Every Information About Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game (With Walk-through Video).

This is the very first article on our blog that talks about a game, certainly it must be a great game. Follow us as we expose and review everything about Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game to you in six (6) paragraphs, with an over view video of the game. 
Origin of the Game Character
This game Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game is about a guy, tired of the struggle of gun battles among gangsters. The cash you got and will make in the game would face the challenge of time, either gangsters get it all, or the cops, or you use it richly. The video below  shows some guide. 
The game is a third-person shooter game, where the character from the depth of the street becomes a real gangster. Circumstances in your family turned around so the usual work did not solve your problems. And you chose the path of a real gangster from the ghetto. In this harsh city of crimes where gangsters run, you have to fight with very serious opponents.
The police are reckless and even bloody (video below shows the police shooting you) using power irresponsible, where in a moment you can tear up huge money to them or drop down dead after losing your jackpot. Do basic and secondary missions thereby raising good money, buy a ready-made business that brings a good income to your pocket, then gain respect among local gangsters. Lead the royal throne of the underworld.
A Walk-through Video of The Game 

The Best Video Online 

What  Happens in the Game 
You may be wondering what happens in Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game, here is it.
There are lots of illegal raids around the city, driving on real exotic  cars and crazy expensive hypercar. Increase the authority of your character in front of the local mafia, be ready to kill lot of bad guys to claim your authority.
Get ready to 🏊 swim in a large huge ocean. 
The game in which the streets of the city are crowded with gangsters, detachments of policemen, be merciless to all who stand on your way to glory! If you get tired of following the plot of the game, just take any wheels you spot around, press the gas pedal to the floor before kickdown and hold the steering wheel tight especially at corners, dodge obstacles and escape. 
Features of Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game

  • The game with the plot scene of a multi-million movie, great activities not far from reality.
  • An open world with a big city of varying buildings, companies and uses. 
  • Infrastructure and great city with real spots like Auto shops, Gun shops, commercial real estate for sale, casino and many more.
  • Improved graphic models of the city, cars and characters.
  • Aquatic  infrastructures in the city.
  • Give trouble to your enemies and the real troubles of the police, with various fun filled gangster missions. 
  • Real transport mechanism like helicopter, sports cars, nicks, boats in one game. 
The Game Rating 
Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game  is rated sixteen plus ( 16+ ).
This is because of the introduction and visual display of violence and street crimes. 
Also it already has over 100,000+ plus downloads on Google Play Store 🏪. 

Developers Information 

The developers of Mad City Stories Big City Clash Android Game version 1.02 is designed by CreativeLab Games. 
The developers address is:
Aviochmichna Street.2661145

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