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With hundreds of search on Google search engine for a guide on HIWAP REGISTRATION and HIWAP MONEY, this article is a guide to help users know if it’s legit or scam.

For our fan readers who read our joomta review, we appreciate the love you showed by sharing the article.

Joomta with a smart and cunning strategy lured hundreds of persons to refer their family and friends to a scheme with promising future.



We urge you to use the Table of Content below to navigate to a preferred topic you desired to read. But reading the entire article matters much.

NOTE : This Article is not written with Xycinews Review Standard.

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False Hiwap Registration and Review Online


I have noticed that a lot of my blog readers are actually looking for latest income program opportunities to make money online here in Nigeria.

Also, every week, lot of sites arise with one earning scheme or another.

Bloggers generally are well informed and the waste no time to write fake and false reviews online.

When checking other Bloggers post and personal review, I was saddened because they hid the sincere truth and wrote articles that would promote their referral link alone.

Please share this article after reading and also comment.


What is HIWAP About


This is a new online earning platform that assures members of earning ₦10,000 Daily. As easy as might seem, it isn’t always possible.

HIWAP means ‘Health Is Wealth’ Affiliate Program and was launched earlier March 2019.



Who is HIWAP Founder


For our subscribers, they know we always run a background research on every earning portal owner.

On, we have already written a complete information about him. This new hiwap money earning scheme is also linked to Paul Samson, NNU founder. is co-founded and managed by Samuel Joy. She is an acclaimed human nutritionist and personal health consultant. We have not verified this information yet.

This Samuel Joy is in partnership with Paul Samson PSO, the founder of

Though NNU helped many earn a lot of money, it also disappointed lot of Nigerians.

Currently, if you want an NNU account with 30k inside at a give away price, comment below.

Behind the web are names like Egu Chris, Emmanuel Obiji and others yet to know.


HIWAP Money – Making Money on Hiwap

Making Money on the Health is Wealth Affiliate Program (Hiwap) is the focus of this section.

I will encourage you to read this carefully, especially if you want to make money from this platform.


I have bulleted the ways and necessary information so you can read it without getting confused.


The Intro

First of all, registration is completely free. Well, I don’t call that registration, I call it creating an account.


Membership Fee

O yeah, membership fee isn’t free at all. You have to upgrade your account with N2000 before you can be called a HIWAP money earning member.



Subsequently, you Earn N1,000 per Article you write on the platform. That’s N10,000 daily for 10 articles.


Some bloggers makes this sounds so easy, but some articles wouldn’t be approved.


Direct Referral Commission

Earn N1,000 for referring friends for hiwap registration. You earn 50% (₦1,000) direct referral commission when you introduce your friends and family to join.


Indirect Referral Commission

You earn 25% (₦500) indirect referral commission when your downline refer others persons as well.


Matching Bonus

Additionally, You also earn 10% (₦200) matching bonus each time your downline complete their circle (Extra bonus)


Spillover Enabled

This is the most interesting part as you won’t need to wait for your downline. This is cashing out without referral.


How To Withdraw From Hiwap Money Online Earning Scheme

No one works in vain. The team behind hiwap money department has assured it members of getting paid once the make up to N5,000.


Hiwap pays on Friday so if the week is fruitful, then the weekend is going to be fun as you receive your credit alert.

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HIWAP Registration – Step by Step Guide


Passing through the Hiwap Registration process is a must. Maybe this section should have being above.


Anyways, thanks for reading this far. Remember, to share this article on all your social handles.

Note: After registration, you need to upgrade your account with N2,000 in order to start making money.


  • Visit


  • Click on the site menu button. It located at the Top Left Screen.


  • Fill the online registration form with your information.


  • Confirm your email address.


  • Go to your email and click on the activation link sent you by HIWAP.


  • Thereafter, make payment of N2,000 for HIWAP Epin to any of the ePin Distributors.


  • You could pay to AMAECHI UZOMA


  • After you pay, Message the Epin distributor your full name, Email, Username, Phone number, and send debit alert to *08037859257 on WhatsApp. Your Epin would be sent.


  • Now you can upgrade your account.


Xycinews Hiwap Income Disclaimer


The platform is new on the web world. Certainly, it isn’t scam currently.


