Guaranteed Profix : Xtrahustle Scam Review.

What is Guaranteed Profix? This might obviously be the first question to those seeing the name for the first time. Well this article is going to cover the proposed aim of Guaranteed Profix : Xtrahursle  and a review if Guaranteed Profix is scam or not.
No one ever want to be a victim to scam, and fraud sters, and that why millions monthly search the keyword “Scam” on Google. Also, millions of users have also aim and search for means to make money online. On our desk is how Guaranteed Profix pays and empowers it users, and how you can be a victim by making some mistakes.
What is Guaranteed Profix?

Founded in Nigeria, this is a crowd empowerment program aimed at helping each other through fund raising. Guaranteed Profix plainly 
informs it’s users it does not store money in any retrieval system.
Xycinews Assumptions : Since Guaranteed Profix informs the public it a crowd monetary raising campaign without any retrieval system, that makes it hard to request for cash back and blame lay on any one. Also this completely mean it a full donation website, as the only earning option.
Below is a genuine quote extracted from this platform user “There is no time frame. I remember when I joined 3weeks from now, I got my first under 72 hours after which I upgraded my account and have received my full payment. So always have that patience”.

The Guaranteed Profix platforms with URL transfer link to Xtrahursle. com is a platform that clearly time it users a composory N700 to an upline.
This then means the surest and quicker means to earn is to refer with your personal link and get paid by your invitee. 
Guaranteed Profix : Xtrahursle platform promise it users of 100% safety and zero risk.
How Does Guaranteed Profix Work. 

When you Register, you are automatically assigned to an existing member, pay Him/Her NGN750.00 and you will be set to recieve from 4 persons, Upgrade to level 2 with NGN1,500, you will automatically be assigned 6 persons to pay you NGN1,500 each that is (9,000). then you rejoin with NGN750.
Following the above instructions carefully, the platform assures you of 100% N12,000 and more monthly.
Though Xycinews rate Guaranteed Profix only 40% safe. 
But you have the choice to decide and weigh your choices. 

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