Insight Review on Better Cleaner – Booster, Junk Cleaner & Antivirus

Without any thought of rooting your phone, Better Cleaner brings to all android phone the best optimization. This clean user friendly application is equipped with lot of features, and the ability to clean your phone junk files neatly without erasing any needful or important file. To make this more interesting, team Xycinews has created a clean video were you can watched it features personally.

A Short Video Review About Better Cleaner – Booster, Junk Cleaner & Antivirus

An overview video

Features of Better Cleaner

Like earlier mentioned, this application has so much features that you would certainly want to try out.
  • A user friendly in-app-message interface
  • The phone boosting feature, it optimize the phone speed, clean up the RAM and unnecessary background apps.
  • Junk cleaner cleans all junk files, from cache, residual files and other unnecessary files.
  • A bonus antivirus safety feature to warn and prevent you from malicious apps.
  • It also extends battery duration with is battery life booster feature.
  • It also contains app locker for privacy and security

This is quite a pretty list, we halt here. 

How To Get The Application
Without asking our social media examiner, we well know this is quite simple.
  1. Grab your phone and open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Better Cleaner’
  3. Better Cleaner Quick Download Link
  4. Click Download 
  5. You got the store now.

Better Cleaner Rating and Review.
Currently Better Cleaner dominate play store with a 4.8 star rating from 5000+ downloads. Better Cleaner – Booster, Junk Cleaner & Antivirus version 3.13.2 is badge 3+, showing the app is safe for all users.
Better Cleaner Developers Information and Contact.
Better Cleaner is brought to you by BeeStripe LLC. It was published and officially released on the 19th of July 2018. Contact team Better Cleaner on 
Facebook and also Instagram
Team Better Cleaner – Booster, Junk Cleaner & Antivirus is located at :
1050 Queen St. Ste.
100 Honolulu, HI 96814

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