Beware: MyFirstInvestment Organization Is A Scam Under a Black Masked Admin

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Again, this article is the very first online to expose the secret organization called MyFirstInvestment and how it has scam many into investing in their fruitless profits claiming to be charity.
Beware: Xycinews don’t just expose secret plans, but we do this with honest and credible evidence.
Supporting HTTP/2, MyFirstInvestment  is issued under UbiquiTLS/U2122 DV RSA Serva CA. 
It insurance is valid from Jan 17 00:00:00 2018 GMT,
To Apr 17 23:59:59 2018 GMT, Without any authority size.
It’s ISP is a Unified layer, with ASN: AS46606.
It’s Server IP is
This has also hosted some sites as 
Among many others.
MyFirstInvestment Organization Serva is located at Provo UT, 84606, United States. Around The Buckley Mountains.
myfirstinvestment, myfirstinvestment business, myfirstinvestment investment
The official site for MyFirstInvestment Organization is  with Registry ID as: D402200000003661952-LROR.
Now we have a statistic report about the website, let discuss how it scams people.
       How MyFirstInvestment Works to Scam Client
Visiting their website your welcomed with an appealing image and six (6) eggs on a tray with written words signifying their core values which included Equity, Funds, Cash, Property, Shares, and Retirement.
myfirstinvestment, myfirstinvestment business, myfirstinvestment investment
Below that image is a prompt to correct fill in your accurate details and register.
They offered three (3) subscriptions plans. I thought of going for Diamond, but I feared the end payout since it was new and unpopular yet.
Then I applied for their basis plan with 10,000. They promise to return 50% back in 25days to each investors. So I was expecting 15,000.
myfirstinvestment, myfirstinvestment business, myfirstinvestment investment
At the brim of their start up, they took it to different social forums, Media Houses, and Radio Stations for publicity, this was the secret trick of having more investors.
So I took calling their acclaimed official number for days before I finally had my calls picked. 
While speaking with them, they still stood firm, saying it was no ponzi but a charitable reinvestment.
Getting the story Shorter, their 25 days curfew elapsed to 30 and 60 until infinity now.
All my testimony and complaints were never published nor attended to, only the fake and false testimony on their site.
The site is filled with false testimonies and unprofitable scammers behind a white screen.
The system is just there to fraud it’s investors in the name of charity.

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