Hooreyy Review : Read This Analytics Before Joining

Social media is a way of joining every one in the world together. Truly, the social media has helped many greatly. From connecting with new friends, seeking job, meeting love ones, sharing love and lot others pleasant features.
Welcome to a deep insight review on Hooreyy social media, this is the first site to publish a review on Hooreyy and we assure you of a complete overview.
What is the Hooreyy Social Media 
Hooreyy is an online e-commerce and a social networking website for fashion and lifestyle. Beside being a platform for free shopping, Hooreyy aim at being a platform for using your spare time to earn some money. But all this I to be involved in the android app and not browser version.

After a backwork research, team Xycinews believes the Hooreyy social platform was founded on the 18th of April 2018. The address of this social platform is not also disclosed yet, but we also believed it founded is in India.
The Features of Hoorayy Social Media.

Currently, the Hooreyy social media platform is operated from browsers only, with users complaint. The company have assured it users of an upgrade.
With the daily publicity and web search of hooreyy social platform, team Xycinews believes it will attain more users. Currently on browsers, this social platform has only six (6) key features.
The Home, clicking this button on the site leads you to the homepage with news and social fun.
Next is the Social key where you can easily search for friends, connect with friends and view tons of profiles.
Next is the Messaging icon, sending direct messages becomes pretty easier. 
You have no worries searching for your Notification, it clearly and publicly seen.
When I first saw the Search icon, I didn’t have need wondering what was it use. This button is for directly searching for friends and finding them quickly.
Clicking the Profile key, you find your profile. Uploading your photo is very important because it helps others users know who they are interacting with.

Hooreyy Android App 
The six key features of the app currently have being mentioned above, and it unarguable true that the android app would be more simplified, with an easier and quick to use navigation.
Without any specific date to be released, the team behind Hooreyy development have announced that it is developing an android app for it users. This android app will make the social platform more convenient and flexible for use.  

With the best of research, team Xycinews hopes you appreciated the review. But before joining, Hooreyy request all it users must be a minimum of 13 years. Strict adherence to it user term of use is very important.
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