VS Review and Disadvantage : Are they Scam or Legit


Many persons have search the internet for the best program to pay legitimately without scamming it’s users.

On our review today is program review which is much like the program.


What is All About

The admin of says, “Getpaid is a legitimate and scam free earning site where users earn ₦1,050 instantly for every friend referred to the program.

That means referring 10 friends is equivalent to ₦10,500. That is called “REFERRALS EARNINGS”.


Activities on

Users earn on when they complete assigned activities like commenting on site news, sharing sponsored posts to social media, watching videos, among others. This is called “ACTIVITY EARNINGS”.

Instant Registration Bonus = ₦150

Sponsored Posts You Read & Share on Facebook (comes up when we have advertisers) = ₦30 each

Each comment you drop on direct posts = ₦2

Each Sponsored Comment task you successfully complete = ₦30 (we have at least 4 everyday = ₦120 daily

Earn ₦500, ₦1,000, ₦10,000 for participating in special giveaways review,

Disadvantages of

THE minimum withdrawal amount on is ₦4,000.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t refer people, you can only make ₦4,000 via ACTIVITY EARNINGS only in 25 days.

This means if you do only Activity Earnings, you will have to work and wait a whole month or even more to make just ₦4,000. Whereas if you do referrals, you can make  ₦100,000 in that same one month.

If you can’t be patient to earn ₦4,000 in one month and you cannot refer people, please do not sign up on


Team Xycinews Deductions from Getpaid Disadvantages

In simple terms, our team thinks referrals is so important and almost composory. Unlike their policy saying it not compulsory.



Though team has provided prove of payment on some social platforms, our team is not 100% sure, and so we can not decide conclusively for our readers.


Joining the or is wholy dependant on you. This is just a review article to help you decide wisely.


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