Dragalia Lost Android Game Review

Dragalia Lost is a swipe controlled Action RPG game portraying bonds among humans and dragons. Conquering your enemies at all cost is a must, using special skills, powerful magic attacks and even transforming into a dragon 🐉.
The characters also have their own class with Healer and Attack types being the main ones Amazingly, it is a single player game with multi-player option of up to four users.

About Dragalia Lost Android Game
Dragalia Lost is an upcoming role-playing game developed by Nintendo ELD and published by Nintendo in collaboration with Cygames for iOS and Android.
The game is a success came as result between a partnership between Nintendo and Cygames to develop a new and unique mobile game, the first game with another company after Nintendo initial partnership with DeNA in 2015.
The primary developer is Hiroki Matsuura, and the producer is Hideki Konni. Surprisingly, music by Japanese artist DAOKO is featured in this game. A lady with powerful musical talent, enhancing the gaming experience.
The Idea Behind The Game
The game story line takes place in Alberia, narrating a kingdom where dragons live. All the royal members in the Alberia kingdom have the Dragon Transformation ability, where they can wield a dragon’s power by forming a pact with a dragon to borrow their form in battle. Not for long, a strange occurrence happen in the kingdom.
The Holy Shard protected by the capital starts to lose its power and strength. In order to save his people, the Seventh Prince, who has not made a pact with a dragon, sets off on his Dragon Selection Trial. Here is a tale of Anger, Determination, Challenge, Boldness, Battle, Conquers and lot untold.
The game’s story line comprises of more than 600 thousand words in its original Japanese version due to the inclusion of character stories and side quests, with around 100 more words for every post-release event.

Dragalia Lost Android Game Update
With over 300,000 pre-registered users for this game lunched 27th September, the game offers optional in app purchases and it’s free to download.

Data charges may apply since it requires internet connection to be played. For analytical and marketing purposes, this game allows it third party to collect users information’s. Visiting Nintendo Privacy and Policy Page will explain what this information’s are used for. Users MUST be at least 13 years.

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