Blastlands Android Game -The Tech Tree Multiplayer Action Game

With the original game name “BlastLands”, I thought it an empire or adventure game. Anyways, This Sweden developed game called Blastlands Android Game is far more different. 
Why is Blastlands described as the tech tree multiplayer action game?
Summary and Overview of Blastlands Android Game 

From the cooperation of Strange Quest, the Blastlands Android Game present to you a tech tree that send you into a battle field of millions of multi-players. The survival includes picking scraps along the way to build for you an ultimatum war engine.
Climbing the battle leader board to level 6, possibly the final stage of a tech tree, you can initiate the “Wipe Command” and destroy all enemies of your system server. Nothing stands your path. 
Features of Blastlands Android Game 

  • Two Tech Trees to select one, Speed or Heavy.
  • Health, Speed, Push or Teleport. With that, you have a full game control. 
  • The game present three game modes. Uplifting your game fun. 
  • Survival involves collections of scraps that boost your ultimate war engine. 
  • You gain coins that boost your market purchase.
  • The more play open doors for new game plays and features. 
  • Play back clips to share with friends as well. 
The game press “Strange Quest” currently revealed it has updated it features and included many more missions with game bugs fixed. 
Blastlands Developers Information and Game Rating. 

Team Xycinews Media cannot tell the exact game downloads, but it climbing over five digit zeros.
The game PG is 3+. The current download size is 45.23mb and the game is currently on version 0.10.36.
Mails could be sent to the developers through 
118 26 Stockholm 

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