Coinsvilla Review :- Is Coins Villa Legit or Scam Scheme.


Just like other review, coin villa is another plan and package on its own.


Working with an acclaimed digital coin system, it important to understand this site and know if coin villa is legit or scam scheme.


Earning Coin Villa Coins

Earning coins comes in various ways.

They include, completing free offers, doing surveys, watching short online videos, visits different sites from the platform, and inviting friends to join as well. 


Coins Villa Aim and Activities Description

*One of the most important activities is by completing online surveys.

Coin villa partner with companies that run surveys, competitions, freebies and more.

By completing these offers, users receive free coins.

Select an appealing offer an start earning coins. 

*Watching short videos gives users coins on coin villa.

Coin villa says it’s partners are looking to spread their promotional videos to the world, so you can get coins by watching those videos.

*Visit partners websites earns users coins.

Coin villa provide way to advertisers to promote their websites, by paying for visits.

So you can get some easy coins by visiting those website for a short amount of time, daily.

*Share and spread the word to others.

Once you sign up, you will receive a special link that you can use for referring.

If anybody clicks this and signs up, you will receive up to 10% from his coins earned on our website, for lifetime.


Coins Villa Minimum Withdrawal and Payout

Playing the lucky wheel drive also earn users coins. 

Their payment method is not yet confirmed, implying this article will be updated soon. 

But, the minimum withdrawal is N1,000.00.

To withdraw, go to withdrawal page, choose the amount of coins you want to convert and your desired payment method.

Then next, send a payment request. Coins villa says “We Pay in 7 Working Days”.


Coin villa Refund Policy

Purchasing advertisments is not refundable.

The purchase of video ads is non-refundable.

No refunds for VIP Membership.


Policies for Advertisers

Advertisements should never contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, or other adult materials of any kind.

As an advertiser, language is dufulted to English.


Rules and Strict Policies

As a member on coin villa, users are not allowed with accounts made throught proxy, vpn’s, hide my “ass”, Lan Groups, Internet caffe, and more.

Don’t create more then one accounts, use fake infos or share theirs payment processors between them and others members.

As a user you should know that any attempts to overload coin villa server will lead to your account grand status: “Suspended”

As a member you should know that all your referrals on their platform must be unique, have theirs owns e-mails, real names, etc.



We have no right to declear a scheme legit or scam with a review, without any evidence.

So we cannot tell exactly, but this article highlights everything about coin villa to help intending users know if it really legit or scam.


Think Safety, Invest Safely and Profit Abundantly.

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