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Honestly, Investing is a  very important part of our lives for future profits and returns. Though so consider it pretty complicated due to lot of fraudulent platforms involved.


WealthNg investing and share purchasing platforms for dividends return is the subject in consideration here. Let take a self survey question first.


You may ask the following questions below –

Is WealthNg legit?

Is WealthNg scam?

Is review honest?

How much can I invest in WealthNg or ?


Anyways, I will try to provide a honest response as little information about this platform is still on the low.


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What is About


This is extracted from the site about page. They are a team of innovative and experienced Finance and Technology experts who believe everyone deserves to have the opportunity to grow wealth with the right tools and professional advice.


Team WealthNg believes to be big on financial inclusion and their focus is to make wealth a possiblity for everyone. This passion drives them each and every step of the way.

With over 100 years of combined experience, an impressive team of finance strategists and the best technology experts in town, they are dedicated to helping you grow wealth. Your dreams are valid and anything is possible.



A WealthNg Review on Its Investment Plans


This is an overview of WealthNg features, benefits and income info.


Fixed Income

Fixed income securities provide periodic income payments at a predetermined interest rate agreed to in advance. The most common fixed-income securities in Nigeria include Treasury Bills and Government Bonds.



Treasury Bills

A secure investment option with minimum risk. Tenures range from 90 days to 180 days and 365 days with fixed interest rates.


Ideal for people with lower risk appetites, bonds are loans taken from investors by corporate oraganizations or the government to raise funds.


A stock is a share in the ownership of a company. By investing in the stocks of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) you become part owner of the listed companies and can benefit from share price growth and/or income paid as dividends.


Guaranteed Investments Fund

Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF) is a diversified portfolio with minimum risk. It usually consists of fixed income securities and equities designed to protect your principal while creating a steady stream of guaranteed income.


Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an investment fund that pools money from many investors to invest in various assets like bonds issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN Bonds), Nigerian Treasury Bills and stocks. and Elitefinfx Review – Is Elite Finance Forex Scam or Legit

Is Scam or Legit?


Read site article disclaimer below.

Team Xycinews will not for a certainty declear a 100% scam or legit platform with concrete evidence yet.

We reserve companies reputation until we have reasons to declear them transparent or not.

So invest wisely on the platform as we will not be held liable for any fraudulent activities or charges incured.


WealthNg Contact and Social Handles

You can send you queries to WealthNg via the below platforms –

Mail 👉
WhatsApp 👉 +2349077662972
Facebook 👉 @WealthNG
Twitter 👉 @WealthNG
Instagram 👉 @Wealth_NG


Xycinews Article Disclaimer

Team Xycinews received no form of payment for this review, it is part of our voluntary articles review for educational and safe online investing against scam and fraudulent site activities.



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No Nigerian can visit Ajaokuta Steel Company ASC, see investments of more than $8b rotting in the African sun and not cry. I went there, I cried. what exactly is the problem? I have written severally on this topic, but today let me do a comprehensive post.
Ajaokuta Steel is massive, 68km road network, 24 housing estates. Some of the estates have over 1,000 homes, a seaport, a 110mw power generation plant.
There are 43 separate plants in Ajaokuta alone. It is estimated that if Ajaokuta becomes operational, it will create 500,000 jobs.
There is no industrialized nation on earth that does not have a steel sector, it’s that simple. The Central Bank of Nigeria reports that Nigeria currently imports steel, aluminum products and associated derivatives of approximately 25 metric tonnes per annum estimated at $4.5bn.
Ajaokuta is an integrated steel company, it was designed by the Russian to be self-sufficient to get all its inputs from Nigeria and make steel. Ajaokuta strength is also its weakness, Ajaokuta can only work with all inputs available.


A Technical Post, But Please Try And Follow
Steel is an alloy of iron & carbon. Iron is the base metal in steel, to make steel, you need Iron Ore, Coke from Coal, Limestone as main components. These components are mixed in a blast furnace to make liquid steel which can be long steel for rail lines or flat steel for auto.
To give a simple example, look at steel as making jollof rice, iron ore is the rice, the limestone and coke are the pepper and salt the pot is the blast furnace. At a steel plane the blast furnace is ONLY turned on when the steel company is ready to make steel.
Blast furnaces operate continuously and are never shut down. The raw material to be fed into the furnace is divided into several small charges that are introduced into the furnace at 10- to 15-min intervals.
This means everything must be in place BEFORE the blast furnace is turned on, the iron ore, the coal, the limestone, everything, why? Because you do not switch off a blast furnace for another 10 years or however its campaign life is.
Nigeria has all raw materials needed to produce steel including iron ore in Kogi, coal & limestone in Enugu


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Nigerian iron has very low iron concentration. Agbaja has the largest iron ore deposit in Nigeria with about 2b tonnes but the Agbaja ore has a high phosphate content.
Phosphate can cause brittleness in steel making it to fracture, thus Agbaga was abandoned for Itakpe. Itakpe iron ore has no issues with phosphate but has low iron content.


