About HiFL Nigeria 2018 – Higher Institutions Football League

HiFL Nigeria is an abbreviation for Higher Institutions Football League is an annual football Compition hosted in Nigeria for University talented footballers
to show their skills on the field. So far, the challenge among University campus have commenced and it really hot. 
Institutional field all over Nigeria would be hosting 30 different games in 14 weeks within 16 teams and supported by thousands of fans. 
Below are the logo representing some of the teams. 

Though this is a tournament for all Nigerian Universities, the above is just a sample of the teams logo.

Proud Sponsors
The Higher Institutions Football League is proudly sponsored by:-

Institutional Partners 


Xycinews Media was able to make it to Port Harcourt City to watch the match, and below are some of the significant shots. 

The Higher Institutions Sports League was created and is managed by PACE Sports and Entertainment Marketing Ltd. 

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