Cash Awoof Nigeria is not Legit but Scam : A Review with Evidence


We have previously published an article on this site that discussed just a little about Cash Awoof, How to Earn and the Disadvantages of this Program.




Please read that article before proceeding with this one. Is Cash Awoof Truly Legit or Scam.  Though this article does not discusses or reveal any evidence of Cash Awoof being a scam program and not legit to invest into, it helps users know what that platform is truly all about.


Watch this video about Cash Awoof.


What is the Cash Awoof all About.
This is a pay to participate online program, daily activities on the site are being paid for. These activities includes, reading the site news, commenting on read news, taking online quizzes, adding friends to the program, uploading profile photos and cover photos, watching of online videos, and many more.


How to earn from Cash Awoof and Disadvantages of Cash Awoof is discussed on the link.


Why this platform is Scam


#1) No Contact Information is Accessible on the site.


We all know in every business, contact is the first and the most primary option. The admin has no link or address of contact pointing to him. His identity online is as an anonymous. In a leak chat with him, he said he is focusing on site performance and page speed rather.


2). His True Location is Unconfirmed
Recalling the chat with him from a secret media, he said he is based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE. This unknown admin said he controls this strictly Nigerian site from Dubai. That not so honest yet.


#3). No Social Media Platforms
Apart from some online gold diggers who create pages with brand names, This platform has no social media handles. Though he claimed Cash Awoof is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.


#4). How does such a Newly Start-up site Generate that much Revenue?


This is one question he never provided the answers to. But it obvious the site ads revenue is still minute for paying the masses. That means registration fee is accumulating somewhere for free.


Well, team Xycinews believes Cash Awoof pays Nigerians, but we are also scared some important information about the company is still a secret. Screenshots of the chat with him is on the YouTube video, watch if you can.

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