Boost Your IQ and Kill Boredom With New Line Fun Game.

Rotate the box to stop the blocks from stacking outside the outer grey box. Welcome to the world of brain testing. 

Meaning And Summary of Line Fun Game.
Boosting the IQ and playing some games, that sounds pretty funny, but it not. This article with a video overview will enlighten you on on a new game that kills out all bored moment from you.
Starting from the edge of the screen to full into a an inner blue box, you get welcomed to the line fun puzzle world. You target 🎯 in the game is to stop the blocks from stacking outside the area of the grey box, you do this by thinking fast and rotating the box and quickly collecting different stacks from different edges. Aiming of three (3) like colours to collides and give way for new ones. Achieve combos by smashing more like ones smartly In a jiffy. The world of boredom dies at this point, your in a new elight mood. 
Features of Line Fun Game 

The tech team behind Fun Game believes they can help you boost your IQ and as well relax you from your bored moment. So team Xycinews tried out the game and deducted the following reviews.
  • This game is very simple to play and understand.
  • It Mobile and user friendly.
  • It has a very minor file size. 
How to get Line Fun Game. 
This is a pretty simple thing:
  • Grab your phone and open to you Play Store.
  • Search “Line Fun Game”.
  • Click Download and Drop Rating.
  • That just all. 
  • The Official Link 
Line Fun Puzzle Game Online Rating and Review.

Line fun puzzle game version 1.5.0 is rated 3+, ensuring it safety for users of all ages. It download size is just 2.35mb.
Developers Information 

The application is brought to you by DevSun. This application went love on July 17, 2018. Contacting the CEO is simple, just mail
Now this is a full review for you, we believe you enjoyed this review.

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