Busybee Income Review for Nigeria : A Scam or Legit

After the likes of many paying Nigerian sites, here is another one called Busybee Income . So many have asked, is Busybee income earnings legit or scam?

Busybee is currently 95% reputable for being scam less, but what are the reasons for this? and how does interested person Ms earn from it? All this questions would be answered in this article.
What is Busybee Income About
BusyBee Income  is a website created for learning, earning, training and for fun. Anyone can join this online community as long as you are 18 years eligible. Busybee claims it is for students, house wife’s, job seekers and anyone who wants an extra online cash.

Busybee site news is about Business, Investment, Finance, online earning opportunities, self skills, affiliate marketing and many more.

Busybee pays users for reading it site news, commenting on updates, watching online videos, upvote posts, daily login to their personal accounts and many more.

You have the chance to share your own business ideas and opportunities so others can learn too and you get paid for sharing your ideas.

How to Earn with Busybee Income Nigeria
Busybee payments are being processed during weekends only. So application for withdrawal is being made on Friday from 10am-10pm.
Busybee income pays out N2000 as the minimum threshold.

On the platform, BBI represents Busybee Income.
Please note
1 BBI  = 1 NAIRA
50 BBI = 50 NAIRA
New Sign Up : BBI 100/ once

Daily login : BBI 55 / once daily

Well constructed comment : BBI 3 / 50daily

Publishing content : BBI 100 / once

When people click on your referral link without signing up : BBI1/ 50 daily

Referral Sign up : BBI 600 / no limit

Upvote : BBI  1 / 10 daily

Coupon Vendor : BBI 60 / no limit

Product review ( coming soon) : BBI 1 / 10 per day

If your post gets 500 views : BBI 100

Sponsored post : BBI 45/ once

#MCM top3 on our leader board : BBI 50 each /ANYTIME

#WCW top 3 women on our leader board : BBI 50 each/ANYTIME

#TBT picture winner with the highest view gets : BBI 50/weekly

Click on create a post and you have options to click on the type you wish to publish. You can publish an image, a gif, a video, a story, a trivia, a quiz, open list, ranked list and more on the platform.

From this review about Busybee , it certainly a legit on to try out.

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