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Busybee Income Review and founder : Scam or Legit Exposed.




After the likes of many paying Nigerian sites, here is another one called Busybee Income . So many have asked,

Is Busybee income earnings legit or scam?

Who is the lady behind Busybee income Nigeria?

Does Busybee income Nigeria pay?


Busybee is currently 60% reputable for being scam less. Previously team Xycinews rated Busybee 90%.
But what are the reasons for this down rankings? and
How does interested persons get affected ?
Also, this article is updated with Informations about Busybee founder.
Just sit and read patiently.
What is Busybee Income About
BusyBee Income  is a website created for learning, earning, training and for fun. Anyone can join this online community as long as you are 18 years eligible. They  claims it is for students, house wife’s, job seekers and anyone who wants an extra online cash.

Busybee site news is about Business, Investment, Finance, online earning opportunities, self skills, affiliate marketing and many more.

Digital Tattoos and Transparent Healthcare

They pays users for reading it site news, commenting on updates, watching online videos, upvote posts, daily login to their personal accounts and many more.


You have the chance to share your own business ideas and opportunities so others can learn too and you get paid for sharing your ideas.


How to Earn with Busybee Income Nigeria
Busybee payments are being processed during weekends only.
Busybee income pays out N2000 as the minimum threshold.

Ghenghen jokes Founder

On the platform, BBI represents Busybee Income.
Please note
1 BBI  = 1 NAIRA
50 BBI = 50 NAIRA
New Sign Up : BBI 100/ once

Daily login : BBI 55 / once daily

Well constructed comment : BBI 3 / 50daily

Publishing content : BBI 100 / once

When people click on your referral link without signing up : BBI1/ 50 daily

Referral Sign up : BBI 600 / no limit

Upvote : BBI  1 / 10 daily

Coupon Vendor : BBI 60 / no limit

Product review ( coming soon) : BBI 1 / 10 per day

If your post gets 500 views : BBI 100

Sponsored post : BBI 45/ once

#MCM top3 on our leader board : BBI 50 each /ANYTIME

#WCW top 3 women on our leader board : BBI 50 each/ANYTIME

#TBT picture winner with the highest view gets : BBI 50/weekly

Click on create a post and you have options to click on the type you wish to publish. You can publish an image, a gif, a video, a story, a trivia, a quiz, open list, ranked list and more on the platform.


From this review about Busybee , it certainly a legit on to try out for educational purposes and not for earning.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



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  2. foloren torium

    January 13, 2019 at 8:22 am

    of course like your web-site however you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth on the other hand I’ll surely come again again.

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Earboard Affiliate Referral Program Review




After multiple deep analytical web research on Earboard, this review is unique and different. We have gathered information you will never find on any site.

Read to the end as all the questions you have are already answered in designated categories here.

For the sake of this article, any currency mentioned in Naira (N) can be converted to Dollar by multiplying by 360.


What is Earboard About

Earboard affiliate program is a part time program for every class of persons. This Earboard referral program review by team Xycinews is very timely. Why?

The CEO of Earboard claims earboar affiliate program aims at alleviatinf poverty in Nigeria and the world at large.


Earboard Affiliate Program Targeted Audience

Though having a major dominance in Nigeria, that not all it audience. The company says it could be access by anyone without restrictions on the country. This implies a user from USA, Ghana and lot more can apply.

Well, team Xycinews believes this is only possible because of its multiple payment method. And their centralized earnings in Dollar.

Earboard Referral Earnings Break Down.

This Earboard Affiliate Program is a paid per action program.

Primarily, referring at least a member is your gateway to earnings.

Your paid N1000 per referred member.

For Publishing Posts, Audios, Photos etc, your paid between 5-10$.

Also, answering daily sponsored questions earns a user N360 or $1.


Before Registering The Loss

Spending money out without having profits is actually a loss. Anyway, registering is not a waste. Registering on the earboar platform cost N1300.

N1000 is awarded to whoever referred you to the program. While, N300 is used for site maintenance and upkeep.

After Registration – The Profit

After spending N1300 to register, if this money isn’t earned back, it a loss. Below is an earning statistics extracted from

We do not own the estimate below.

Supposed a users is able to refer 3 persons to join, the user earns N3000.

Posting an original article, you earn an average of N1500.

From answering up to 5 sponsored questions daily, you earn an average of N2000.

Total calculations, N3000 + N1500 + N2000 give N6500 daily.

N6500 multiplied by 30 days, give us N195,000.

Hence you will be making roughly N195,000  every month at the comfort of your home.

The above statistics was extracted from We do not know how accurate it may be.


The Advantage of Earboard Referral Program

So many persons with reputable social media presence finds it hard to succeed in sharing and referring programs.

This is the advantageous aspect of Earboard. You can tactically invite friends. Read the guide below.

You can refer somebody without the person knowing that you are the person who referred him or her.

When you login Earboard Affiliate Program, at the bottom of every post on our site, you will see your affiliate link for the post.


Hence, instead of sharing the default landing page, just copy and share a post that will appeal to your friends.

When your friend clicks on the link to read the post you shared, a 30-day referral cookie will be appended in the person’s browser.

