What is Menarche and How Successful can Ladies Cope with it During Puberty.

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Every female child is a potential mother someday.
Being a young girl passing through different stages of struggle to being a
mother is an ignored fact some do not understand. Menarche is a necessary
experience notice upon all females during their teen ages. But the term Menarche and its association with menstruation is still not clear to some.
What is menarche definition? Menarche is the introduction into reproduction where a
lady observes her first menstrual cycle. So many have asked, what the age of first period and the average age for period?. Once around the age of 10-13, an
expectation of this experience is around the corner. During puberty phase of
life, many changes are being observed and noticed. So persons love and
appreciated this experience, while for others, it is disturbing. But it is
never possible to change nature’s will.
During menarche, mixed feelings and emotions craws up
the mind, these includes fear, anxiety, shyness, fatigue, weakness among
others. All have relations to the first menarche experience. The reason for
this feelings is because they lack proper pre-information, little care, and
poor training and knowledge.
However, our survey shows that many teens were never
informed about this before experiencing it. Only 8 of the 26 female teens knew
about menarche definition and proper hygiene before hand. The rest 18 never knew nor know
much about it.
Ladies are most often subjected many negative emotions
and experience during puberty phase of life. Implying the age of first period is really relevant to know. During our surveys, the most often
words used by the unaware 18 female teens were, embarrassing, traumatize,
surprise, myself, ashamed, disgusted, unexpected among few more. A clear sign
the never love the sudden change on their new life.
Normally, it is a scary view to face blood by some
females, maybe because it sometimes relate to injuries and accident causing
death. So experiencing blood flow without pre-information can be so scary to
some causing control of average menstral circle hard. But a goodness is associated with this, this is a sign of good health and
maturity in life. No one want dormancy in life and growth. And also, no one has
ever skip this stage, so no need of being depressed, because other faced it,
but it really important how you handle it.

Lack of information is also lack of knowledge. This is
an affecting factor on young teens. Well the world is full of information’s,
and some are really close by us. Such information source includes Health care
agents, Teachers, Aunts, Mum, Books and Mature family members. Me can never
have some of these source walk to us, we need to reach for them. This is
another ignored thing, if the source are meet for help and more practical
experience relating, it would help relax our nerves. Well, no male was mention
specifically, but some Dad’s could really be of help to us because they too had
sisters and possible mum whom might related these to them. And more still, its
their care we are subjected to.
Some mother have often time taken the wrong conclusion
in mind as the first step. They have decided to keep it a secret for reasons
that these girls are too young or immature. In some places, female teens start
experiencing their menarche from 8 years of age, while some from 12 years of
age and some so late till 14 years of age. So what might have being the
expected age in your heart Mum’s?
A quick briefing and awareness to these teens will
help them freely open up to you once a strange feeling is observed. It will
also pave they way for them to properly care for themselves in a case of

Secrecy is a top mood for very young girls introduced
into the world of menarche. Even when they face abnormal menstrual cycle. But they soon conclude that other people faced these
and never made mention of it to them, so why now expose theirs to others. But
of cause a loving observant mother is suppose to notice and quickly show
immediate care, love and support.
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Due to most motherly care and love, children are known
to open up to the mum more easily. This honored advantage should be used
wisely. Teaching a preteen about menarche can never be accomplished in a day.
Gradual steps and procedures must be carefully followed to allow these teens
understand and open up their heart.
Ÿ  Lead the Way: Possibility of the child taking the
first step to open up from our survey is just 15%. This maybe because the are
probably shy, or they do not know how to start up, or worst still, they do not
know how the mum might react to hearing it. But despite taking the initiative
to talk to the teen, some might never still open up. But love and care should
never let you give up so easily, just talk to them and sometime soon, they
would return to learn more about what you just said.
Ÿ  Open Further Discussion: If at the first sitting she
maybe do not open up, don’t ever give up nor stop the attempt. Speak to them
very mildly and emotionally, never be harsh at all, for this might be a seal.
And if they open up, never want to tech them everything at one sitting, leave
them in suspense, for this will change their mood, habit and feelings for the
better to win your heart and so your surly want to tell them more about then
new tale of menarche.
Ÿ  Share Experience: Do not act like a fairy from another
world, How? No Mum would deny not observing menarche at teen age. So speaking
like it an awkward experience is really wrong. Since it is true all females
experience menarche, it is important to tell your child your past early
experience, for this would help them relax, trust you and learn to also confide
in you. Then, wisely use that advantage to know their early thought and clear
them of doubt and misconceptions.
If all the above practical steps are read and acted
upon, their would be an easy communication between  child and mum. More still, clean and healthy
lifestyle will continue to persists despite the uncomfortable state.

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