Note: Team Xycinews will not be help responsible for any action you take with regards this platform.


This article is only a guide to enlighten you if it’s scam or legit.


Sharing is Love 💕


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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



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Review Income program Review – Is Scam or Legit



Xycinews social media accounts income program is currently an online earning program on the web. Review on Xycinews is a complete guide for users to read before joining the program. This article is a guide and overview if Candynews is scam or legit.


What is CandyNews Nigeria Income Program

For just reading news, referring friends and commenting, Candynews Online platform rewards you with online earnings daily, weekly and monthly. Candynews is acclaimed to help fight poverty in the nation by converting your time, data and activities to a venture. They believe that since it costs money to participate online, you deserved to get paid for that.


Is Income Program Scam or Legit

Candynews Income Program is owned by ADEKAT TECHNOLOGIES. Adekat Technologies is a registered ICT firm in Nigeria, with RC 2936339 under Corporate Affairs Commission. This gives them a   plus one (+1) trust value. Having a registered name is a great advantage to assure us it is legit not scam.

More CandyNews Review on Phliptechs.


Step-By-Step Guide How To Make Money on CandyNews

To start making money on the Candynews income program platform, step-by-step procedures is taken into action.

  • To get started, you activate your account with the sum of N1500.
  • Select preferred payment method.
  • Either online payment method using debit/ATM cards via
  • Or use of coupon
  • Next, your account is activated and you are a full member of Candynews income program.


Referral Earnings

Simply perform activities such as reading news, posting news, and referring others to read news on Candynews with your affiliate link, you get earnings.

  • Your Affiliate link is displayed inside your account dashboard.
  • Copy it and share with your friends for registration.
  • You earn N900 referral bonus for each affiliate signup!

How to Withdraw Earnings on

Withdrawal form is always available everyday and you can request for your earnings any time given that you meet the minimum withdrawal amount. The requirement for withdrawal is as follows:

  • Members with affiliate earnings less than N900 will need to have a minimum ofN6000 activity earnings in order to qualify for withdrawal.


“NOTE:  Members can transfer Earnings to each other. You can also buy earnings from administrators if you need it”.

CandyNews Income Program Contact Information

For complains or inquiries, feel free to contact CandyNews support desk below:


WhatsApp: +2347053174329, +2349030588522



The article was extracted and updated from For tips on growing your earnings, contact Philiptechs Founder on Whatsapp me: 08174438178. He has tricks on how you can boost your earning. Since you can withdraw N6000 without referrals on this platform, the early you join the better for you because if it is too late it might likely not to be paying.

Read – For payment Proof And More Information.

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Honest Lazaam Review – Is Scam or Legit




To some, phrases like what is Lazaam, is Lazaam scam or legit, is this Lazaam Review honest, honest Lazaam review etc.


Stop all that worrying, team Xycinews got your back. Know for publishing products and sites review first, we are currently the first site writing a review about Lazaam.

Anyway, lot of money income site programs, scams, and online schemes, and many others scares people today.

Lastly, the site is still new as it was bought on 22nd of May, 2019.


What is Lazaam – Honest Lazaam Review


Lazaam is a platform where participants invest in each other to alleviate poverty. Also, they believe that we rise in life by lifting others. To ensure this is aimed at alleviate hardships on the economy and general life.

Only four mode of pledges exist: the Bronze, Silver, Gold and the Diamond packages which involves a pledge of ₦2000, ₦3000 and ₦4000 respectively. This ensures the consideration of the common user.


How Does Lazaam Work

With an introductory promise of giving 100% ROI after 12hrs of donation and ₦250 Referral bonus, Lazaam opens an income door.


The Instant Exchange

Once you request to donate to a borrower in this platform you will be matched automatically by our system in few hours time. Once you lend to the borrower you can request to borrow from another participant with an interest of 100% of what you donated in 12 hours time.

Recuring Donations

If a participant that pledged to donate to you failed to do so, our system will block the participant and match you with another person. We do not support fraud at all level


Creating Account

Create an account in this platform. Signing up in this platform is very easy. You can be member in just minutes with three easy steps. Get Started.

Lazaam Review is it scam or legit

Lend Money

After creating account go to your profile and enter at least one Bank details. Then click on your dashboard to make donation to another participant.

