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Is Cash Awoof Nigeria Legit or Scam : A Review on how to Earn.



Everyday, lot of ponzi schemes and fake paying site comes up. The masses are being deceived with fake reviewers.


This article about cash awoof from Xycinews media is a review to help the public know if it is legit or another scam out there, and how to earn as well like others which includes the Busybee income.

Watch that video to decide best.

What is Cash Awoof Nigeria About


Cash Awoof is a pay to participate program, daily activities on the site are being paid for. The activities includes, reading site news commenting on news, taking online quizzes, adding friends to the program, uploading profile photos and cover photos, watching of online videos, and many more.
We just published a real and more concrete evidenced article highlighting the risk of Cash Awoof . Read this article now.


How to Earn from Cash Awoof Nigeria

First Grade Earnings Tips :

Earning for Registrations : ₦1000
Daily Login : ₦50
Earnings for each comments : ₦2 Earnings for clicking links : ₦100
Earning for Referral :₦100

Second Grade Earning Tips

Uploading Profile Photo : ₦20
Uploading Cover Photo : ₦20
Accepting Friend Request :₦1

Disadvantage of Cash Awoof Nigeria
Some offense on the platform will automatically have your earnings deducted. They are all related to commenting.

Spamming with your comments,
Commenting Meaninglessly, and
Posting Trashed Comments.


From the brief above review, you have to make a wise decision before joining. Currently, no scam case about them is recorded any where.
Any question, use the comment box below.We just discovered some bad secret about this program and we must upload it. We are working on a YouTube video that will expose it clearly.

Cash Awoof Is Scam 

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



  1. Darlington Ezeh

    October 17, 2018 at 2:13 am


  2. Unknown

    October 24, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    I lost my password

  3. Unknown

    October 28, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    But they claimed to have paid recently

  4. soutlami

    December 10, 2018 at 10:16 am

    they are big scammers dont trust them i alreadly reach withdraw limit 23,224 but they suspend me for no reason including my friends that have reach limit

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The Krush Movie Premiere 2019.




Before reading further on The Krush Movie Premiere. Having an overview of this movie is certainly our primary focus.

Therefore, set back, take a deep breath and read carefully through this well outline article.

Moreover, also use the table of contents also to read the area of interest to you as well. Don’t forget to share, and drop a comment too.

Obviously, great movies had driven a major impact in the society and the world as a global village. Movie, which is another form of informal education is a must take to learn and experience the beauty of the world diversified cultures, morals, traditions, and have a mental vacation beyound fantasy.

The Krush movie premiere

The Krush Movie Overview


Over the years, it undeniable we have watched hundreds of movies with different morals and values. Some have impacted positively on us as individuals and the society, whereas others haven’t.

Importantly, featuring on Xycinews Media is the movie ‘The Krush’. This is the very first movie to be reviewed on this platform and we would exposed all you have to know about the movie.

The movie ‘The Krush’ is a family entertainment film emphasizing the dangers of incestuous relationships, hidden identities of adopted children, the ill fate and sexual tendencies inherent, the secret of successful fantasy, the beauty of a marvelous family among others.

Well, you will come to know a lot about this movie as you read down carefully.


The Krush Movie Cast

The movie which premieres in the city of Port Harcourt at the Glam Event Centre, New Odili Extension, got fans already in suspense.


With Nigeria’s top industrial movie expert behind the scene and production of this movie, you are certain to expect the best.

Below are some of the NollyWood stars behind the success of this movie.

Maureen Okpoko.


Efe Irele

The Krush movie premiere


Onny Michael

The Krush movie premiere

I, K, Ogbonna

The Krush movie premiere

Gold Ajuzie

Stanley Nweze

Joy Patrick-Ezeike

The Krush movie Joy Patrick Ezeike

and Many Others.


The Krush Movie Trailer


Excitement for The Krush movie heightens as Omas Studios hosted Port Harcourt bloggers and influencers to a media briefing.

The movie trailer was so captivating got the heart of viewers globally

This movie features family action, suspence, love, lies, and lot lot more.



Social Media and The Press Preview


Omas Studios Nollywood Production Set To Premiere In Port Harcourt already got some briefing done.

Excitement for The Krush movie heightens as Omas Studios hosted Port Harcourt bloggers and influencers to a social media/press briefing at the firm’s Head Quarters in Port Harcourt, on Saturday.

Speaking at the social/media press briefing, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omas Group and Executive Producer of The Krush, Dr. Joy Patrick-Ezeike, reiterated on the concerns the movie addresses which she said inspired her decision to undertake the project.

The Krush movie Joy Patrick Ezeike

Hence, the movie is also tagged a give back project to help orphans get quality education.

Therefore, seeking commitment to promote the movie as a Port Harcourt project which it is, the bloggers and influencers in attendance, led by Port Harcourt in Pictures, expressed optimism for a successful movie premiere, which is a build up to the distribution of The Krush in cinemas and film festivals across Nigeria and overseas.



Discounted Ride Around Port Harcourt 🚗


Once you buy the movie ticket, you got a high discounted ride around Port Harcourt City and to the Glam Event Centre, New Odili Extension.

Using PamDrive, your ride is discounted by 30%.


Free Pizza 🍕

At the Glam Event Centre, New Odili Extension, Port Harcourt. You will find a Domino Pizza Stand, buy one and get one free instantly.

The Krush Complete Movie Trailer press release

Event Dress Code 🕴 

All members or friends coming to watch the movie are entitled to dress responsible. But the dress code of the day is Classy Black.

The Krush Complete Movie Trailer



Ticket Outlets and Vendors 🎫 


For The Krush Movie Premiere tickets is cheap.