If the person from reading the article you shared joins the affiliate program, you will earn N1000 instantly.

Note: The person you referred must join as a paid user before your credited.

Disadvantages of Earboard Referral Earnings

The disadvantages of can’t be ignored because this is a honest Earboard Review.

Joining this program is okay, but it is compulsory you invite a member. Without referring at least a member, earnings from your posts are not credited. That a loss.

Also, the content of the articles published must be minimum of 300 words to be eligible for approval.  This is not so much easy.

How Much Does Posting Cost?

As a member and publisher on Earboard, you get paid each time you post an Article, Picture, Clip, etc on the forum.

Articles are moderated before appearing on our site and before any amount can be assigned to the article.

Once your article pass moderation test, you get credited.

You earn between N70 to N3000 for posting. We don’t know the criteria used, but we assumes article length matters.

But note, without referring at least a friend, you can’t be credited.

How to Publish a Post

To publish posts on Earboard is simple.

Just log in to your account and click on the create a post link just after site logo.

Then, on the next page write your Title, select a category, type the content of your article, add necessary files and click publish.

Your post will be saved as a draft and will appear on earboard if it pass review test.

Attaching Files to Post

Moreover, you can attach images, videos, music and other files on your posts. After the field for entering the main content, you will see another field where you can upload attachments to your post.

Niche of Approved Articles

Earboard is a big platform, but it operate on three major niche.






You can still write article outside the categories as in general topics but approval is not guaranteed.


Duration for Post Approval

It all depends on the number of pending articles on earboard dashboard. Depending on article on quee, you post can take minutes to hours before approval.

Article Rejection

After reviewing an article, if the article is approved, it is accessible to the public by changing its status from Pending to Published.

However, if the article wasn’t approved, it is moved directly to the trash.

Then, you won’t be able to see any trace of the article on your profile again.

Minimum Payout

The minimum payout is N10,000.

Payments are carried out on the first of every new month.

Therefore, once you reach the minimum payout, you should make withdrawal request by submitting withdrawal request.

Alternatively, you can send a email to or to the admin mobile number; +2349067385575.

Moreover, once you make request, when the date for payments reaches, yours will be processed as well.

Earboard Currency

For calculation purpose, the United States Dollars (USD) is used as a centralized currency.


Payment Methods

How you will receive your earning payment depends on the information you provided during your registration to the affilite program. But the payment methods are;


local Bank transfer

Paypal and



Xycinews Conclusion on Earboard Referral Program 

We cannot restrict users from joining or force users to. This is not a degradation or promotional article.

It is just a honest review and guide for our site readers.


Team Xycinews is no affiliates with Earboar. This is a charitable review.

This is not a promotional article, it is an extension of our ‘World leaks and Reviews’ series.

Copying of this content without credit is against our policy.

Article Reference :



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Leaks Review || Scam or Legit Online Earning Scheme




No surprise, Everyday millions of persons search how to make a legit online earning around the world.

There has been an online business boost over the past few years. Many earning site his bloomed to help, whereas, others were scams.

Viral Review is one scheme with lot of Google search today. Just like NNU, Cool Naira, Wakanda, Busybee Income, Blogs9ja and many others.

Some of these schemes kept their words for just a limited period of time, while others never ever did.

So, why is Viral Review searched ? This article has the best answer too.

By the end of this article, you will have a viable business idea that you can monetize using your social media accounts and

And that why this article has 8 Unique sub topic. Read patiently to the end.


About Review


ViralTrend is platform where advertisers can create ads or social media tasks.

The social media tasks includes sharing Likes, Viewing Videos, Following accounts on various social media platforms.

Advertisers pay for the tasks they have created and registered users and promoters carry out the tasks and get paid 90%.



Viral Trend Founder

ViralTrend was founded by Prince Legacy Wealth Omogie. He is a Nigerian social media influencer and President of D Youth Project Nigeria. His Instagram handle is @legacywealth1.

He created viral trend like a platform that will credit users for using their social media accounts effectively.

ViralTrend is a well-designed platform that pays its users to perform specific social media tasks and refer others as well.


How Generate Revenues


Before discussing how to use ViralTrend and start making money, let discuss how they make their money.

ViralTrend generates revenue by providing social media visibility. This service is rendered to companies, brands helping them reach out to social platforms.

The primary platforms used by Viral trend is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube subscribers, video views, and likes, and to promote you as a promoter.


ViralTrend Earning System

This section is the purpose of faith article. How to earn from Viral Trend.

To earn from viral trend, you have to participate in some important activities.

The activities includes;

*Subscribing to a YouTube channel – ₦10
*Watch a YouTube Video – ₦5
*Like a Facebook Page – ₦10
*Like a Facebook Post – ₦3
*Follow an Instagram handle – ₦10
*Like an Instagram post – ₦3
*Watch an Instagram video – ₦5
*Follow a Twitter handle – ₦10
*Retweet – ₦5
*Like a Tweet – ₦2


The above listed are the primary earnings activities on But that is not all, some other simple activities are involved as well.


Viral SignUp and Withdrawal

The Basic Sign-up Plan

Signing up involves two plans, the basic and the premium.