Stay With Me
Thus to make steel with Nigeria iron ore, a process called “beneficiation” has to be done to process the Itakpe ores to raise its iron content to meet the required standard for steel production.
Coal? Most of the coal found in Nigeria is non-coking, thus, unsuitable for steel production. coal deposits in Enugu, have no impurities but are non-coking. The good news? Nigeria has abundant deposit of limestone and we have natural gas to provide power.

So back to Ajaokuta, what really happened? why can Nigeria not make steel anytime soon? let’s link up the elements


1. Policy Failure


The Ajaokuta contract was signed between the FGN & the Soviet state-owned company, Tiajpromexport (TPE) was scheduled for completion in 1986.
In 2012, the Federal Government launched her backward integration policy. Going forward import licenses for steel products was only granted to companies producing steel locally.
TPE to ensure they could import steel parts for Ajaokuta simply went ahead and built the rolling mills in Ajaokuta BEFORE the actual steel plant was completed, they imported billet from Ukraine to accomplish this.
Ajaokuta was producing steel before the actual steel plant was started. Ajaokuta has a functional rolling mills but no operational blast furnace. Ajaokuta cannot produce steel from basic iron ore found in Nigeria. This is the definition of cart before the horse.



The iron ore in Nigeria earmarked for Ajaokuta is from Itakpe, it has low iron content thus the FG built National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO) a 2.15 metric tonnes beneficiation plant to process the low-quality iron ore from Itakpe to iron ore suitable for Ajaokuta.
Simply put, if NIOMCO does not operate, Ajaokuta CANNOT operate (unless Ajaokuta uses imported iron ore.) as at today, September 2019, NIOMCO is not operational


3. Railway:

15m tonnes of iron ore cannot be moved by road, as it will destroy the roads, thus a railway was to be built from Itakpe to Ajaokuta to take iron ore from the beneficiation plan in Itakpe to the Ajaokuta. Rail link not working today


4. Blast Furnace:

The furnace is the heart. It is the pot where the jollof rice will be cooked, however it has never been turned on, why? because there has never been any time Ajaokuta has had raw materials available to ensure continuous day in day out production for 5 years.
Why no raw materials? Because there is no rail to take iron ore from Itakpe to Ajaokuta. Why no railway from Itakpe to Ajaokuta? Because NIOMCO in Itakpe is moribund and not functional thus cannot convert Itakpe iron ore to high grade ore for the furnace in Ajaokuta.
For Ajaokuta to work, she MUST have three key critical paths

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The Three Key Critical Paths

1 – NIOMCO must be functional


2 – Itakpe to Ajaokuta Railway line must be functional


3 – Blast Furnace operational

All three are not functional, so its clear Nigeria cannot make steel in Ajaokuta for now.
Nothing however stops a corrupt government official from importing billets and running them in the rolling mills. So, when anyone tells you Ajaokuta will soon begin working, ask them, can a steel plant work without NIOMCO, railways and a blast furnace?
Ajaokuta is the only steel plant in the world built by the USSR, sold to Americans, then to Indians, all these teams have come and gone with their own technical style, there have even been accusations of asset stripping by the Indians.
Ajaokuta is Nigeria and probably Africa biggest failure. It has failed. Can it be made to work? yes but the cost to integrate Ajaokuta with her mines and rails can be used to build new smaller modern turn key functional steel mills.
The government should get out of Ajaokuta, sell the place and allow private sector capital and expertise restructure and own it.
If you want to make jollof rice and there is no rice the solution is not to keep boiling water without rice but to go and get rice.

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Why Is Korede Bello Not Singing Again – Behind The Scene



The name Korede Bello is a very popular name as he is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Known to be signed under Mavin Records, he is loved by a lot of fans for his good boy hair looks and songs. Fans have being asking why is Korede Bello not singing again.


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Why Is Korede Bello Not Singing Again


For those who don’t know him, Korede Bello was born 29th of February 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria. From Childhood, he showed interest in Dance and Music, teaching himself to play many instruments.

Korede Bello got signed under Mavin Records where he released his first single titled “African Princess.” which featured Don Jazzy. He was signed to the label on February 28, 2014. His single Godwin was so good and loved.


Last year, he was rumoured to be romantically linked with a beautiful lady named Azaria who happens to be quite acquainted with the Mavin crew.

In a post on social media, they both posted the same picture of a kiss mark on Korede’s cheek. But this does not solve the puzzle why korede bello does not sing again.

Anyways, we can’t perfectly say korede bello does not sing again, but he is out of sight.

Korede’s inability to make a major hit since 2017 isn’t funny. In 2018 alone, the singer has released a whooping eight songs — ‘Together’, ‘Sote’, ‘Stamina’, ‘Champion’, ‘Work It’, ‘Bless Me’ and ‘Melanin Popping’, all of which have failed to make a major mark like ‘Godwin’ in the mainstream.

Shocking to note why is Korede Bello not sing again, he is a Police Officer. Who can Predict. 


