Coverage: Rich Couple cause Havoc on Express Highway

This is a full news coverage over a highway along the University of Port Harcourt  (Uniport).
All family desire for peace and long life, but Team Xycinews Media noticed an extra ordinary situation otherwise than earlier mentioned.

On the driver seat of a Lexus 350, sat a wealthy acclaimed man, looking smart and robust. But on his right side was a your Miss. This was the key point to an inter-marital war.
Nothing was actually wrong about the above duo until another Toyota Spider was noticed trailing them, like a “water sport” racer, the husband accerated to out run his wife.
But that Mrs was already blazing with internal flames, and her temper was untouchable heated like an erupting volcano slate.
She angrily chased after her husband on that highway and drove into him with a side “Miss”.

*Her secret plan is still a mystery onlookers.
Good gracious, no life was lost, but her car was seriously damaged, and thereby smashed, while the husband car was in affected.

Dispite this, the husband never stopped until he was overtaken by nearby street touts.
After a display on chaos fight and quarrel with insults, the wife siblings and Dad were present to rejuvenate mayhem.
Over 3hours of this drama, it came to a slow end where the husband hired towed to pick up her car for make over and her siblings taking her home in an old Mercedes 35.

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