Coming in as a basic member, you are currently required to pay only N500.

Picking this option, your entitled to 30% referrals commissions.

Also, you earn an extra 5% for their downlines.

The Premium Sign-up Plan

Currently, you register premium with N2500 and enjoy 50% commissions. Also, you earn 10% from your referral referrals.


Benefits of

Publicity help you advertise your business, brand, product and services through social media.

Low Cost
The Platform offers you the best service at the lowest price possible.

Real Promoters
Viraltrend promoters are real people, not robots. Any advert task created will be performed by verified real users.

Time Friendly
Get the best service offered at the shortest possible time as a promoter

Task and Activities
The tasks performed by promoters are generic, organic and can’t be undone once completed.

Smart Service Delivery
For every servica, there are overflow of the desired target or result. And you get satisfies.

Great User Interaction
Viraltrend site user interface and design is great. Making ViralTrend smart and easy to navigate.

Support Center .
Their support system is active, always available to help you solve any issue.

Advert Tracking
For every completed advert, viraltrend ensure users don’t undo task. We repush the advert to reach target.


The Offers for ViralTrend Promoters

Access to Grants
Get access to wide range of grants as an active promoter.

Commission Bonus
You will get 90% commision for every advert task you complete. And also, 90% from the amount paid by an advertiser.

Referral Bonus
Get 30% – 50% referral Commission when you refer others and 5% extra when your downline refers others.

Active response system agents when you have an issue.

Get notified for every action on your account and for every newly pushed tasks.


Disclaimer : Team Xycinews were not paid for this review.

This is an extension of our “World Leaks and Reviews” Program for Educational Purposes.

This review article is never forcing or telling anyone to join or not. It is just a guide for deciding smartly.





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Leaks Review  || Multi Publisher News Site || Legit or Scam 


on Review.

Everyday, many sites rise with the promise of satisfying it users with World Class News. Unfortunately, it sometimes not the case.

Also, some promise to share their site revenues with their users. 

This is Review. Read to the end before joining them, drop a comment below and also share this.


What is Review About  is a multi publisher news and entertainment website. Also, it is an online site to get breaking world news on sports, technology, lifestyle, business and more.

Also, you can watch videos, photos and interviews on this site. maintains a reasonable level of content on their site for users satisfaction.

Currently, no site has published a review and that why this article is unique.


Massive Growing Nigerian Blogs


Note – Team Xycinews were not paid to publish this leak review.

It is an extension of our “World Leaks and Review Program” for educational purposes only.

Use the comment box for Questions, Complaints and Recommendations with Regards this Review article.

Another amazing feature is that users can summit post according to the site standard and get it approved. Aim

Like other sites, brands and companies, Topnews is not excluded.

Topnews aims at being the number one online entertainment website. Also, a place were users can read the trending stories around the web for free. review

Topnews AD Revenue Sharing Platform

Also in this Review is it’s earnings and revenue system.

Topnews now assure to pay users for carrying out activities on their site.

These activities includes reading and commenting on posts, and sharing their Sponsored Posts on social media.

Also, it includes submission of posts, daily login and taking part in special giveaway competition.


Read Also :- King Monada Malwedhe Biography


Reward Activities on Topnews


Below is the breakdown of the activities that reward you on Topnews.

TopNews Income Program will give you access to the following Earning Opportunities.

Instant Registration Bonus = ₦500
Submitted Post = ₦500
Comment on Post = ₦2
Sharing of News on (WhatsApp and Twitter) = ₦2
Refer a User = ₦5

₦100,000   Friend Challenge: “You Have To Read News Daily, More than 3 News Articles” – Challenge ends 31st July 2019.
Sponsored Post Sharing = ₦500 (coming soon).

Special Monthly Giveaways for Qualified Members (Approved writers) – Winners Get ₦1000, ₦1,500, ₦2000, ₦2500, ₦3000


Top5 Gadgets That Changed Teenagers Lifestyle Today Prons and Cons

Every business has their positive aspect and negativity. Well the cons or negativity is always a secret.

This section below exposes lot of information you will want to read about.


Topnews Registration Fee

Registration on TopNews is 100%. You will receive N500 as Sign up Bonus when you register.


How does Topnews Profit?

Also on this review is the earning system. They earn  money through custom advertising system and Google Adsense.


How to Withdraw

You can withdraw your earning by clicking on “My Account,” then proceed by scrolling down, you will see a “Payout” link.

Click on it, enter your Bank details, Wait for next 48 hours to receive you earning.

Note: Withdrawal is for those that have attained the minimum withdrawal balance of ₦5000.


Cool Naira is No Legit Again

Referral Earning

Go to MY ACCOUNT page or click here ( ). Find the referral Link, Copy and share on social Media.


Disadvantages and Cons of

Topnews is really strict. Their Punishment and Penalty is worth crosses examined.

Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Do NOT in anyway duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn.

Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act. does not pay for exclamatory comments. Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed on

Kindly adhere to this rule. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Do NOT click back when you share article. Failure to abide by these rule you get deduction and you account will be restricted.

Do NOT open more than ONE account. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.


Topnews Contact

For questions and direct complains, mail them at
Email :

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