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Leaks Review : Deep Mulabox Scam or Legit Secret Exposed


on Review – Is Mulabox Scam or Legit 


After Racksterly, and many other online earning sites targetting the social media king, the next on the web is Mulabox. Using the site has made many confused if it’s one platform.

In this article, I have done my best to explain what Mulabox is about, a good Mulabox review, if is scam or legit, Mulabox referral program, what Mulabox is all about as per targetting facebook and many more.

So many persons are obviously searching what is the difference between Mulabux and Racksterly? This article also discuss the detailed difference between Racksterly and Mulabox.

Use the table of content to scroll gradually and don’t forget to please share this article. Also drop your comment as we give quick response to complaint.


What is Mulabux or Mulabox About


The online platform Mulabux is a performance-driven affiliate Network Start-Up. Mulabox interchangeable called Mulabux was lunched 2019.

It acclaims to partner with popular websites as their mechants. They include Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Kilimall, Yudala and Whogohost to generate revenue from commissions per sales we directed to them.

With the help of our signed up members who want to make money online without stress, Mulabux get to drive more sales to their merchants,resulting in cash-flow for their signed up members


How Mulabox Generates Leads

Mulabox is an innovation in affiliate marketing that speed-ens up commission earning process and generate massive audience reach for merchants within a short period of time.

Their business model is Innovative, highly rewarding,sustainable,top-notch and second to none and in just a short period of time, they acclaim to be changing the way people view of earning online


Mulabox vs Racksterly review scam or legit

Mulabux Referral Program


Members of Mulabox can earn an additional income by referring their friends to join. This falls under it affiliate program for members to get an extra income.

Commissions are paid in dollars because they claim to be growing and expanding daily.

Referral earnings ranges between $10 to $50. More info below.

Our mission is to give everyone the power to grow their finances and change the outlook of “earning online ” in Nigeria And West Africa at large.

– Team Mulabox

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How To Earn Money on Mulabux


Mulabux made earnings on their sites via two methods as listed below.


Product Link Sharing

Do you have 100+ Friends on facebook? Earn $15 – $50 monthly by sharing Mulabux merchant products to your wall.

Depending on the volume of Reveneue generated, you might not need to wait till the end of your subscription to get paid.

Referral Method

Members earn 10% – 50% when they refer a new member to Mulabux. There is also a marketing reward of $200 when members refer a minimum of 10 persons per their subscription.

Referral is a fast way to earn more and cashing out of referral commission is daily. Though it’s optional.


Mulabox Referral Program Bonus

Mulabux also have a referral program bonus for members who best their expectations. This is a different orientated package. It works with time and percentage profit between that time frame.

On the 1st day of your subscription, referral bonus = 50%

On the 2nd day of your subscription, referral bonus = 40%

On the 3st day of your subscription, referral bonus = 30%

On the 4th day of your subscription, referral bonus = 20%

On the 5th day of your subscription, referral bonus = 10%

Referral 10 or more persons in 30 days of joining = $200


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What is The Difference Between Mulabox and Racksterly


So many persons are obviously searching what is the difference between Mulabux and Racksterly?

Mulabox is 90% similar to Racksterly from its payment system, earning methods and website mission.

Understanding Racksterly previously, is already understanding Mulabox presently.

A great difference between Racksterly and Mulabox is that the registration fee of Racksterly is higher and payout is bigger.

Though, team Xycinews verifies Racksterly has a very strong security. Anyways, more information will come through later.

Mulabox vs Racksterly review scam or legit.jpg

Mulabux Registration and Sign-up


Mulabox registration is not so hard nor complex anyways. After Successful Registration on the website. Select a plan and make payment.

Mulabox sign-up is just normal like other ordinary websites too. Not complex at all once your in.

Join By Clicking Link Below 👇


Mulabux Packages


Below are the three Mulabux packages for new members.



You Will Pay 6$ = N2,100.
And profit 0.5$ = N75

Per Share Daily



You Pay 15$ = N5,250
And Profit 1$ = 350NGN

Per Share Daily


You Pay 25$ = N8750
And profit 1.75$ = N612.50

Per Share Daily Review – Buy Instagram Likes Cheap In Nigeria


Is Mulabox or Legit Or Scam

Like every online earning sites, honestly saying if they are scam or legit isn’t always easy. By the way read this article disclaimer.

At the introductory stage of every online scheme, no one can predict the final outcome. Anyways, no one prays for bad. Team Xycinews believes this article will be updated in the future to keep it readers updated with Mulabox latest move.


Xycinews Mulabox Disclaimer


Mulabox has undeniably paid some persons. No registered member has complained of being scammed to our notice.

This article is a guide and overview of what Mulabox is all about. We cant declear to be scam or legit yet as we have no concrete evidence.

Just be guided. Lot of effort was put into this article to reveal everything to you reading, please share this article.

For bloggers, please give reference and credit if you copy this web material.


Sharing is Love 💕



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