Is Cash Awoof Nigeria Legit or Scam : A Review on how to Earn.

Everyday, lot of ponzi schemes and fake paying site comes up. The masses are being deceived with fake reviewers.

This article about cash awoof from Xycinews media is a review to help the public know if it is legit or another scam out there, and how to earn as well like others which includes the Busybee income.

Watch that video to decide best.

What is Cash Awoof Nigeria About

Cash Awoof is a pay to participate program, daily activities on the site are being paid for. The activities includes, reading site news commenting on news, taking online quizzes, adding friends to the program, uploading profile photos and cover photos, watching of online videos, and many more.
We just published a real and more concrete evidenced article highlighting the risk of Cash Awoof . Read this article now.

How to Earn from Cash Awoof Nigeria

First Grade Earnings Tips :

Earning for Registrations : ₦1000
Daily Login : ₦50
Earnings for each comments : ₦2 Earnings for clicking links : ₦100
Earning for Referral :₦100

Second Grade Earning Tips

Uploading Profile Photo : ₦20
Uploading Cover Photo : ₦20
Accepting Friend Request :₦1

Disadvantage of Cash Awoof Nigeria
Some offense on the platform will automatically have your earnings deducted. They are all related to commenting.

Spamming with your comments,
Commenting Meaninglessly, and
Posting Trashed Comments.

From the brief above review, you have to make a wise decision before joining. Currently, no scam case about them is recorded any where.
Any question, use the comment box below.

We just discovered some bad secret about this program and we must upload it. We are working on a YouTube video that will expose it clearly.

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