How does Ticket Prices in the Championship Compare with those in the Premier League?

The following three graphics show how season and matchday ticket prices in the Premier League compared with those in the championship in the 2017/18 season. 
Unsurprisingly, tickets in the Premier League on an average cost between 35-50% more than tickets in the Championship, the second-tier of English football.
However, there are a whole host of Championship clubs that charge more for their season tickets compared to Premier League teams. Four second-tier sides, including now-promoted Fulham, Ipswich Town, Norwich City and Sheffield Wednesday, charged their fans over £700 for their costliest season ticket.
On the other hand, seven Premier League teams had their most premium season tickets selling at less than this amount. These teams were Burnley, Everton, Huddersfield Town, Stoke City, Swansea City, Watford and West Bromwich Albion. In the Championship, Fulham had the costliest season ticket at £932. With The Cottagers earning promotion back to the Premier League this season, it will be interesting to see if they further increase prices to match their London rivals.
Norwich City, who were relegated to the second tier in 2016, charged their fans £856.5 for the costliest season ticket at Carrow Road.
On the other hand, Huddersfield Town’s costliest season ticket, which was priced at just £299 last season, was lower than the average cheapest season ticket in the Championship.
The cheapest season ticket was available at just £100, which, incredibly, was only £5 more than the costliest match day ticket available at the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal. After barely surviving last season through some late heroics, The Terriers could hike prices at the John Smith’s Stadium for the upcoming season.
The average costliest season football tickets.
In the Premier league, it was £843.02, with Arsenal leading the way, charging £1,768.5 for access to all 19 homes games at the Emirates Stadium. All clubs based in London with the exception of Crystal Palace charged over £1,000 for their costliest season ticket.
West Ham United, who moved to their new home ground, the Olympic Stadium, two years ago, have significantly hiked prices. The most premium season pass to watch The Hammers would have cost you £1,100 last year.
Single match day tickets, on the other hand, are much cheaper in the Championship overall. Most clubs charge between £15 and £25 for the cheapest match day ticket, while the costliest ones range on average from £30 to £40. Fulham have the most expensive match day tickets at Craven Cottage, priced at £50. Norwich City aren’t too far behind, at £45.
The cheapest match day ticket in the Premier League would, on average, cost you £29. Chelsea have the costliest minimum-priced ticket in the country, at £47. On the other, the costliest match day ticket on an average costed £55 in the 2017/18 campaign. Arsenal have the most expensive tickets in the Premier League, priced at £95.5. Chelsea and West Ham follow, at £87 and £80, respectively. Huddersfield were the only team with no pricing differences throughout the season, as a seat anywhere in the John Smith’s Stadium would cost you just £30.

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