N1,500 For Students.
N2,000 For Regular
N10,000 VIP/All Access

VVIP (Table for 5) 100k.



Tickets is available at

  • Omas Studios
  • Everyday Emporiums
  • Higi Haga
  • Twenty-Two Zero Spot at Vineyard Mall

And online at:

Contact and Social Handles 📱 

Omas Studios is a Port Harcourt based firm, established in the year 2011. They are experts in photography, event coverage, documentary, film and musical productions.

Telephone Contact :-



Instagram|Facebook- @omasstudios
Twitter: @omas_studios

TAG @omasstudios on IG, @omas_studios on Twitter

The Krush Complete Movie



The Krush Movie Summary 📺 


Date = Saturday 30th, March 2019.


Venue = The Glam Event Centre, New Odili Extension, Port Harcourt.


Dress Code = Classy Black.


Red Carpet = 12 noon.


Ticket =

N1,500 For Students.
N2,000 For Regular
N10,000 VIP/All Access

VVIP (Table for 5) 100k.



Sharing is Love 💕 

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Joomta Payment Proof Review – Is Scam or Legit!



Promising to pay over 1 million and still counting Nigerians for referrals seems so impressive.

Ask yourself, how many persons has joomta paid ? Did anyone in person claim the payment? 

Well, I believe you already asked yourself before reading this. 

Welcome to the story of Joomta Payment Proof. But before hitting the nail on the head, let get an overview.

Is Joomta Legit or Scam?


This is an overview before the main payment proof. I will encourage you read this section carefully, comment if necessary, and also remember to share 👍 .

Note, the full information about joomta is on link.


  • Over the years, we have reviewed lot of programs that looks like Joomta. Some acted true to the end, while many folded out.
  • Joomta unlike other Nigerian online scheme is free, 100% free and this reduce their trusted rate.
  • A platform that is assumed to pay million of users over 40k monthly will certainly be runned by a philatrophist or big business tycoon.
  • Sites like this target at making huge traffic from referrals and manipulating when it comes to payment.
  • They claim to earn from adverts and promotions, well this isn’t a good kickoff.
  • Joomta though growing fast, is yet to have earns very little from advertisement.
  • So sad, users are automatically forced to spam their friends and family with referral link in a bid to get paid.
  • Joomta has no legal office and official working hour as an organization.
  • Joomta is not a registered and license organisation. We will update this section if they meet the above mentioned.


Joomta Payment Proof.


Currently, I have searched all social platforms and web images for a legit joomta payment proof. The proof I have seen are not authentic.

Anyone can transfer N40,000 out and claim he has paid someone, then repeat the process for a couple of person and circulate the image.

That is the strategy.

Joomta has never paid anyone from legit end observation.

Apart from me, am sure hundreds of Nigerians are also anticipating for joomta legit payment proof.

If you have being paid, comment below.


Joomta Review – Fake Address And Contact Information


Until an accurate address and contact information is provided, there is no prove of them being a legal organisation.

Joomta is a Nigerian based site, bought under Namecheap Inc. They claim their address is at Panama. P.O. Box 0823-03411. This is just a big lie.

As a Nigerian based site, the contact number is supposed to start with (+234), but that is not their domain purchase contact.

Their purchase contact is

Phone = +507.8365503
Fax = +51.17057182


Read Detailed Review About Joomta Legit or Scam Here.



Team Xycinews will update this article if need be.


Sharing is Appreciation 👍

Commenting is Love 💕


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Review Review – Is Kidsgetpaid Legit or Scam


on Review – Is Kidsgetpaid Legit or Scam


The searched keyword, scan or legit, Kidsgetpaid review, what is Kidsgetpaid all about among others has grown publicly.

You reading this also imply you desire to get an answer to that question too.

Well this article is a full guide and overview of

Making Money on Kidsgetpaid

You can make money by referring friends or completing tasks. You use your special referral link to share with your friends and you will earn money every time your friend signs up.


Does Kidsgetpaid Really Pay

Team Kidsgetpaid acclaims once you earn your first $150, you can request your first payment. It so interesting to know you can beat that threshold in just a couple of days.


But do you really get paid? Impossible sounding, but you will never be paid.


Over Kidsgetpaid claims to have 378k plus members. Well, why isn’t any testimony on the world wide web?


That is just an iceberg, they have paid out over $20 million, well no prove from a handful on participating members.


How Does Kidsgetpaid Work



  • Sign Up


Signing up to receive your exclusive membership package and your share link is a primary step.


  • Share

Indirectly, sharing and making referrals is the order of the day. Invite your friends to our site by sharing your link. You will earn $10 for every friend you invite that joins our site.



  • Cashing Out


Cash out your hard earnings. We pay our members through PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, mailed checks, and more!


So, with this three step I can make millions ?

It is not impossible, but the sad part of it is, it isn’t happening that way.

They have succeeded in appearing legit but misleading members by storing users information in their database.


Sites like Kidsgetpaid isn’t new, there are other scam sites like KidsEarnMoney etc.


Kidsgetpaid Is Scam Not Legit is registered by concealing the owner details and address in the WHOIS and it has provided the fake company’s address on its website.


We can say that address is fake because there is not any company with the name “Kids Get Paid” in that address. In the online industry, if some websites do so, then it is very clear that those websites belong to a scammer.

If you search around the internet then you can find plenty of complaints and dissatisfactions from various users .

Actually, there are multiple scam sites like and none of them have paid to anyone when members requested to cash-out their earnings after reaching the cash-out limit.

Once you request to cash-out your earnings, these kinds of sites will ask you to complete the paid surveys or pay some fees or download some apps in order to get the payment for which you have to pay money first.


However, even if you pay them money, they will never pay you anything.




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