Borrow Money

After 12 hours of donating money to another participant,The system will merge two members to pay you double of your donation. You also get ₦ 250 of your referrals first deposit

How To Earn Money On Lazaam Income Program


This category explain carefully the steps involved in making money from Lazaam income program.


  • First step is to create an account in this system.


  • Then visit your profile page, click on Edit Bank Info and enter your financial institution details. Two bank details must not be the same identifier to help you to differentiate from each other.


  • Then you pledge to provide help for another user. Lazaam automatically links you to a user to help.


  • Once confirmed of your help to another user, Lazaam gets you linked (with a range of 1-6 hours) with two user of same package range to provide you with help.


  • You can only make maximum of three donations at a time which you will receive a 100% return. Plus the default donation amount after 12 hours of making the donation. This ensures others including you, get involved.


Lazaam Referral Program


You can also make cool cash from referrals, (WHICH IS NOT COMPULSORY). You earn to your referral wallet a sum of ₦250 on any person referred , after the first donation made by such down liner.


This sum of ₦250 compiles to ₦1000, (from 4 down liners), then while you cash out a help of ₦1000 will be pledged to you. Note that before cash out from referral wallet, your earning must be a multiple of ₦1000.


Importantly, referral is not compulsory.

Is Lazaam Scam Or Legit


This is the most important section to many readers here. Well, currently they have a blank reputation.


This means, they have not proven themselves worthy to be judge as scam or legit online program.


So, is Lazaam scam or legit? The answer is yet to be provided.

Lazaam Disclaimer






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The Step To Add Your Website To Opera Mini News Feed easily 2019




Ask yourself, does bloggers write article for their follow Bloggers ?The answer is a big YES.

An example is this article. The world is connected with information, and everyone deserves the right to learn that.

This is a booster to encourage you to share this article about summiting site to opera news feed, a blogger somewhere might be looking for it.

The opera mini news feed is certainly a popular one for social media analyst, bloggers, and users who visit the opera mini website to read news. Anyway, some persons might not know more about the opera mini website. Let me explain.


What Is The Opera Mini News Feed About

Importantly, adding your website or blog to opera mini news feed will always remain an important way of increasing blog traffic because your site latest posts will be displayed upon launching the opera mini browser.

Did that sentence help? That is simple the essence of the opera news feed to bloggers.

Opera mine news feed automatically features the best news for it audience on front page, and this is while it worth considering.


Benefits of Having your Website on Opera News Feed

Anything without a benefit is not worth a trial. So, what are the benefits of opera news feed 2019.  Many online users are cautious of visiting websites that offers nothing.

Also, despite how cool a site is with rich content and speed, if there are no visitors for some time, the site owner will soon get discouraged and give up. Opera news feed helps your site to get steady free and genuine human traffic.



It natural, we love sharing anything we love to our friends via social platforms. This is the opportunity opera mine website provides.

Income Boost


A boost to site income. By displaying your site or blog on opera mini news feed, you’ll be paid 50% of revenue made from displaying their products on your site or blog. Once a $100 threshold is reached, you get paid.



This is obviously the biggest plan A. bloggers want traffic that will help their blog grow to a wider audience. Easily adding your website and blog to opera mini news feed answers this prayer.


Opera Mini News Feed Niche

Before summiting your site, knowing some of the primary niche the opera mini news platform focus is necessary.

The niche includes – Sport, Technology, Finance, Economy,  Politics, Science, Sports, Military and Fashion.

Step-By-Step How To Add Your Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed Easily


Ignoring the long story since, this is the secret reason many will read this article this far.


  • Firstly, send a mail to
  •  “,


  • A response will come in less than 48 hours.

  • Ensure your site is offering great updates and presentable.


  • Include your web URL in the mail.


  • Between two to four weeks max  if you are approved, they will get back to you with some few steps to follow to enable your site on the media system(opera Newsfeed)


Conclusion On How To Easily Add Your Website And Blog To Opera Mini News Feed


If you have read this far, the below terms should have being answered,

summit website to opera news, how to publish news on opera mini, how to add my site to opera  news discovery, submit website to opera news feed, how to add my website to opera mini news feed and lot others.


For further questions, kindly comment below.


Sharing is Love 💕 



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