatsApp because of many reasons…. Imagine almost 10 persons have laid complains of losing their $100. Jumblebox deliberately made the system seize the cash of late entries

  • Jumblebox is a re-branded scam site that once crashed under the name “” and the founders scammed people and ran with their bitcoin to open and deceive people again.

    And as a result, I strongly believe it will still crash when they are done ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL.

  • Jumblebox forged it 300,000 plus members. Bloggers understand what it means for a blog to be around 4 million position on Alexa.

    That means this blog even has more traffic than it, such a BIG SCAM. Jumblebox doesn’t have up-to 10,000 members at all.

  • A Long span duration of 5years domain was bought from name cheap about $70.

    $70 is too cheap and users are loosing $100 and getting locked out of their account.

    The 5 years is to trick smart minds to believe it will last long. It will never last long. I predict it will crash in 3-9 months time

  • Never ever forget your password because recovery is almost impossible.
    Otherwise you lose all your cash.
  • The goodnews is you can make your investment back in 10 days, so you can risk starting with $10.

    For now they are paying all their members and having more sign-up, but they will still crash with peoples funds.

Please don’t quote me wrong, even a cruel assassin still falls in love. The fact Jumblebox still pays doesn’t render this article invalid.

Jumblebox Will continue to accept payments and will keep on paying for about 3-9 months.

I am not saying you should abscond from Jumblebox, I rather say invest $10 or $20 before upgrading to $100 etc.


My accused is also summited to Jumblebox, if I am accusing them wrongly – I hope they reply my mails and I will reedit this article with the latest fact.


Jumblebox is Robbing Peter To Pay Paul.

I am “The Blogger Scienctist 🕴 💼 ”

The Blogger Scientist is a "Medical Physiologist" and a "Financial Asset" Content Creator who aims at enlightening web reader on varying Financial Assets such as Stocks, FX, Crypto, MLM,. HYIP among others.



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