Best Rhythm Game : Cytus II Review

Coming in as the most rated and best Xycinews media rhythm game, this is an indepth review about Cytus II android game created by Rayark Games.

After CYTUS, DEEMO and VOEZ, this is the fourth successful and most anticipated rhythm from them again.

Music 🎶, a stab of pleasant sounds to the heart is undeniable the most important medication from all.

About Cytus II Game Play.
In a mage internet nation called cyTUS. There exists a mysterious and die hard DJ Legend called AEsir. All his music tone had a charming magic that makes the ears irresistible to it, everyone fell madly in love 😍 with all his music. Knowing who this DJ was certainly became everyone’s dream.

This guy behind cyTus suspense who had never shown his face before certainly announced he would be having a mega concert called the Aesir-fest, featuring Top Idol singers and popular DJ’s globally. With the dream of seeing this Aesir real face, everyone rushed for the ticket.

The day of the great fest was here, crowds numbering millions assembled, slow solo beats begins, Everyone is now waiting for Aesir
Cytus II Game Features
Slowly immersing you in the songs, you mind and thoughts get light,the game music takes you off balance and your on the air with this game of mutual features.
  • A minimum of 60+ high quality songs.
  • Game Artist from all over the world, including Korea, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, US and much more.
  • Featuring in the game is music genres of Electronic, Rocks, Classical and others.
  • Over 180 charts of different levels.
  • A rich Cinematic visual experience.
The Cytus II version certainly is mind blowing than all it previous including the Cyrus.
Gaming and Developers Information
The current Cytus II version 1.6.0 with over 100,000+ downloads, this app was updated on August 29, 2018.

It has also introduced 5 new characters, they are ROBO_Head, Xenon, ConneR, Cherry and JOE. Each having a new song personally.

The current download size is 851mb and the game is offered by Rayark International limited. Per items, in-app purchases is about $4.99 to $9.99. Mails could be sent to the developers through

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